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  1. I used to order the 174 grain 303 bullets and silvalube .455 bullets from M&S , Also remember a big lot of Israeli 147 smg ammo coming onto the market the club purchase d 2-3 thousand as it was cheap and the members of the club using it in the pistols ,Glocks ,star Etc and it put a lot of new members off of using and buying a 9mm handgun i also remember an incident where a members wife used it in a Glock 17 she never recovered from the flinch she developed because of it and could not even use a 22 pistol without ploughing the grass in front of the target.
  2. Yes square boxes of 25 with a red laquer sealing ring between case and bullet.
  3. Had a play with 147gr plated and bullseye loads out of my Browning hi power and if i remember correctly it was using 3.2 grains and chrono was about 950 fps and cycled the action reasonably reliably.
  4. something like this the little piles are where they have sifted the dug soil for artifacts.
  5. £9-83 for 5 lt https://www.livefoods.co.uk/prorep-ground-walnut-grit-litres-pr-2505.html
  6. Andy H

    recycle ?

    Remember China until jan 2018 was buying most of the recyclable solid wastes in the world until the chinese govt banned it , Now who will pay for it.
  7. Andy H

    recycle ?

    A lot of glass is recycled into glass wool that in used for insulation in your roofing and new builds, factory wall insulation etc , It cannot be recycled into glass containers that will be used for food and drinks as they do not know what was stored in the original glass bottles/containers ie Toxic chemicals and compounds that could survive the remelting process.
  8. Polymer coated (powder coated paint) bullets all the information is on the Cast Boolits forum. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/forumdisplay.php?184-Coatings-and-Alternatives
  9. They do concrete slot in panels as well but as this dork found out they are heavy.
  10. My cousin Barry Cox in north Dakota managed to collect over 450 firearms ranging from civil war to modern before he passed away , His most prized was a Sauer 32acp semi auto my uncle Orrin cox took from a surrendering german officer after parachuting behind the beaches on normandy D day landings.
  11. Around here they have started to attack the roof , Peeling the felt back and levering the boards off to gain access bypassing alarmed doors and windows.
  12. I own one that was made in 1907 and it is my go to gun very reliable but will not in any way feed anything lower than 28 grams , In the day it was a 1 1/8th -1 11/4 oz standard load gun
  13. https://bobp.cip-bobp.org/uploads/tdcc/tab-vii/tabviical-en-page2.pdf
  14. For anyone who thinks Blackpowder can be easy to set off by static or the smallest electrical spark. http://www.ctmuzzleloaders.com/ctml_experiments/sparks/sparks.html
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