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  1. Andy H

    Good old DHL.

    Good old Drop it Hide it Lose it.
  2. Those things are what caused the Brocock self contained air cartridge to be banned I used to make them for rifle cartridge only but some one decided to do a short version in 38 version that fitted the Brocock revolver using a rimfire blank and a air gun projectile and the rest is history.
  3. You never know the old bomb dump/missile storage area i believe has a pyrotechnics company in residence.
  4. The Parker Hale M1 had 14 baffles and the M2 had 15 irc.
  5. Pressure service 300 bar pressure test 450 bar
  6. That is a competition tunnel foresight I had the same on my Anchutz 54 match rifle.
  7. Somewhere on the barrel there should be a single letter in italics or greek which should be the date code.
  8. Between 1923 and 1952 stamped by the inspector Couchant Louis.
  9. Just had a look ,There is a hell of a lot of 22 on there.
  10. Here you go. http://www.biggerhammer.net/manuals/stevespages.com/pdf/
  11. These are the one's. https://www.swfa.com/cci-cb-short-22-short-100rd-ammo.html
  12. Most other companies show you where it is during it's journey but royal mail only tell you it is in transit and when it is delivered but even then the times RM has not even updated the system to tell you it has been delivered. When i have ordered item's from China the tracking tell's you every depot it goes through even when it get's it's custom's declaration complete and leaves China and arrives in the UK , But then it vanished into the dark abyss of the Royal Mail until it turn's up on the doorstep.
  13. Good luck on finding them , I use a Browning 22SA and moderator in 22 short around the barn's and building's , livestock etc and prefer CB's as they are so quiet , But for the last 7-8 year's they have become very hard to find I even have had to resort to the auction's to find 22 short as no one will stock's them. when Nigel at Simpson's in Shepshed was still alive he used to have a small supply but apart from me there was only one other customer that bought them and he ran a fairground mobile range.
  14. Wax moth larvae ,They live in the silk tunnels they make.
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