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  1. Ducks and for the quick chance at a goose without time to change, Gamebore 36g 3’s. I use 42g BBs/1’s for geese. Personally prefer the 1’s. Not entirely convinced that you need 42g but hard to change from something that works. If a bit more feedback comes out I’d be tempted to switch to the Eley with the eco wads but that’s probably something for next season
  2. Cheers bud! That’s what I’ve done previously was go on a waiting list with a decent trainer. Just curious what the situation was as to whether they’ve stayed fairly consistent or if they’re prices had also increased as a consequence. I’m not looking to buy right now but probably in 6 months to a year
  3. £850 to me seems reasonable. We were £550 for a bitch 6 years ago. Least the prices don’t seem to be floating over the grand mark so far but keen to hear what people know / have experienced. Hopefully not! Do think a lot of people don’t quite realise how expensive they are to maintain though. That’s great and a lot of time for that. Doesn’t help for prices for pups though 😅
  4. Cheers gents! Kind of as I thought. A respected trainer isn’t going to massively over inflate his prices or he’d soon get a bad rep. Think it must be these gumtree adverts and websites people are buying off that are charging a fortune.. And yet a lot never seem to factor in the potential costs for when the pet gets sick..
  5. So the prices for pups seems to have gone through the roof recently and I think a lot of that is/was lockdown related. Recently I’ve heard of several pups going for 2k or more,(I may add that not all we’re gun dog breeds but labs included). Now I could be wrong but I suspect that this is the general public being fleeced and sellers can see someone coming from a long way. Have the prices from decent trainers/kennels stayed pretty level? What are folk paying these days for a decent lab with hips and elbows, usual DNA tests ect? Cheers!
  6. I’m 30 - not sure that counts as young? - and have taken the first off for the last 15 years,(even in the past made the old man take me before school in the mornings). Far prefer the colder weather when it’s quieter but it’s nice just to get back out and see the sights. Usually try and find somewhere a bit quieter. Would rather not get something and be out in peace than have a gun 30 yards either side and shoot one goose.
  7. Not the same homework as I used to do if being honest. On the shore you can be in the perfect spot and one shot can put the geese off in a completely different direction.
  8. Cheers Dave! Doubt I’ll get down any time soon but I’ve got a mate with a place in kirkcudbright that might tie in a trip at some point. Would be nice to see the place. Couldn’t agree more. Perfect zone out time! Cheers for the replies folks. Handy just to know what the general protocol for the area was. Will need to get out for a duck flight one of these years!
  9. Cheers gents! Good to know. Is there much that goes on between caerlaverock and Gretna? There’s a fair strip of ground there but most folk tend to talk about wigtown
  10. Cheers! Thanks for the reply and handy to know re permits! I don’t mind paying for a permit as wildfowling is cheap compared to any other form of shooting. Playing devil’s advocate though, if the shooting is free below high tide and you can find a grass verge to park on; surely there must be lots of people accessing the shore for free? I join my local clubs from a support point of view but there’s very little I could do if a non-club member decided to access the shore below the sea wall,(in fact lots of locals do). Surely the vast number of folk visiting aren’t all taking permits?
  11. What’s the story with the scottish side of the solway and access? I know wigtown bay is a LNR and permit required. Is the rest essentially free shooting as long as there’s somewhere reasonable to park? I believe there’s the odd club down that way and I’ve heard locals can be a bit miffed about folk shooting it free of charge but there also seems to be a lot of folk doing so? Seems to be a popular destination for folk from down south to come up to? Asking mainly for interest as it’s a good 2 hours each way. Is it as bad for cowboys as everyone makes out? Not long now fol
  12. Thanks guys for all the info. Apologies for the delay in replying as I haven’t been on much recently. Some interesting photos enfieldspraes! Hopefully will manage to get down and visit the wash this season and all the help has been very much appreciated! 3 months to go and counting...
  13. Could well do! I Was probably only about 12 when I read it so a good 18 years ago now. Really need to pick that book up again! Cheers Motty, really appreciate that and very kind! I’d be happy just to see the place regardless of what is happening birds wise. Is there better marshes on the wash for ducks? I just need to get there at some point rather than visiting the same old haunts. Variety being the spice of life and all that.. Thanks for all the replies guys! Really appreciate it. It’s hard to know where’s nice to visit when it’s a massive area and miles away. Visiting somewhe
  14. Thanks for the reply! Certainly that’s along the lines I’m thinking of. Kenzie’s book is a great read. Do you know which clubs these places are attached to? I haven’t heard of the East lighthouse so that’s really interesting,(obviously Peter Scott doesn’t need an Introduction though!). Thanks again!
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