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  1. Thanks guys for all the info. Apologies for the delay in replying as I haven’t been on much recently. Some interesting photos enfieldspraes! Hopefully will manage to get down and visit the wash this season and all the help has been very much appreciated! 3 months to go and counting...
  2. Could well do! I Was probably only about 12 when I read it so a good 18 years ago now. Really need to pick that book up again! Cheers Motty, really appreciate that and very kind! I’d be happy just to see the place regardless of what is happening birds wise. Is there better marshes on the wash for ducks? I just need to get there at some point rather than visiting the same old haunts. Variety being the spice of life and all that.. Thanks for all the replies guys! Really appreciate it. It’s hard to know where’s nice to visit when it’s a massive area and miles away. Visiting somewhere with a bit of history behind it is certainly a nice idea. If anyone has any recommendations / previous experiences / B and Bs ect or any other suggestions then that would be brilliant!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Certainly that’s along the lines I’m thinking of. Kenzie’s book is a great read. Do you know which clubs these places are attached to? I haven’t heard of the East lighthouse so that’s really interesting,(obviously Peter Scott doesn’t need an Introduction though!). Thanks again!
  4. Does or has anyone on here wildfowl or visit the wash? It’s one of those places that pops up almost anywhere you look involving wildfowling. Are there any parts that are particularly scenic or nice to visit? Would like to go for a day ticket at some point but I suspect it’s a huge area? Not too fussed for getting a shot or not but would be nice to see the place at some point. Few more months to go!
  5. I know you can get visitors tickets for strangford through basc but didn’t realise it was split into multiple clubs. Might be worth a go. Fancy it myself at some point but no idea if it’s mud/sand flighting or more decoying like lough neagh? Got a few friends in N.I so maybe some day!
  6. Possibly! Bit of trawling through the usual Facebook pages has pulled up one or two things. Seems to be mainly wigeon by the looks of things. Thanks for the help! Thanks bud, will do!
  7. Thanks bud! Had a good look through that previously which was partly what got me interested. Surprised how quiet the replies are given it’s such a well known place and a big catchment area. Not sure if the wildfowling section is dead until September or people who do go there don’t want to encourage visitors 🤷‍♂️
  8. Very informative! It’s really a shame that there’s not more buying up of land with wildfowling clubs. I know financially and size wise there’s a vast difference to the UK but Ducks Unlimited in the states seem to have the right idea.
  9. Has anyone on here shot or is a member of a club at Lindisfarne? I’m hopefully passing down later in the year,(may be more towards Dec/Jan) and was quite keen to try and get a ticket for a day as it’s a fairly iconic spot. What’s the wildfowling like,(is it mostly mud flats)? I do like geese but prefer a duck flight out of the two. I think it gets decent numbers of wigeon? Figured it’s one of these places I have to visit at some point and if anyone has any info that would be great,(and also anything interesting close by). Hope everyone is keeping well! Cheers!
  10. That’s a nice touch, will have a google. Cheers!
  11. Thanks guys! That’s a shame but thought it was likely no longer there. Nothing lasts forever as they say!
  12. Cheers! Apparently it was at Patrington Haven? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not longer there but see it crop up occasionally when wagbi is mentioned and so on
  13. Is the black hut on the Humber still in existence? I’ve seen it mentioned once or twice but It’s a lot further south than where I’m based but was just curious. Is there any wildfowling still on that particular stretch of the Humber? Cheers!
  14. Brilliant guys, thank you very much for the help!
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