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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure I could find the odd one locally. Got both our labs local over the years but fancied one from somewhere different. I don’t know if it’s because they’re too common that people don’t tend to reply too much but if you mention say cockers people chip in with names like “poolegreen”/Clulee and Openshaw/“rytex”gun dogs but names don’t seem to get banded about quite the same for labs? Thanks for the link, will have a look at it this evening!
  2. Cheers bud! A little too soon actually on the timescale but appreciate the offer. Probably looking more mid summer and covid makes things tricky as well!
  3. Can anyone recommend a good gun dog trainer/kennel for sourcing a lab? Not essential if it’s red or black. Just need the usual health tests and hip and elbow scores and someone with a good name. I’m sure there’s probably lots but would far rather go on recommendations of folk on here. Location wise ideally Scotland or north of England but would go further if required. Hopefully looking for the summer so if anyone knows of anything in the pipeline that would be amazing. Thanks!
  4. I have to agree. I’d put a dog on a par with the gun to be honest. Been limited the last few years as the folks have kept my lab,(renting and no pets). I just won’t go out unless I can pinch her for the day.
  5. Cheers gents, it’s purely the nostalgia of an old hammer gun that I’m after but may not be worth the hassle. Can any gunsmith measure the wall thickness? Is this to make sure it’s not a bored out 10? The prices seem to be coming down a bit. Are they generally depreciating or plateaued? Thanks for all the feedback and pictures!
  6. That’s how I feel when I read these
  7. 100% but they do walk amongst us.. Mind you, having said all this I do remember walking into one flight this year and as per usual didn’t use a torch to get in and I was grabbing brambles and everything. I think it’s just one particular spot that has a few cowboys at it that I give a torch a quick flick so I’m probably in keeping with the rest of the comments on here.
  8. Looking for general advice if possible please? I’ve got a terrible craving for a double 8 but it’s almost a whole different league in itself. I was wondering if folk could talk me through a few bits and pieces if possible? Is there anyone that can independently assess these guns and give a valuation separately from the shop or private seller? There seems to be fair fluctuations between the 5k mark and double figures. What shot are people generally putting through their guns. Assuming no lead. Bismuth? General reloading gear required? Is there any alternatives to brass
  9. 32” barrels with super solway stamped on the top of the barrels. They’re essentially the same though!
  10. Cheers guys. The number 3’s are certainly plentiful so that’s a good option. Probably don’t need a flagpole 32” barrels but just thought it would be something different. Doesn’t seem to be as many of the solways made. Suppose a 29/30” barrel is probably a bit more versatile rough shooting and in the pigeon hide
  11. Thats plan B bud! You can get them pretty cheap these days. Boxlock non ejectors don’t seem to be very trendy. Thought it might be worth putting the feelers out though. Appreciate the reply and hope you’re season is going as good as can be hoped!
  12. Thanks bud! Wasn’t aware of him but will drop him a message!
  13. I think a lot probably depends on where you are as well. If it’s a busy marsh, lots of access points,(and in Scotland not necessarily club ground) then it’s probably a lot more risky than in England where you might all be setting off from the same point. still remember going to the findhorn once,(and only the once) with a friend and when the light came up there was a gun that had come in after me and set up 25 yards to my side. No idea he was there but apparently normal for there. May have changed now though
  14. I’ve been toying with getting an aya number 3 as a novelty and a change once or twice a year from the semi auto. There seems to be plenty of these for sale. Of the two I’d prefer to try and pick up a super solway / 32” barrel but there doesn’t seem to be as many for sale. Does anyone know of any knocking about in the back of a gun shop somewhere? Cheers!
  15. Hah not yet. I still think of it as ‘cheating’ a little but each to their own I suppose! I think there’s a slight mix with the whole torch / light situation. I’m not saying walking in to position with a torch on,(not criticising anyone that does this). But there’s definitely a health and safety question for folk creeping into gutters and things in the half light and then potentially shooting at low teal or whatever,(blue skies ideally and all that). I’ve always got set up in dark but now will give a very quick 5-10 second flick round with the iPhone torch. I generally hope
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