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  1. They must have changed their policy as a few years ago i bought one for my 1907 A5 from Midway UK.
  2. Met JT a few time's during my time as an RFD .Fair with everthing but did he used to moan if before coming to me he had the misfortune to have go up to the quarry in the village and grovel in the explosive storage blisters and hand count the detonator's during a stock check.
  3. Checked Ians CD and it is for the new formulation of Vectan AO / 76mm parallel tube case cx2000 primer , 34grns powder 1x 4mm card 1x 18mm fibre wad 46 grams shot and a RTO crimp gives 600 bar p.ressure
  4. Just looked at Ian charltons cd and for 46 grams (1-5/8oz) using AO he is using a cx2000 primer but with over powder card and fibre wad The WAA209 Winchester is a standard primer.
  5. Use an SCR (silicon controlled relay) , It only requires a small signal voltage to control a higher voltage.
  6. 2 inches off should just leave you with cylinder bore no choke.
  7. It probably is 1/8th bsp but add a t on the end and it becomes 1/8th bspt taper thread The top part of a bspt thread is bigger than a bsp thread and the lower part is smaller than a bsp thread so when you try putting 1/8 bsp male into a 1/8th bspt female thread it will only screw in 2-3 threads and stop dead.
  8. Andy H

    Captain Tom

  9. As above bend the spring in one direction opening the spring coils and fit as many washers in the gaps as you can ,Then bend in the other opposite direction and fill that side.
  10. Andy H

    Captain Tom

    £18.3 million now
  11. I used to issue those cape leather gloves to the aircrew when i was in the RAF , They used to come back in a right state with all sort of excuses ,One pair came back into flying clothing for exchange and they were only 5" long , So small i think they would have only fitted a 2 year old ,The pilot had been using them for gardening and had got them in a right state so he decided to put them in the washing machine with the next wash but he did not know his wife was using a very hot wash and tumble dry.
  12. Andy H

    Captain Tom

    £16 million now.
  13. Try this https://www.instructables.com/community/Rex-C100-temperature-controller-changing-settings/
  14. There should be a parameter setting on there for the restart temperature ,Just had a look at the c100 manual for setting's and that does not make much sense.
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