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    I belong to a gun club and I'm really enjoying it not just the shooting but the chat aswell,learning about loads ,scopes, and what to look for in a rifle.
  1. Hi all how much does it cost for a variation on a FAC ....many thanks Ian
  2. I shoot at a range , its just to make the gun look pretty
  3. Hi all I've brought a Walther G22 that is screw-cut as i dont have a suppresor on my FAC I have seen fake ones on the internet but they are in the states but they will not ship to the UK,does anyone know who or where sells them in the UK.Many thanks for your time Ian
  4. I have chinese writing down the middle of my back going to the top of my neck,a couple on my arms.they all hurt no matter where you have it done ,some places hurt more than others i.e. middle of the back and neck lol.
  5. or does anyone know where i can get them from, many thanks.... Ian
  6. little zimba

    BSA mags

    Hi all ,I have a .22 BSA supersport very nice rifle but I'm looking for some spare mags as I only have 1 and would like a couple more as spares.Many thanks Ian P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all
  7. well said babbyc,my family have always had dogs our first were ridgebacks 3 of them(these were used to bait lions in Africa dont see anyone wanting to ban these dogs ) and I always remember what my dad said the day your dog shows you it's teeth in anger is the day it goes to the vets.I have 2 staff's who are gentle well brought up and always on a lead,but what people need to remember any dog can cause damage however big or small.....Ian
  8. WELL SAID Like I said before I have 2 staffy's who are never off the lead.If everyone kept there dogs on a lead in public you would have no or very few incidents.My dogs are brought up well and like so many people have said you need to sort out the owners who hav'ent got a single brain cell....Ian
  9. WOW looks great great step by step walk through
  10. How ignorant can one man be I'm a proud owner of two staffy's who I trust implicitly.As for inflicting so much damage,wake up mate any breed of dog can inflict damage,again its down to the owner and the dogs environment.My dogs are always on a lead not because of the breed but because I'm a responsible owner.You may have had a bad experience with staff's but please dont tar all staffy's with the same brush.Ian
  11. Why do people want to ban staffy's ,granted there are some staffy's out there that are pure mean,then agian there NOT all staffys .all this its a fighting dog winds me up.I had a Ridgeabck when I was young and everyone said what a lovely dog and great temprement , but these dogs were used to hunt lions in Africa and keep them contained until the hunter came and shot the lion ,I dont hear anyone saying lets ban ridgebacks.
  12. Hi winchester dont know whats going on,but by the amount of people on here wishing you to think about it for a while you have to be a decent man.Whatever you do I hope it turns out ok for you.....Ian
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