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  1. The one thing I’ve never been able to understand is that quality of living wasn’t bad whilst we were still in the EU. Could quite easily get worse as well as possibly better. We’ll see
  2. Cheers guys. It’s an xtrema 2 I’m using. Only noticed a slight difference since switching front 42g mammoth 1s to BBs. Maybe just a bit less pattern/hits further out? I’ve heard good things about the terror chokes. Why are they so hard to come by? Do you need to order via the states? Cheers Mark! Very kind! Still hanging onto the Maxus currently but might sell it. Still haven’t decided if I prefer the xtrema2 or not but could do with freeing up some space.
  3. Noticed a similar thread below but a slightly different tangent for this one. I use a half choke through an xtrema 2 and most of the time I’m doing a mixture of duck and goose shooting on the same flight. Have people noticed a significant improvement with aftermarket chokes in? My reservation is I could tighten the choke up then go out and just see teal and miss or mince them? Any experience/thoughts is greatly appreciated!
  4. Ah fair enough! It’s a silver pigeon I tend to use so maybe a bit more forgiving than on the shoulder
  5. Your standard beretta types are about 6 1/2 from a quick google? Cheers for the replies though, it’s an interesting way to look at it. I was thinking more along the lines of shot string or no real improvement in pattern
  6. Cheers! Out of interest, I’ve always used 28g. I’ve no interest in going heavier. But, is there much benefit in dropping to a 26g shell? I’ve never really found recoil an issue and tend to find a 28g 6 a good compromise,(I quite like a size 5 in 12g but aware of dropping the pellet count)? Any thoughts on cartridge weight would be appreciated!
  7. Cheers guys. Use sipes in the 12 and they fair kick,(depending on which gun). Might go back to express then. Interested if anyone has any other feedback Thanks for the replies!
  8. So I’m sure this crops up occasionally but interested to hear what folk are using? Years ago I used to use express 28 g 6’s and thought they were really good. The last bunch of shells I bought were some gamebore pure gold of a similar weight and didn’t have any problems. Recently been using some hull shells,(going spare off a friend) and really not impressed with them. They seem quite slow as well? Anyway I’ve decided to put the Hull shells to clay use and order something else in. What cartridges are people having success with? Cheers!
  9. Thanks guys. Useful tips and will get a receipt!
  10. Is there a cost to this? I assume you cant just hand a gun in to the police and have it destroyed FOC?
  11. Cheers gents, lots of useful tips and will try and reply individually. Probably just standard 12ft/lbs I’ll be looking at. Is there much benefit in FAC? Probably not with the rimfire? Is the AA S510 much improved over the 410? Apart from not being able to double load pellets? So many options! thanks!
  12. Cheers guys and thanks for the all the comments and suggestions. Happy to look into the second hand market. No problems with BSA or Air Arms. Surprised no one is suggesting Weihrauch or any other makes though? Not worth it?
  13. No that’s not the problem but I hardly use it and you can’t shoot up into trees ect so thought the airgun would be more versatile?
  14. So I’ve got currently a HW 77k,(had for around 15 years) a .17hmr and a .22lr. The airgun gets occasional use,(mainly branchers but I could do more with it) and the HMR is my go to rabbit gun. I used to use the .22lr for sitting off warrens ect but I think I can easily overlap it’s use with a decent pcp and cover more options. Can anyone recommend a decent airgun? I basically want something that good/upper end without going into daystate territory. Maybe a HW100 or similar equivalent? Do most people just fill up at a gun shop when done? Or use a pump? A divers bottle would be another few hundred quid for occasional use? Is there much in field difference between .177 and .22? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  15. Thanks for the replies. I thought it was down to total number as well. I’ll pop in for 6.5mm and see if they ring me up to make a decision. Hadn’t thought about the .338 difference but all the 6.5mm calibers are so similar. I still can’t decide between the classic swede and the creed
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