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  1. * Full Choke *- 3/4 ** Half **- Quarter **S Skeet *** Cylinder
  2. Atkin, Grant & Lang have a Beretta EELL 20 bore/ 28bore combination gun - the best of both worlds. https://www.agl-uk.com/gun-shop/guns-for-sale
  3. Sabel Thanks for taking the time, however, I looked yesterday and couldn't find anything. Perhaps you could send a link if you can still see the ad. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I spoke to them yesterday, but they are ported barrels, which isn't what I want.
  5. Wanting a pair of barrels for my Perazzi MX8. Minimum length 29". I would consider buying a complete gun (even a damaged one) if reasonably priced. Springerman
  6. Hi JBK I have a EELL 20bore with 28 bore combination and found it to be a lovely set up. My gun is a game version with 29.5" barrels for the 20 bore and 28" for the 28 bore. As the barrels are set onto a 20 bore action, the 28 bore has to have larger wall thickness and so the slightly shorter barrels help to keep the balance of the gun similar with both and they are each fitted with multi chokes. I tended to use the 28 on partridges and early pheasants and the 20 for pheasants and wildfowl (including Canada geese) and really enjoyed shooting the gun. After a lifetime of shooting I decided to give up live quarry shooting at the end of the 2013-14 season and now only shoot clays, so my gun is for sale if you are interested. Springerman
  7. As little as I have to! What exactly do you have Steve?
  8. Wanting a Perazzi MX8 spares kit (main springs, firing pins etc) for reasonable price. Springerman
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