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  1. I assume by scans she’s had a CT? May well be worth looking into an orthopedic referral. And as above, ibuprofen will stuff the kidneys and cause gastric ulcers so definitely a no go.
  2. Cheers gents, a lot of interesting replies on here. As with all dog info, lots of variety. To be fair I can’t knock my partner. She treats him as I do in the house, only walks him on lead and does no gun dog stuff, so any shortfalls on the gun dog side are on me. “My take on this is that you probably do need to step back and set your expectations for training at this stage a lot lower. All dogs are different and you can’t compare them. I hope you will feel able to get on with this dog over time. They all reduce me to tears from time to time but I eventually get their with patience.” Funnily enough this almost word for word what my partner said last night. Essentially I need to go at his speed and not set deadlines like for next season. And also not to compare them with my other two which are on a pedestal. I’m just amazed how puppy ish they still are at 12 months. I was speaking to a chap that does field trials and he says he only really starts ‘serious’ stuff with them at 18 months. When do they start to ‘settle’ then? 2 or 3-4? He has had a few signs of a teenage phase recently as well. Probably just re-testing boundaries. I’ll get there through perseverance but so far it’s been hard going. Cheers for the feedback folks
  3. So I’ve a 1 year old, male entire lab who is the focus of this ramble. I’ve owned 3 other dogs previously but all bitches,(2 labs, 1 cocker). One of these labs is currently 8 years old and an auntie to the young male lab I currently have. She was tricky to train initially but since then has been excellent and there’s nothing I could really fault her on. I’m finding the young male lab exhausting and not in any way getting any pleasure to train him. In the house, he’s grand. He’ll sit and wait while you open door, lies in his bed whilst you watch TV. Won’t touch your food. Basically arrived house trained day 1. But as a gun dog I can’t get any enjoyment out of him. Fetching has required treats as an incentive and even then, it’s hit or miss. He’s very much into himself and even within the limits of the back garden, is more interested in chewing sticks, plant pots and so on than looking to see if you’re going to throw him a dummy. Even then, 1 throw is about his limit for attention. Ball games in the house are more of a, ‘bring it back to within a meter of you’ then jump back and want chased for it,(obviously I don’t indulge this but again, just frustrating). I’ve tried making things fun. Lead work is okay, he doesn’t pull but is always half a dog further forward than I want. “Sit” is decent to the whistle and recall is good unless it’s last thing at night when he knows he’s going to bed for the evening.. My partner is besotted with him and I’m not the type to re-home the dog,(I’ll just have to persevere). But I have to say, I’ve put significantly more time and effort into this dog than any previously with very little reward. Is it a case that I’m going to have to wait until 18 months / 2 years before there’s any sort of adult dog and reward back from him? I know of several folk who are already out with their 1 year old dogs on shoot days and although,(in their own words) they need fine tuning, they’re doing fine. Having any sort of a gun dog seems a long way away. I thought September was going to be doable initially..
  4. Can anyone recommend a good brand or website for stocking up on gun dog stuff? I’ve a few canvas dummies but could really do with forking out for a starting pistol and a dummy launcher. Is there any particular brands or outlets folk can recommend? I assume some are better than others Thanks!
  5. Right gents, I need some advice because I fancy a pcp but I’ve never committed. Currently I’ve got a HW77K which I barely use,(I think if I can get a pellet on pellet accuracy of a pcp, I’d be a lot more confident head shooting woodies and filling a bag). I’ve also got a .22lr which I need to factor into the equation as far as will the pcp airgun be worthwhile . 1) Point one really is filling up the airgun. Our work gets oxygen cylinders delivered,(assume they’re medical oxygen but probably the same thing!). I presume I could buy a cylinder and refill as needed? Or are most gun shops able to refill nowadays? I’m based in central Scotland so can get to most places within an hour. 2) Do I want FAC? The biggest pain I find with the .22lr is guaranteed if you take it out, you’ll see something in a tree you can’t shoot. And if I take the airgun, it’ll be just that bit too far and I’ll want the rifle. How far can you realistically shoot with the FAC? They seem to drastically change your shot capacity. Also, I don’t shoot rats any more but would this write off any indoor use for ferals etc? Probably? Finally costs and gun? I like weihrauch and think they’ve got good build quality. Air arms also seem to be popular. What am I looking to spend to get a proper set up. It doesn’t need to be daystate but if I cut corners I know I won’t use it. Appreciate the help! I’ve found it hard to justify up until now as the springer has bailed me out on the few occasions and then the .22lr has been the rabbit gun but it would be a handy tool to have! Cheers!
