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  1. My mate has spare rods and reels so we can lend you the gear for the day, my mate is a fly fisherman so can teach you's fly fishing and I prefer the bait and spinning for them
  2. I fish the wansbeck at morpeth mate but the season starts on 22nd march till 30th september, so it will be next year
  3. Excellent offer Davyo, Mad1 if you want to try some trout fishing I'll take you out on the river
  4. Hezbear

    diggin worms

    Best and easiest way mate
  5. Nice snake , did you give it a kiss and stroke?
  6. I have lurchers, pure greys and terriers, love working them
  7. QE2 at ashington http://www.ashington-ne.co.uk/qeii.html Not sure about the Angel of the north fishery http://www.angelnorthlakes.com/index2.html
  8. Rats are expert climbers, seen loads climbing whilst out ratting with the dogs
  9. :lol: Never fished the same since the floods though but the otters like it and raised a few cubs on it, which are always a pleasure to see
  10. It is the Wansbeck in Morpeth as it's my fishing spot, full of eels but the salmon parr have returned there
  11. Good luck mate and respect for putting them back
  12. A few shows have cancelled the ferret classes because of distemper up here
  13. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9284872.htm
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