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  1. You need plenty of decent card wads: over the felt wad, and over shot if using rto. I find a word with local publican produces a stack of new beer mats which are just the right material..... Oh and dont be tempted to use them rabbiting in stubble fields next harvest!
  2. PES T12 on my .270. Stainless and partly strippable, but quite long. Does the job, and tames it into the bargain
  3. .270 is much maligned; stick a decent sized moderator on the end and it becomes a very capable pussycat. Failing that, have a few shots with something like a .505, then most uk calibres seem tame
  4. Just seen this topic. Presumably he is standing for election in a "rotten borough" in Norfolk, and may return if tomorrow's result goes his way? Or will maybe be too busy if he ends up as a coalition cabinet minister for the rights of ethnic minorities.
  5. Fortunately "next to nowt" is no longer applicable to sheep. At last the price has begun to reflect the dire state of the uk sheepmeat industry as so many people have got out of sheep owing to the dire returns. There is now a bit of a shortage of supply so things are looking a bit better. We sent some old cull ewes to slaughter 3 weeks ago; averaged £47/head nett. You need to be thinking of the value of ewes being kept for breeding as being considerably more than that, and round here the casualty disposal charge is around £25/head. Makes a robust enclosure round the feeders seem cheap....
  6. Bit off on timing maybe but any chance it might have been a young roebuck snapping the posts, with opportunistic thievery by the subterranean brigade after the event? Sounds to have been a tiresome and expensive nights activity. (I wont suggest building a henge round the copse and wiring it in until next grockle season)
  7. Without wanting to get into the rights or otherwise of stopping Tabatha from Twitching, may I just point out that the internal layout of the damn things is a bit different to your average quarry species. A .22 hollowpoint may well not do the job if you treat it like a bunny. Now a 12 bore at 30 feet however does not allow much room for discussion, or preferably use a cage trap so you can check for collars first and be sure of no runners. I think that the earlier advice of 3 s is to be recommended
  8. This whale solution probably seemed a good idea at the time too; sorry if it has been linked before
  9. Surely not sour grapes Baldrick? I can see you are still in denial about your ancestors, but giving away trade secrets about the henges on a public forum will not endear you to the grockle milking industry. Just because your illustrious predecessors made a slight miscalculation regarding the high tide mark when siting "Seahenge" within sight of Harnsers sand dunes is no reason to sulk about ours. Midnight drilling now tricky for us technophobes without satnav/autosteer as too dusty to see the drill in the lights. Don't think me ungrateful for the sun at last, but even we could do with a dr
  10. Oh dear. I seem to have inadvertently touched a raw nerve. First may I remind our fenland dwelling friends of the old adage that "size isn't everything" and anyway maybe over the next couple of ice ages you might get lucky and score more than muddy sediment & detritus. I thought sand dunes were to be found in the western desert Harnser? Not having a coast here I will have to take your word for it; I presume it is the incomers who have problems as the aforementioned inter-digital webbing must help with traction on those nasty steep inclines. Now Baldrick, it appears a little hi
  11. Percieved wisdom down here is that Norfolk is flat (or so I was told once by someone who claimed to have an uncle who had been there by accident many years ago). I am sure we have equal numbers of hairy toothed rellies here in the remote shires, but at least we have hills to sit on. How else can you admire the occasional tramlining error in ones neighbours drilling, or have a little warm glow when you see that the latest act of vandalism by the little green space alien crop circle creators has for once appeared on someone elses field.... Now I am sure that our eastern counties friends are
  12. Maybe my issues with reconstituted meat scraped off the floor are more to do with the contents of my wellie treads adding a significant alternative flavour. Have to put in a plug for beef farmers sometimes!
  13. Not hard to make a wooden box; then add an "inner liner" & partitions a bit like a wine case out of more plywood. The liner needs to be jointed together so no bolts or screws from the hinges etc can conduct heat straight to the inside.
  14. Bambiburger for me anytime, but if you use beef for the meat use decent well hung minced beef, none of this reclaimed muck from the cutting room floor. The old saying of silk purses from sows ears applies equally well to any food; rubbish in = rubbish out!
  15. All very clever I am sure. Now what happens when they get it a little bit wrong and you have a wounded elk disappearing into a wood at 900 yards, especially in that terrain? Unless you are starving on a deserted island, I respectfully suggest the place for such long distance shooting is on the target range where the price of a pulled shot is paid by dented pride and not an injured animal.
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