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  1. I nearly always use Mckerrs, steven is a really decent lad and hes knows his stuff! For the gun buying side of things he'll keep you rite. Coburns in banbridge is probably the cheapest for ammo though. Ive heard Hollowfarm is in a league of its own when its comes to customer service and they wont sell you a shottie unless it fits you! im not sure about the ammo prices though but i know there are decent when its comes to guns! And as most people have said i find tannaoky way over priced for guns the ammo is about average and you'll probably have to wait about an hour to get served cause the guys would rather stand and chat with their mates EDIT: coburns usually have a few guns in, they're always far cheaper than they should be, i got a mint brno .22lr and a niko stirling 4x40 and a spare mag for 200 quid! plus he threw in 100 rounds of cci stingers. I was at tannaoky during the week and saw a rifle the same as mine in really shoddy condition with no scope for £285
  2. LOL! can people actually eat anything that is shot with a punt gun or is that just a really humungus example? It actually looks to me like the guns the trade ships used to carry when a cannon was not an option!
  3. Nice one Big Dog, were you shooting over willow? Me and jimjim shoot 2/3 times a week over willow the bunnies seem to love it!
  4. Ozo

    Gun Cabinets

    Thanks all! Price isnt an object(within reason) id just like a good strong cabinet that is well finished inside, i want to make custom racks for my rifle and shottie and some other storage aswell, i know i could just buy one but building one seems more fun. The only thing that im not all together sure with is complying to bs, do i need the police/someone to test the cabinet? Maybe i should ring my local firearms office and put them over it? Ozo
  5. hey all, im a fabricator/engineer with my own workshop, im thinking of building my own gun cabinets because as you all probably know the cabinets you buy are pretty cramped and not well finished inside(not finished at all really). I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to some documentation on the British Standards and legal requirements for cabinets. Thanks Andy
  6. Ozo


    yea but do the comply to British Standards that is required to store a rifle bolt in?
  7. Ozo

    Anyone know

    Haha! all i can say is hope they're not looking at each other when they have there semi and im sure as hell not gonna risk goin near that beach!!!
  8. i saw a spas in my local gun shop, was a .410, pretty kul though, not sure if it was fully auto tbh.
  9. Ozo

    air soft

    i can see ur points of view on airsoft on the safety aspect, but its alot safer than paint balls, the limit a bb can be shot at is 1 joule wheras paintball markers fire at a far higher velocity. Paintball is just like a simulated shoot em up like a computer game whereas airsoft is more centered round simulated real life. and not every1 dresses like an sas soldier lol!
  10. I used to do it, still have my detector, i found an old muzzle loader barrel, think originated in spain but had the british army stamp on it, it had been cut down and made into a blunderbuss style gun for poachers on a local estate, was told they probably loaded it with gravel or anything else they cud lay their hands to. i found it close to the estate and the pro's reckoned the poachers wer being chased so they dumped the guns in the dark and cudnt find them again. il post a pic later if anyones is interested. Ozo
  11. Ozo


    the shots were off because of the foam surely??
  12. Ozo


    AHA!! I now no why we didnt have our usual amount further up frank!! U were catching them all! Seriously though they came very late in small numbers and were very small compared to usual last year. Ozo
  13. nttf you really do live the life! your a very lucky man! Id do anything for a life like yours lol Ozo
  14. I learnt to shoot clays with an old s/s hammer gun, it was 3/4 and full choke with 30" barrels. My granda only allowed me to load one cartridge in for each clay . I recently went to a local DTL shoot with my aya No.4 (its a s/s for anyone that doesnt know) and held my own fine(actually i cleaned up lol ) against the rest of the guys with their multichoke o/u clay guns at my first shoot. My point being the harder a gun to shoot you learn with, the better a shot your are when you get a good piece of equipment. The same was true for my friend who learnt to shoot with his grandas s/s(he could only use one barrel because the other was so badly pitted) I shud also point out though that i was slightly older and nothing could of put me off shooting! Ozo EDIT: due to spelling
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