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  1. Thanks for the replies. I thought it was down to total number as well. I’ll pop in for 6.5mm and see if they ring me up to make a decision. Hadn’t thought about the .338 difference but all the 6.5mm calibers are so similar. I still can’t decide between the classic swede and the creed
  2. Are these still free? Had a look on the government website and a variation is down as £20? Im keen to swap a .243 slot for a 6.5 CM. Back of my head says a 6.5x55 will be very similar. I’ll probably go for the creed but can I request a “6.5mm bolt action” and that gives some flexibility? Thanks!
  3. Do they even sell hevishot these days? By all accounts I’ve not heard a bad word about them but they price years ago didn’t make them sensible if you were shooting a lot of shells
  4. wildfowler.250


    Assume this is okay as it’s a linked site. Going at a bargain price if someone is on the lookout for a new gun. Feel I’m going to regret shifting it https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/20766-Browning-Maxus-for-sale
  5. Reduced to £695. Final price reduction. Absolute bargain for someone! Otherwise I’ll just have to get myself a spare cabinet 😂
  6. I buy J cartridges online every other year. Usually ship to a central address then take them up with me as you get shafted for extra postage The 10 will certainly pattern better!
  7. Cheers bud. I’m still sticking with a 3 1/2” chambered auto but wondered about using the smaller shells through it. I think I’ll stick with the larger shells for now, even if it’s for piece of mind. always been tempted by the aftermarket chokes but guaranteed id see a lot of teal if I took it out..
  8. Is it still possible to add links and comments on your profile,(comes up underneath your comments)? Or is it just reduced to a picture and username now? If so, any ideas how to do this? cheers!
  9. I’ve dropped the price to £745. £50 cheaper than any other 3 1/2” Maxus on similar gun trading websites. Someone will be getting a good buy for the season. https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/20766-Browning-Maxus-for-sale
  10. So as title really. Been using Gamebore mammoth 42g 1’s for several years now to good effect. But I do shoot about 1/3 of my geese with mammoth 36g 3 duck shells in by chance. Has anyone dropped down from a 3 1/2” cartridge to a 3” and noticed any difference? They’re reasonably cheaper,(not a big factor) and I would imagine less recoil,(again not really an issue). Are the bigger shells worth the money. I think the difference is probably psychological but it’s hard to go for the lighter shell for foreshore shooting. Interested if anyone has any comparisons.
  11. Few PMs but still here so dropping price down to £795 👍
  12. Thanks. I do love it but could use the cabinet space. So easy to unload as well without dropping shells all over the mud!
  13. Interesting to hear how other clubs are run! (I’ve heard woodcock are actually fairly decent money. I’ve never had the heart to sell them though. Plus they’re too tasty).
  14. Used an olt 800 but they’re not easy to come by. Have a look at muddy gutter calls? There’s videos on his Facebook page and they sound great.
  15. I totally get what your saying and it’s a nice idea. But it’s much harder to bag up on wild duck and I don’t know anyone that actually sells their ducks shot on the shore,(commercial shoots sure). Theres folk that will happily shoot 16 plus geese to a single flight when the pinks first come in and that’s in a situation where you can’t sell them. That definitely won’t improve things if there’s a value on them. Just opinions though. Totally see both sides of it
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