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  1. High Fly single clay pigeon thrower in good condition with a bagful of clays. £20 collected from Kettering.
  2. Lathe for sale
  3. What's with these bloody adverts popping up every time I click on a thread? Bloody annoying 😡
  4. Just found some more size 6 too 😁
  5. I have some spare unused shot drippers if anyone needs a set. They are either no6 or no7.5. A set of 6 for £25 posted.
  6. I doubt the public have any idea about this issue or care unless they are wound up by the media
  7. That was a very moving post. So sorry to hear of your loss x
  8. They are exactly the same as the standard ones in speed and noise. I have a case of standard ones for sale if you're up this way.
  9. I prefer plastic, easier to reload and better performance.
  10. I assumed it was mainly chilled shot, ie, pure lead pretty much.
  11. I bought some reclaimed shot once. It was very dusty with oxide so I ended up melting it down to redrip. It made the worst shot I gave ever turned out. Heaven knows what was really in it.
  12. John at FES often drives up this way and will meet to drop off supplies. You need to call him.
  13. Whatever that graph shows, Fiocchi are fatter than Cheddite and stay in the primer pocket when Cheddite fall out.
  14. Fiocchi primers are fatter than Cheddite, try them.
  15. Is it coincidence that John has a 410 test barrel 😉
  16. As above Bushnell Scout 1000 rangefinder with angle range compensation. Used but gas been sitting around for too long so has to go. Original box with all paperwork. £110 posted. Contact me by PM for more details.
  17. That is pretty much what I thought. Thank you.
  18. I have a Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC that I used to use for my airgunning quite some time ago.I thought I may aswell sell it but have no real idea of it's current value. It was quite expensive at over £200 when I bought it maybe 10yrs ago and I'm not really sure where the market has gone with LRF's now. It has 1000yd range and angle range compensation which compensates for shooting up or down hill. Any ideas?
  19. Message sent yesterday 🙂 Please respond 👍
  20. My estate agent can visit so why not an FEO? Government agencies always seem to have a reason why they can't do what they're paid for.
  21. sitsinhedges

    fac air

    If you're genuinely interested in it message me and we'll have a chat 👍
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