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  1. i havea meopta on my .222 brno fox, is the meopter a similar scope
  2. Depends if your feeding giraffes Sorry didny read it right!
  3. Here we go again, every year. If you ask the question you know the answer!
  4. Think i've just read a post from the twighlight zone.
  5. It wisnae meant tae be funny, aye am tired no long in fae work an no long tae am back oot again. Am a bit emotional the noo, this big beast was a machine batterd through cover like a cover batter througher then 3 days after keepers day couldny move withoot screemin, got him xrayed an theres no cartilage left between the disk at the base o his hips an the start o his tail. He's only ****in nine.
  6. Welcome tae the world o dugs,big burly baldy tattooed guys greetin like three year aulds. We mibby hink we're tough but in the end we're saft as ****.
  7. Sorry, a dont mean to sound morbid but i've got a big spaniel thats hurt his spine and he's on meds for the pain its joost a matter o time.
  8. A wee cutie right enough, if only they lived for ever, am sick o sitting on the couch breakin ma heart after burying them.
  9. To answer your question, i had a 300 tdi dico that averaged 30+ mpg with road tires. Switched to heavy duty mud boys and dropped to between 20/25 mpg. That being said you dont play rugby in brogues!!
  10. Awe, ah dont know! Are you just gonny be shooting it aff that pick nick table or draging through trees?
  11. I'm paying £240 a ton bagged delivered, was paying £180 per tonne bag delivered but the extra £ 60 a ton is worth it in time and hastle.
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