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  1. Books arrived safe and sound. Many thanks.
  2. I'll go for Lot 6 if it's still available, please. Clay pigeon marksmanship Shooting by moor, field and shore Introduction to shooting The shooting times anthology 101 shooting excuses Shooting
  3. RSPB has some plans https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/advice/how-you-can-help-birds/nestboxes/nestboxes-for-owls-and-kestrels/barn-owl-nest-boxes/ On the exterior version, it looks like about 300mm (12 inches) to the base of the hole. And more on the interior version Any help? Cheers.
  4. That's excellent. Is there any chance you can take a photo of your hide without the netting so we can see how it folds out or is constructed? Or is the camo permanently attached? Cheers.
  5. Do you mean "hydrosoluble" i.e. soluble in water? I've not heard of any, but would be interested to know if such a thing exists.
  6. Hi, I'll take it for 50 quid posted, if it is still available... Please PM payment details. Cheers, John
  7. For the first 2 nights I moved the crate into the kitchen and covered the crate with a blanket (still do at night) and a slept next to it on a camp bed so the pup could smell me; and listen to my loud snoring. Night 3 the dog told me to **** off . No problems at all since then.
  8. Any recommendations for a good online "vet" supplies? I'm looking specifically for a good all round treatment flea/wormer that includes lungworm. Advocate looks like a good one to go for - any other alternatives you would recommend? Anyone use a reliable site that doesn't require a prescription from the vet? I've found a couple but they look dodgy... Cheers, Jif
  9. I went on the basis of buying "expensive" insurance that had great coverage for the first year; then if there were no problems I would switch to a lower level of coverage (and cost). I thought Sainsbury's Pet insurance have a good cost to coverage ratio; so went for that. It turned out that my Border Terrier started limping after 7 months and investigations showed her to have Legg Calve Perthes Disease. Not had a problem claiming on the insurance for operation and and post-op physio (excesses and total cost per illness do apply). N.B. 2nd year premium went up by about £150 and the excess by £25 - but I'm still getting that back against the physio costs. Cheers, Jif
  10. jif

    Books for sale

    Hello, I'll take "Falconry for you" & "Making wood decoys", if they're still available. Can you PM payment details, please. Cheers, Jif
  11. Yes please, if still available. Please PM payment details. Cheers, Jif
  12. Can I have second dibs. Cheers.
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