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  1. 'The Pot Kiln' near Yattendon. Owned and run by TV chef Mike Robinson who shoots and prepares all of his venison himself.
  2. Last December near Crieff. First hind on the first day.
  3. After driving some lanes in sunny Yorkshire this past weekend, I thought it may be good to get you guys with 4x4's to post some piccys of the type of off roading you do. I will kick off with a couple of mine showing good articulation on my Nissan Patrol. She was awesome off road.
  4. Want Utd to win it just because they are an English team and the Spaniards would have been out in the semi if it wasn't for that idiot referee from Norway. Come on UTD!!!!! Ouch it hurts a little to say that being a Blues fan.
  5. Improving accuracy can be dramatically improved by changing the barrel for a match barrel. Because the 10/22 is a self loader, the chamber needs to be slightly slack to enable the extractor to 'whip' out the spent cases. This means that rounds are sometimes chambered slightly differently to others, thus affecting accuracy. The only problem with a tighter chamber of a match grade barrel is that you may find a slight increase in the rounds not ejecting properly. Been there, done it. Ask Mungler.
  6. 'Rimfire magic'. Do a search mate. Local gunsmith to you should fit it for a few quid. Makes a big difference.
  7. Needs to be on ticket if going on an FAC!
  8. Heating guy, I've had a Defender, a Range Rover vogue, an Isuzu Trooper and currently have a Nissan Patrol. All of these are more than capable off road. Guess it depends on the money you want to spend and what you want it for. The Range rover would have a bit more of a luxury feel to it, so maybe the other half could be placated. Happy 4x4 hunting. Rob. Photos of the last two. Isuzu in The Peak District and Nissan in Wales.
  9. 96 innocent football fans, anticipating a great game of football, only to perish through the incompetence of the authorities. May they rest in peace. Thoughts also to those fans who endured, yet survived the horrific event on that fateful day, 20 years ago.
  10. apbuild


    Best Champions league quarter final ever! Hats off to the Reds for the fighting spirit they showed. Shame someone had to loose. Bring on Barcelona!!!!!
  11. Cracking shot just between the Public Bridleway and the Beans. Spot on!
  12. Got a President Johnson II in my office with a Wilson 1000 car aerial bolted onto an old metal water tank in my loft. Also have, in line, a 500 watt burner which I rarely use at full power. However, on full power, I can get contact from europe when the solar skip is on! Not bad for a six foot aerial on a water tank.
  13. Nissan 4.2 straight six diesel. Goes most places I ask it to!
  14. Nissan Patrol 4.2 straight six diesel with Old man Emu Shocks and Mud terrain tyres. Beats a landy every time.
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