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  1. Cheers lads. Answered all aspects perfectly! Thank you
  2. I’m 29 so hopefully won’t have a heart attack yet working a pump! I’d thought of top up after each visit as well. are the 02 cylinders easy to come by / refill?
  3. Cheers! Certainly answered a lot of questions. what I’m really afternis something for rabbits and pigeons occasionally. Plus the branches in May. I’ve a .22lr and a .17 but tbh the .22 I pretty much use for sitting off warrens so nothing I can’t do with an airgun and the HMR comes out a lot more. Plus I obviously can’t use a .22lr up in the trees ect so that limits it. how do people feel about these hand pumps rather than 02 cylinders to refill the gun? Sourcing and refilling the cylinders was what initially put me off to be honest. Cheers!
  4. Cheers gents so they’re sefinitely more accurate. So what are the top dogs like daystate offering you then? Appreciate things like standard air arms might do a similar job but there must also be a reason daystate/theoben are more pricey? A bit like comparing a beretta or a Winchester I suppose? Better built?
  5. So I’ve got a weibrauch hw77k,(.22) and I’ve had it about 15 years now. While I was considering sending it off for a service - probably should - I always end up wondering if I would be better with a pcp? I don’t think I would ever sell the gun. But is there a substantial improvement in accuracy? I’m not too fussed about pcps being easier to reload the ect. Another realistic question is: is there any real difference in accuracy between a hw100 at £800 and a daystate at £1500. At the end of the day it’s precision we’re after rather than anything else? cheers!
  6. Well it’s been an interesting thread. I think all I can say from this is that the birds must get used; that’s the main thing. My main worry is what the general public see about these larger days. We can all appreciate the benefits of game shooting. But non-hunters just see vast numbers of dead birds and realistically it’s an image we could do without. Hope everyone has a good season!
  7. Cheers guys, interesting views and nice to see most people prefer the smaller days You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t agree with it. To set the record straight, I’ve never actually paid for a driven days shooting. Years ago, on a couple of rare occasions, I went to load for the old man - 100 bird days. Not to kick other people as I would consider booking a small day but at the time I thought the whole thing was very artificial. You still get the same ‘day’ from a smaller day. Same lunch, craic and enjoyment of the countryside. I can easily use 10 birds up at the end of a shoot day - roughly what you’d take on a 100 bird day. I’ve had good days roost shooting ect where anything up to ~ 10 birds I can remember. Beyond this, from a game shooting point of view I’d just be pulling a trigger for numbers which is what clay shooting should be for.
  8. Financially I can understand that and to some extent, factors like paying the same number of staff I hadn’t appreciated . Appreciate that it’s not your thing either. It’s just a shame that money comes into it rather than ethics That sounds ideal in all aspects to be honest
  9. That’s pretty grim though? I mean, when you cant remember each individual shot, does it not start to lose all meaning? Surely you can have a great day out, plenty of good shots with 200 hundred birds - half of what these places are taking?
  10. So I was looking at organising a driven day as it’s something I never do,(used to do syndicates). So looking at one or two better known places and they’re advertising 500 bird days! To me, that’s obscene. Costs aside, 100 sounds like a nice day and 200 a lot. Regardless of birds going to a game dealer, mass volumes like this in one day can’t be a good image for out sport?
  11. Cheers gents, seems everyone has a favourite. If I can I’ll probably try to get to northern as it’s not too far off. Made a note of the other dates as well
  12. Interesting reading! And the wash sounds like somewhere I’ll have to go one year just to see the place. Is the huge waiting list in some wildfowling clubs bad for the sport? I know we all like our peace and quiet and you don’t want areas overshot. But if people struggle to join is it detrimental in the long run?
  13. Interesting reading. To be honest I maybe should have phrased it differently. Doorstep is grand for convenience but also fairly predictable and arguably slightly boring. Is there any flagship areas you’d like to shoot? Or somewhere you return to on a yearly basis because you enjoy it? I know of some people who will drive from near London up for a weekend on the solway and pass many other Firth’s on route -there’s got to be a a reason for that beyond the chance of a shot. I’ve shot the solway and was impressed with the size of the area and will definitely go back at some point. I’d like to see the wash just for somewhere different. Maybe something like Poole Harbour if I ever get south enough. Is there any must see places from a wildfowling point of view? Bag numbers aside?
  14. So I’ve recently moved south of the border and I’m missing the show in Birmingham due to other commitments. What are the best shooting fairs during the year? Are they all much the same or any well worth attending? cheers!
  15. So as title really. Where does everyone consider the ‘best’? The usual places crop up in threads like the solway, lindesfarne, ‘the wash’ ect. Wheres your favourite places and why? Having seen the ‘how far do you travel’ thread people seem more than happy to drive long distances so interesting to see where’s everyone’s favourites?
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