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  1. The deeds/title documents will show its construction and when it is modified ie bricked up it must have a PRC certificate https://www.prcconsultants.co.uk/prc-certificates/ or the morgage company will not even offer to take part in the sale and it will be unsellable, The PRC certificate /A copy should be lodged with the local council and should come up in any searches on the property. I went through this over 20 years ago and ended up going to Charnwood borough council buildings dept to get a copy to give the morgage company. I think the former owners saying they did not know h
  2. Make sure that with the 24" barrel the gun total length is 40" or more ,If less get rid of the 24" tube sharpish as it makes the gun section 5
  3. Does it open the action and eject the empty but not feed the new round into the chamber.
  4. UEE PSB5.pdf From Cand G previous owner
  5. £35 from Brownells uk. https://www.brownells.co.uk/BERETTA-A300/AL303-STEEL-MAGAZINE-TUBE-3-RDS-BERETTA-USA-12-Gauge-3-Round-AL303-A300-913200118
  6. If all the numbers are the same font then 1954 should be about right. https://www.browning.com/support/date-your-firearm/auto-5-semi-automatic-shotgun.html
  7. I had a Bingham pps 22 that fired when the trigger was pulled and then fired when released , It raised some eyebrows when using 50rnd drum's and 30rnd stick mag's.
  8. I only reload 410 using cork wad's and put every loaded case through a sizing die to straighten them up to fit the tightest chamber out of my 410 gun's.
  9. Try here for the information they seem to try anything. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/forumdisplay.php?184-Coatings-and-Alternatives
  10. They must have changed their policy as a few years ago i bought one for my 1907 A5 from Midway UK.
  11. Met JT a few time's during my time as an RFD .Fair with everthing but did he used to moan if before coming to me he had the misfortune to have go up to the quarry in the village and grovel in the explosive storage blisters and hand count the detonator's during a stock check.
  12. Checked Ians CD and it is for the new formulation of Vectan AO / 76mm parallel tube case cx2000 primer , 34grns powder 1x 4mm card 1x 18mm fibre wad 46 grams shot and a RTO crimp gives 600 bar p.ressure
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