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  1. That’s handy to know! A size 2 might be quite handy for early season geese. I prefer a #1 over BB’s in steel anyway. Will need to try and find a distributor Cheers for the reply!
  2. Cheers gents. Sounds like the .22 is the sensible one to remove but at the same time a lot of folk are saying just keep it. I’ll work up to a PCP at some point and if one starts to really gather dust over the rest I can move it on. The price for any second hand gun seems so poor to be worth selling anyway!
  3. Apologies I don’t tell him to wait. It’s just “sit”. It was the easiest way to convey/type bum getting up off the floor a little early. Totally agree with you. Cheers again for all the fab feedback guys. To be honest he’s actually pretty good it’s just nice to know you’re on the right track. Can’t wait to get past the mouthing stage though! I don’t think I can close the thread but I’ll try and keep an eye on it as best as possible. Thanks again!
  4. Cheers gents, some very helpful replies. Would be nice if there was a like button for all the feedback. I appreciate what folk are saying regarding give him some puppy life at the start but also appreciate a lot of these people would probably say training starts from day 1. He’s crated at the moment and absolutely loves it so that’s a good balance between kennel and indoor so to speak. I’ll get the book ordered up. Reassuring to know it’s too much too soon. It’s as I expected,(and have told the partner) but at the same time, nice to get some reassurance! Thanks again!
  5. Cheers, yeah covered with the deer side of things. So by that it’s sensible to drop the .22lr out of the equation. I know a lot of folk have a 2 rimfires but I keep thinking one or the other and a good airgun makes more sense. Problem is I can’t work out which one to part with!
  6. Haha, but variety is the spice of life! I’ll give them a go! Certainly at the price of subs it can’t hurt to try. I got into the habit of buying a block of eley and never trying much else I have thought about this a lot. I assume the FAC air would be more accurate than the lr at similar ranges? Haha I’m not going back any time soon. Big boom but no different end result to the .222 . Unless you’re into the longer range stuff and then it’s a different story!
  7. To be honest I also wonder if I’ve never quite hacked the ammo. I’ve tried eley and winnie subs. Eley we’re better but beyond 60 yards the groups really start to open up. The HMR still does much tighter groups at 100 so I’ve never been sure if it’s been caliber or ammo as folk seem to get on a lot better with it. I can shoot the other calibers well enough so I don’t think the primary issue is pilot error That’s a fair point! I’ve had 1 hangfire which wasn’t fun and some split cases but generally it’s been a fab caliber . Read all the dodgey reports though! Haha that can keep going forever. Replace the hornet with a .222. I’ve gone .223 -> .22-250 -> .222 and I’m determined it’s the connoisseurs choice!
  8. I’ll take that as an expecting too much too soon then? I’m just keen to prevent problems before they start. Appreciate he’s just a pup and all my previous labs have turned out really well with work. Just hoping to see how folk tweak/train things differently. He’s still getting plenty play time. Think I’m marginally on edge because he’s a little bit more cocky than my previous labs.
