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  1. I already own a composite sx3 - it is faultless. I therefore want to get a second as a spare. I doubt there is any difference between the two, but it wouldn't surprise me if Winchester have taken some shortcuts now they have established this model. I would rather not take the risk and instead buy what I know works.
  2. Thanks for the response, winchester only still seem to be making the composite model with an extended mag tube. If anyone is looking to sell their sx3 composite which has only had very light use - please let me know.
  3. Nice bag. Not technically the end of the season if you are shooting canadas though!
  4. Hi Does anyone know where you can still buy a winchester SX3 in composite finish (not the black shadow model) without an extended magazine tube? Thanks Dan
  5. Hi all I have recently moved from Cornwall to Devon, I work and live at Torbay hospital. Sadly my shooting permissions are now too far away and due to my work I have not had enough time to look for new land. I would therefore be grateful if any one knows of any pigeon shooting opportunities in the area, whether it be paid for or syndicate - to contact me. Thanks Daniel
  6. This is my ad - please feel free to ask questions. Forgot to say that the rifle will also come with a charging adaptor, hose and gauge suitable for a refill tank. Daniel
  7. This is my ad - please feel free to ask questions. Forgot to say that the rifle will also come with a charging adaptor, hose and gauge suitable for a refill tank. Daniel
  8. I will have this if it is still for sale! pm sent Daniel
  9. This is my advert - however it doesn't seem to have linked to my account. I am currently in Sussex with the rifles for the next week. Viewing is welcome as I would prefer a face to face sale.
  10. Hi Guys Thanks for all of the replies. Really sorry about the delay in responding - I am currently in my 4th year of a medical degree and I have a large number of deadlines to meet before Easter so unfortunately I have had to put everything else on hold. Hopefully things should be a bit quieter after Easter - and I am really looking forward having some good days out shooting - preferably with a partner! Sorry again Daniel
  11. Hi everyone I am a friendly 24 year old, and new to pigeon decoying. I currently have 350acres of permission (over rape and beans) where I have mainly been doing rabbit shooting. Since the pigeons seem to either be in large numbers or none at all I am preferably looking for someone who has another permission - then we would be able to shoot over which ever seems to be doing best. My permission is near Callington (30minutes from Plymouth). I have a shotgun license, firearms certificate, BASC membership and of course I am very responsible. Anyone interested with a permission of their own (within 45minutes of plymouth) please send me a message. Daniel
  12. Hi I have recently started pigeon decoying. My first 2 attemps were about 7 and 8 days ago. I managed to get about 10 pigeons each time which as a beginner I was pleased with. I constantly saw LOTS pigeons throughout the day on most of the fields around where I was shooting (rape and sprouting beans). Anyway I decided to return today to try again today at exactly the same time 11am and place. However after waiting for 2 hours and not seeing a SINGLE pigeon I decided to move around. I walked around the 300 acres of permission I have and in total saw 2 pigeons. I decided to give up at 3pm. I also drove around the adjacent farms but saw very little action. I am just so surprised how from one day there were literally 1000s to a week later there being none. Therefore my questions are – where have the pigeons gone? Was I out at the wrong time in the day / did I do anything wrong? Will they come back? Any information much appreciated. Thanks Daniel
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