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  1. I know absolutley nothing about berettas to be honest. Just thay they seem to be extremley popular. I have no idea how the various models get their number eg s56e. I just bought a s56e at auction. I googled this model and i think they might date from the 70s. Can anyone tell me anything else. The serial number is b27161b. It has 26.5 inch barrels, pistol grip stock and single selective trigger. Any info much appreciated!
  2. Large pair of antlers for sale. No idea what theyre worth, if nothing else could be used for making some sticks from. Shall we say £30 collected, or you can arrange your own courier.
  3. Straightshooter is going to refresh the woodwork for me
  4. Here goes. Sorry aboutthe quality but just took them on my phone . . . .
  5. At present i know it was made for a Mr A Pepys and was completed in 1864 with 30inch barrels
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