  9. So here’s my current ‘problem’. Several similar rifles. Like them all, don’t use them individually that often. .22 weihrauch hw77k. First air gun as a kid. Could probably do with a service. Nowhere near as quiet and not the same level of accuracy as the current pcp’s. .22lr sako finnfire (original). Probably my least favorite caliber but I love the rifle itself. Really well made little thing. .17hmr CZ 452. First rimfire and very accurate. Usual minor? HMR issues but a great vermin gun. I prefer it to the .22. Sako 75 .222, newest addition and covers everything from crows to Scottish roe. In my head somewhere I feel like I could cut one out but at the same time, you get so little for second hand guns these days,(I tend to buy second hand if I see a ‘classic’ but most people want to buy new). I do wonder if I had a pcp would that cover everything the .22lr generally does. Further out the .222 does everything the HMR does. I feel like a rimfire is needed. It seems mad to be without a .22lr but I’ve never loved it’s lumpy trajectory. Any suggestions? Keep them all and just get a pcp? 😅
  10. Thanks for the reply bud! He’s not too bad in the house. It’s more in the garden for picking up stones and chewing sticks
  11. Hi guys, I’m looking for general puppy advice if possible please to hopefully make the basics a little easier. I’ve owned dogs all my days but always bitches and even then, they arrive every 5-7 years apart so training always comes back as a refresher course. I picked up a male lab a week ago. He’s 9 weeks old now. First impressions are he’s fairly headstrong and independent. I’m having one or two slight issues at the moment and if anyone could suggest anything that would be fab! Sometimes when you call him he’ll sit in the garden and look at you, then occasionally head the other way. He knows my whistle,(mouth). Not sure how much he’s latched onto his name but he’s not daft so I think it’s selective. I’ve ordered a 211.5 so that will hopefully make recall easier. He sometimes wants to go investigate everything else rather than recall. Walking away works about 50% of the time and then praising when he comes back. He does come back a reasonable amount of time but also pushes his own agenda. Any recommendations? He’s already clocked onto picking up something he shouldn’t eat and running off if I try to go and get it from him. Determined not to turn this into a game but also don’t want a foreign body operation.. I think this will settle with time but ‘zoomies’ are a little frustrating. The last thing I’ve had minor issues with is he’ll sit, run out to a thrown toy but very rarely bring it back. Generally he picks it up to shake it then drops it on the same spot. 50% of the time he runs out to it, then doesn’t pick up and moves onto better things. Keen to keep this as a game and hopefully it will stick but a big fuss doesn’t seem to be a huge reward for him at this stage. On the plus side is he almost arrived house trained. He’s picked up sit, although “wait” prior to getting to go to the food bowl isn’t there yet,(labs and food, he’s bouncing when the bowl is down). I do wonder if I’m expecting too much of him at this stage and at what age this should all start to become more solid? I keep telling myself he’s a pup and not to go too gung-ho. The main thing I wanted to ask was whether treats are worthwhile for 1) when he runs back on a recall and for 2) rewarding a ‘wait’ after sitting? He’s crazy food orientated and I’m always keen to avoid treats but at the same time, feel this may fast track a lot of basic training? Any help/suggestions is very much appreciated!
  12. Cheers guys, glad to know it works,(thought as much). It’s just trendy to put as heavy a shot as you can through a 3 1/2” shell - I’m guilty of this myself. I suppose there’s a lot of TSS options as well if you had a 2 1/2” chamber but whether these would destroy your older guns or not I’ve no idea!
  13. Cheers! Good to know! I didn’t think 4g between the 2 3/4” and the 3” would make a huge difference. Surprised more folk haven’t tried the shorter shells in older Guns. Counting down to next season already!
  14. So I’ve generally been a 3” 36g mammoth 3’s for ducks for as long as I can remember now,(42g 1’s for most of the geese). I’ve been tempted by an old hammer gun which would be mainly a novelty for rough shooting and crows/pigeons. I know there’s the Gamebore (super steel?) 32g 3’s? These would work for ducks but is there anything suitable for flighting geese on the odd outing assuming they were 35/40 yards? I drop plenty with the 36g 3’s when there’s no time to change on a duck flight and distances are sensible. 4g can’t make too much difference? The chokes are also 1/4 and 3/4 which is a slightly different issue. Are the cartridge manufacturers planning to completely stop lead production over the next 5 years or so? The 3 1/2” semi auto will still be the mainstay but you know how it is for a new gun and a bit of a novelty! Cheers!
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure I could find the odd one locally. Got both our labs local over the years but fancied one from somewhere different. I don’t know if it’s because they’re too common that people don’t tend to reply too much but if you mention say cockers people chip in with names like “poolegreen”/Clulee and Openshaw/“rytex”gun dogs but names don’t seem to get banded about quite the same for labs? Thanks for the link, will have a look at it this evening!
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