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  1. I think it’s a good call. and if it’s at Orston in 2019 I’ll be there with bells on
  2. We’ll be there, probably Sunday. I’ll no doubt be the chauffeur/ gun carrier/ cartridge bitch for the Princess Don’t tell her I said that
  3. Humberside shooting ground at Brandsburton is worth the trip.
  4. Many Moons ago we very nearly bought a Dodge Viper replica. The thing was almost complete, just needing trimming and a few of the lights wiring. The guy had spent a small fortune as it had a fully rebuilt 5.7 V8, brand new gearbox and genuine wheels. It had the chrome side pipes with heat sinks and sounded like Thor gargling with nails. It only had one flaw and that was if you were over 5ft 8 there was no way you could change gear. The clutch was leg ditheringly heavy too but the noise!!!! We then looked at a Dax Cobra replica with a 440CUi V8. It was in Black, which is a cack colour for
  5. I have precisely the same issue and now use an occlusion patch on the inside of my shooting glasses. It works for the vast majority of targets with the exception of driven. If I had my time again I'd switch to shooting right handed to avoid the problem. Too old and set in my ways now. Mr Potter has a similar issue but was taught to shoot from his dominant side. That was many many many many years ago now though
  6. Over the years I've met quite a lot of people from this forum. In the main they've all been reasonable, helpful and generally affable folk, all sharing a common interest. As with all walks of life you do meet the some oddballs, but it's your choice as to whether you associate with them or not. I didn't know anyone that used this forum when i joined, but i never felt like an outsider trying to crash a private party. I did learn very quickly not to ask stupid questions (snap caps springs to mind ) and don't pretend to be an expert just because you have access to Google. You'll get found out qui
  7. Trial by Facebook is a big thing and is damaging on so many levels. I've seen this going on from some fairly high profile people who use it as a platform to spread rumour and discredit people. It's the lowest form of bullying.
  8. I'd be awesome It's understandable Shoehorn, but please try to control yourself They'll have your name written all over them
  9. Should be up for it this year . Didn't shoot too bad last time but I've not shot a deal since
  10. Sound advice Struggled on 1/4ing away until this man sorted it.
  11. I've 2 spare weekend passes for the 80's Rewind Festival on the 20th & 21st of August. They are £97.00 each. Also 2 spare VIP passes for the weekend which are £120.00 each. Happy to sell separately and will post recorded delivery.. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Whilst I hate myself for agreeing with you on this occasion I have to.
  13. I'm with you Shoehorn, I still don't get it
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