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  1. Fortis gaiter

  2. Fortis gaiter

    1 year old in good condition, been worn but not abused. They have a bit of para cord around the foot to hold them down. The link gives all the information on them. Looking for £40 posted ono. https://www.fortisclothing.co.uk/shop/gaiters/
  3. AYA 12 gauge

  4. T3 picatinny rail stainless

    Look for a rail for a T3 preferably in stainless
  5. Gun for 8 year old

    Pm sent
  6. Lefty’s needed

    I have come to the conclusion that it is not which side that the bolt is, as most shots are took from a steady support which allows easy manipulation of the bolt with the right hand. But I do look for rifles with a tang safety or left bolt and safety, as I find that I have to break my concentration to operate a safety that is on the right hand side
  7. 20 gauge cartridges

  8. Mobil choke

    Looking for a 1/2 choke to fit 12g beretta mobil.
  9. 20 gauge cartridges

    70x eley VIP 28 gram no.6 cartridges, not boxed. Would like to swap for some 12g game carts or £15 collected
  10. webley and scott

    You would be better off spending the money on having the gun you already have fitted properly and sone lessons. Thats what i did and it improved my shooting and enjoyment alot
  11. Seeland Devon waiscoat

    Due to weight loss this item is up for sale, has not been worn and the tags are still on. Looking for £42 posted, by royal mail.
  12. The Game Fair 2017 Hatfield House

    I have been going to these fairs for a while now, this is beter that the last one at Leeds (which was questionable). If I did not have the free basc entry I would not off attended and would not of mist anything. A lot of the stall holders I spoke to will not be attending the Midlands game fair at Weston park
  13. Leupold M8 x6 scope

    Hi thanks for the photos, I was looking for a plex reticle not dot.
  14. Leupold M8 x6 scope

    Pm sent