  6. Surely if I sent it to GMK they’ll have a gunsmith as well? I know one gunsmith locally that’s very good. It’s more that if the gun has been out of production for a number of years, sending it to GMK or whoever does the beretta services are more likely to have any spare parts of required. Yeah hopefully that should be an easy fix on the maxus. Happy to strip and clean them but the gunsmiths can faff with the springs! The xtrema2 has a few things besides a clean that I could do with them having a look at. I’ll probably put it into my local dealer and they can always forward it on if it’s complicated.
  7. Cheers! Yeah I don’t mind doing the odd servicing and you can get a lot on YouTube. Just surprised not more folk don’t send the guns away for a service now and again.
  8. That’s what I was thinking to be honest! Probably just put the balance off as well
  9. I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll generally lose money on guns. At one point I thought that if you buy second hand and sell down the line, you’ll break even. Now I still think you’ll end up taking a bit of a loss just to move things on at a reasonable rate. Guns are 1) hard to sell online 2) the paperwork can be a faff and 3) everyone generally wants a new gun. Added to this that people seem to be going semi auto, or o/u 3” or bigger and older guns just don’t seem to shift. This is coming from someone who’s just bought a sbs boxlock non-ejector but really gun sales are a no win most of the time.
  10. Hi guys, looking for some advice if possible please? Is there anyone at GMK or similar that services browning/beretta autos? Hold my hands up and say that I,(nearly) always use a demo video to strip the guns. Did the xtrema 2 in a rush and jammed it,(know where I went wrong now..). I’ve also got a browning maxus that could use a new trigger spring. About 1 in 30-40 it doesn’t hit the primer hard enough. I could put them both into the gun smith at the end of the season. But is there someone that you can RFD to back at source that will do a full strip and clean? I’d be more inclined to send it back to square 1 if possible so that if there are any parts that could use a freshen up they might have them in stock. Currently I’ve got the maxus to keep me going and the season is essentially done so happy to post away if there’s anywhere recommend? Cheers!
  11. Cheers guys, emailed tbt a few days ago but not heard anything back yet,(purely because it was the first name that came up). If not I’ll try the names suggested above. It was made in 2000 so could probably do with a wee freshen up. Any opinion as to whether silencers on these underleavers are a waste of time or beneficial?
  12. Cheers guys! Haven’t heard of a tbt kit. Will need to look it/him up. What does it do exactly? Are these rifles easy enough to strip and maintain? I’m happy to send it away for a service if there’s anyone decent recommended? Clip on silencers are a new one as well so that’s helpful. I’ve spent too much time on rifles and shotguns so the airgun works has been fairly neglected to be honest! Thanks again!
  13. Looking for some opinions guys if that’s okay! So I’ve got a HW77K .22 which I’ve had for nearly 20 years,(bought second hand so goodness knows how old it is). It works fine but I assume it could do with a service? Does the power decline over time? And if so, who does service them it in the uk? It’s certainly not silent when you fire it. I wouldn’t say it’s loud. But it’s notably noisier than a pcp. There’s no silencer fitted,(and it doesn’t look screw cut) but I think it’s more the internals when it fires that makes a crack rather than the pellet? I don’t think a silencer would make a huge difference? I’ve got a .22lr and so on so I’m thinking it is probably best just having this running to the best of its abilities rather than switching to pcp so any recommendations would be appreciated! Cheers!
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