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  1. Cheers gents, went for some all seasons as a lot of people suggested. Least I can run them and not worry to much about having to faff around in the spring to get them off
  2. So is that just a standard full choke that came with the gun? So many options the more you look into these aftermarket chokes 😆 jebs is a new one to me!
  3. Cheers gents, coming back to this a little late but I'm no further on with parting with money! It's a vitara 2017 onwards model so more of a 'car' / crossover type than a 4x4. Under normal circumstances / no covid I'd go up and down the A9 a lot. Really probably something that works a bit better in the cold and rain rather than heaps of snow. Offroading is really limited to grass fields and verges really. I'm fortunate I can 'borrow' and old freelander most of the time from the old man if I need to go into a field ect. Will have a look at all the tyres suggested. Torn between
  4. People seem to be more interested in loading 28 bores with 21g TSS recently than these old cannons
  5. Cheers guys. Interesting to read what everyone is using. I think I’m going to go back to more pellets and tightening the chokes. Never thought of using the 42g 3’s but suspect they might be a little small for my liking,(shoot geese with 3’s but prefer them for ducks). Motty our of interest, what choke are you using at the moment that’s extra full?
  6. Thanks! Interesting to hear that. I was looking at the Bridgestone blizzaks as they’re meant to be decent in the rain but £500 for 4 months of the year is a bit of a thought!
  7. So this is the first year I’m actually going to organise myself for getting some winter tyres. Do people tend to get the garage to order them in / buy from the garage? Or shop around and buy online then take them to the garage for fitting? I’m guessing the latter is cheaper? I take it something weighted more towards wet conditions in the UK would be better for the limited amount of snow we get? Any tips/experiences would be greatly appreciated. (Any recommended websites to buy from would also be helpful). Cheers!
  8. Thanks bud! Tell me about it! If it doesn’t sell then I’ll be quite happy to keep it but it’s just not getting used. Feel daft selling it when even a decent silencer alone these days is over £300
  9. Depends though. If you’re spending hours on a big fancy Christmas dinner with guests then you want a guaranteed result. Can’t beat wild geese for being free range and as good a welfare as you can get but there’s a definite difference from a cooking point of view between eating something grain fed and a year old and one that could potentially be 8/10 years old and flown thousands of miles 😅
  10. If I was being honest, I wouldn’t do a roast wild goose for Christmas dinner,(just in case it’s an anticlimax). They can be fine roasted but can be a bit dry/tough and easy to overcook. I put most of mine through the mincer or slow cooker. Don't get me wrong, by all means try it. But if I was entertaining,(seems daft typing that with covid) I would go with a decent farmed option as you know what you’re getting age wise.
  11. It could well be BBs are partly to blame and I do value pellet count a lot which is why I’ve always been a fan of the 1’s. I’m sure the pattern can sort itself with a change of cartridge or choke. It’s the lack of “dead in the air” birds that bothers me. A lot of folk are singing the praises of TSS shot,(£££) at the moment which is interesting. I haven’t tried the new eley eco wads yet either but not a fan of all the plastic debris either
  12. Cheers guys! Seems to be more than a few following the aftermarket choke theme on here then! So why kicks? And which model? The XFULL? Any reason The other options are less popular like terror or the pattern master? Thanks!
  13. So I’ve been using steel for years and have been a big fan of Gamebore mammoth. Now, nothing’s really changed as far as gun and setup but I’m very aware recently with geese,(ducks not so much) that a lot of birds I’m often shooting twice. I used to use 42g 1’s and for the last year I’m onto BBs due to local availability but will go back to 1’s when I can. Ranges aren’t excessive,(most 40-50 yards). Fairly normal for the shore and about half the height of some of the birds I’ve seen shot at recently but that’s a separate issue. I’m just missing the bang and every other bird fold up.
  14. Cheers! Peltor seems to be the common theme but will look up the other options. Much appreciated!
  15. Who makes the ‘best’ electronic ear defenders? I usually just use the usual ‘chainsaw’ / earmuff type ones but could do with an electronic pair to be honest. Don’t mind paying reasonable money for them. If anyone can recommend a brand, that would be brilliant. Not particularly fussed for the custom/moulded options. Thanks!
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