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  1. Price drop on the remaining hoodies, £20 posted
  2. I use one of those cheap 12v heaters that plug in the fag lighter but run it off a leisure battery in the footwell with a timer between so it comes on 30 minutes before I leave the house. It's not pretty but it was cheap and it works (at clearing the windscreen anyway)
  3. Go on then, I'll give it a go. Pm me your pp address
  4. 1 max4 hoodie (2xl) + 1 3d hoodie (XL) still for sale
  5. XL hoodie (max4). Sold XL weirdfish X2. Sold Trousers. Sold
  6. For sale, 3 Cabela's hoodies, 2 max 4 camo (1 XL, 1 2xl). 1 3d camo (XL) small length of stitching coming undone on sleeve. 1 brown weirdfish jumper XL, 1 white weirdfish jumper XL, Sherwood forest lined ripstop camo trousers 38w Everything £25 each Inc postage. Any questions please ask. Cheers.
  7. I have spare magpies in s. Derbys (nr Burton on Trent)
  8. Someone told me that the catton game fair has been cancelled, anybody know anything?
  9. I bought a cut out ford v8 for a project from a firm in Salisbury, when I collected it they were tuning an original cobra, unfortunately it backfired while I was stood next to it and the resulting flame scorched my jeans.
  10. I bought a pair of jahti jakt boots from arctic outdoors, the owner said he'd had a waterproof suit nicked from outside the tent,
  11. The best thing about leather sofas is that they wipe clean!
  12. SGC speed master with wdv 700+ nm800ir, 60g vmax homeloads
  13. Ive got mine on a sidewinder and the furthest ive seen with it was a badger at 350yds but this was in perfect conditions, last night i could see a tawny owl at 160yds easily and a rabbit over 200. youre welcome to come and have a look but im near burton so about an hour away.
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