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    You have PM
  2. Would like more info please. So to start you off £20
  3. Got a 1975 here. Is it the Effective Range Of Game Cartridges you are looking for
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    EU In or out

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD, take us out and lets try to put the GREAT back into BRITAIN. Maybe then we can start to feel proud to be British again!!! Maybe we can also get our fishing fleet and merchant navy back. AMEN
  5. Hi guys. Latest update. After 2 weeks in the shop and everything tested it seems that there are 2 problems. First is that the mod seems to be the wrong size (thread) and second, after trying all different ammo the grouping is still poor. Best grouping was with the high velocity rounds. The gun is now off my ticket and is going back to Ruger. As soon as I get my 1 for 1 I will try again with another 10/22 that's on order, and hope, fingers crossed, that this one will be ok. Many thanks for your replies and will let you know how it goes. Cheers. John
  6. Hi Guys. Many thanks for the replies and advice. UNDERDOG, the black tape was great!!! And JRDS, spot on. Took it on the course again today and tried it without the mod, got much better results, grouping was down to 3 inches x 10 shots, each make of ammo at 55 yards. RWS shot about 3 ins higher than the Winnies but grouped about the same. Tried it with the mod again and the nearest shot was 5 ins away, out to 8 ins. Tried another mod and exactly the same as the 1st mod. It looks as if the mod is bottoming on the front sight so taking gun back to the shop tomorrow to see what they say. 3 ins group is still far from perfect, but at least it's better and would give me something to tweak with and try other ammo ect. Will have to look into the floating the barrel thing and taking the band off advice later. Many thanks once again to those that replied. Will keep you updated. Cheers. John
  7. Hi Gents. Bought a s/steel Ruger 10/22 a few weeks ago but can't seem to get decent groupings with it. Tried different scopes and sac mods but just the same. Been out several times and set paper target up at 55 yards on the golf course using sand pit/bunker as back stop and also to see where rounds were going. Shots were all around the target by up to 8 inches and never 2 in the same hole. Stripped and cleaned gun ect every time but still can't settle in down. Took my cz 452 out and set up in same place and put 10 rounds in a 1/2 inch hole. They were just over an inch high because the cz is set up for 80 yards and I can head shoot bunnies at this range no probs. I use Winnie subs so tried these in the ruger then bought some RWS but the results are the same. Next time out I will try a couple of shots without the mod on but they don't like the noise on the course and it's far too wet to get on my other lands. Could some of you lads who own a 10/22 give me any advice on what to do next and also let me know what groupings you are getting. I know that autos aren't as good as single shots but surely they should be better than what I'm getting. Many thanks in advance. John
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