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  1. Yes you are right - what should have been said is that the shot in the plastic cup/wad does not come in contact (substantially) with the barrel walls. I suspect that this is where the concern is; in the wear on un-chromed barrels with felt/fibre wadded steel shot cartridges.
  2. Plastic wads have compressible fins which seal against the barrel wall. The cups generally have a couple of slits where the shot charge is held until expelled from the choke and the plastic wads then flair out leaving the wad behind. This is also true of slugs and large shot loads (SG SSG etc.) Felt/fibre wads really do not gas seal against the barrels particularly if you have a back-bored barrelled gun! If your gun has chrome barrels then there is no real problem anyway as your shot is never going to be as hard as the chrome plating. If not, you need to have your gun checked by a gunsmith before using "steel shot". Still a live discussion and (allegedly) of interest!
  3. ALL makers have issues with their guns and Blaser are no exception. Browning - B25 trigger problems and constant striker replacement. Perazzi - questionable workmanship to ribs. Kreighoff - rattling good fit barrel to action. Where do you stop!
  4. The terminology "steel shot" is not strictly correct as the proper reference should be "soft iron". If your gun is rated for the correct grade of "steel shot" then there is little risk of damage to the barrels and certainly not from "steel" moving down the barrels on firing even using felt/fibre wads. Plastic wads of course do not touch the barrel walls until coming in contact with the choke constriction.
  5. In Europe and UK the Browning B325 utilizes the Invector choke technology, and these choke tubes are shipped with the gun when new. If you examine the chokes you will find that the more open chokes are clearly rated for steel shot. Browning would not add steel shot approval to any part of their hardware which is falsely identified as compliant i.e. for steel shoot use. So, the use of steel shot in Invector specification guns appear to be "steel shot approved" by Browning by virtue of their own specification.
  6. Yes looks like a Shadow 7 - the Indy had a wide aluminium rib and brass forend vents etc.
  7. It is interesting to hear from owners that they are having significant problems with their F3 I have had an F3 Super Luxus from new for 7 years and other than the upgrade to change the barrel locking bite (it was a bit tight to open), the gun has been faultless and there is almost no sign of mechanical or aesthetic wear despite a fair amount of use. Perhaps Blaser need to look to the American made version of their shotguns which seem to be of a much better standard.
  8. I am looking for a mint condition synthetic Stock and forend for a Beretta AL391 Tecknys semi - auto.
  9. I have four used Blaser F3 (3 by Briley and 1 by Blaser) flush chokes for sale 1x skeet 1x quarter 1x half and 1x full - £25 each or £90 for all four delivered free.
  10. All Invector, Invector + chokes guns can use standard and advanced steel shot. This is confirmed by Browning/Miroku. They would not advise use of steel shot through Invector chokes if the GUN was not capable of handling the load. The pellets are soft steel and significantly softer than chromed barrels, so scoring is not really a problem. The fleur-de-lis marking is not significant when it comes to Browning shotguns with factory fitted Invector chokes. Check out http://www.browning.eu/products/techdata/steel_shot.html
  11. Bosch Superfit is the best lubricant ever! Formulated as a permanent lubricant for car braking systems but is ideally suited for high temperature use. No residue or gases can get into the threads and the choke threads are always clean when I remove or change the chokes.
  12. Charlie T - You have completely missed the point here! The CPS are NOT "the Law" Police Guidelines is not "Law" The Procurators Fiscal (Scotland) are not "the Law" The current enactment of the Firearms Act IS LAW and under section 57 it DOES NOT EXCLUDE COMPONENTS SUCH AS MAGAZINES - however rediculous it may seem! Yes it needs to be reviewed and SACS have erred on the cautious side by saying to their members to adhere to the wording of the Act - not guidelines, discussion papers, or the CPS's dreams. At the end of the day it will be the Judge who will interpret the Act - no one else.
  13. I received a reply from SACS which has a rider that its contents cannot be copied or divulged verbatim. However here goes with my take on the problem of what constitutes a "firearm". There is the law, and there is the Home Office Guidance to police, which does not have the force of law. The Guidance always stated clearly in the preamble that it is produced in an effort to assist in the consistent application of the law across the country. Guidance for the Police is NOT the Law. Suspect it may be but the law in this case is very specific and clear: 57 Interpretation - England, Wales and Scotland E+W+S (1) In this Act, the expression “firearm” means a lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and includes — (a) any prohibited weapon, whether it is such a lethal weapon as aforesaid or not; and ( B) any component part of such a lethal or prohibited weapon; and © any accessory to any such weapon designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon; and so much of section 1 of this Act as excludes any description of firearm from the category of firearms to which that section applies shall be construed as also excluding component parts of, and accessories to, firearms of that description. So under section 57 (1)( B) any component part is deemed a firearm! Also, it has been laboured that if it can be sent by Royal Mail and not via a RFD to RFD transaction then how can it be illegal. Remember, according to the 1997 Firearms (Amendment) Act, Sections 32 and 33, all transfers of firearms must be face to face unless done by registered RFDs. So, if you buy a ‘bit’ online or by post, you are breaking the 1997 Act AND THE LAW – but everyone does it and no one has pointed this out to the Home office or ACPO. Remember Internet forums are monitored by the Police - so don't mention it here!
  14. I agree, their comments appear farcical and make little sense. However I cannot believe that SACS would stick their neck out on matters such as this and all legal opinion published by them is first vetted by their legal advisors. If SACS get things like this wrong - they will loose members. Also not everyone joins just for the insurance! I have forwarded an email to them and await their comment
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