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  1. Yes the 'bad batch' thing. Whats that about? Really a bad batch or attempt to say all the others are perfect? So you can take the turret off and drop it down on any MIL mark exactly? I have to try either side to find the nearest spline, often 2 MILs away from what I need. The different zero, depending on the dial direction is about 3/10 MIL - 3 clicks. I know in the field I will forget to go past and dial left. I usually use SWFA scopes so not very often disappointed with anything on them (except mixing of MILs and MOA on same scope).
  2. I have received an email from the supplier that says there is a bad batch that came out with 9x mag (I think he means 11x mag as the target is too big). Everyone seems to think Im nit-picking and 10% is 'reasonable'. I always check my new scopes, either to find the calibrated mag is true, or on fixed, that the reticle is true. All others (even cheaper) have been better than this. Trusting the scope is the very foundations of all other measurements. What Im shooting with is not relevant as the scope was fixed on a vice to check it out for tracking, MIL click trueness (which follows my calibrati
  3. The 25mm graduation target I printed fits at about 28 meters.
  4. The scope was an emergency purchase during lockdown while my SWFA was inaccessible. The error equates to about a 27mm miss at 55 mts for a 22 airgun. Not having confidence in your scope will significantly detract from the hunt. Cyclops youtube channel gave them a good review (but for some reason that vid is deleted). I will probably do my own YT review in the next few days. Its a great shame as most other things are excellent for the price, except the turret splines are to coarse to allow the '0' mark to be placed on the line. And yes - I had a full length calibrated tape measure fro
  5. I hope its not this but here is a short story. Bought FAC Daystate Midas in pieces. After sorting it out scope was at the side extreme of travel. Turned out to be barrel bent at the narrow bit for mod thread. Bought and fitted new barrel. Gun shot like a dream. Went working away for a week (gun locked in safe). Get home eager to have a go with my 'fixed' gun. ***, now shooting too low to zero and awful groups. Yep - barrel bent again. After much interrogation its turned out my wife had opened the safe, given gun to my 10y kid to shoot a fox that had killed some of our chucks. Gun fell ove
  6. 100% sure I didnt screw up the measurements. The eye focus dosent seem to have noticeable effect on the mag.
  7. Thanks. Been a long while since I was last here. Seems all my old posts gone?
  8. Gentlemen, am I being to fussy? I dont think so. I have a new scope and my 'holdover shots' were not landing where they orta so I checked the MRAD graduation marks to the real world. See pic. The printed 'reticle' is very accurate 25mm spacing and it is at 25m by tape measure. Its a fixed 10x so cant adjust zoom to make it fit. Is about 10% out. Both Strelok and Chairgun allow for a zoom change to make their 'reticle view' fit but that dosent change the MRAD readout making life a bit difficult. I guess that can be an issue with fixed power or FFP. If it aint right it aint right. Its
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