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  1. I know what you mean lurcherboy i spent the whole of the next day sad and misserable thinking about them, i do miss them but i still have 4 to keep me sane my life would be a a bit empty without them and at least the pup keeps me busy, there i go again the tears are back im off to look at old photos of them to cheer me up. alison391
  2. I have just sat reading all the posts with tears pouring down my face at the thought of all the companions we have all lost. The first dog we lost was called chip she was a chocolate patterdale and such a loving dog, the second one was one that can never be replaced she was called tina, she was my husbands dog, she was a tint little cross terrier who was fearless, had a heart the size of a house and loved my husband so much, she was so loyal and the best little worker we ever had, the third was paddy, a lakeland terrier who was faithfull and loving and my friend. We miss them all so much
  3. I would recomend jo irving their learning chain its a really good one, i would also recoment some dvds that i recently purchased, edward martin spaniel training box set is one of them i have quite a few in my collection now so if you are interested pm me ad i can give you the low down on them. alison391
  4. hi mosa, just wondering how you are going on with the pup biting and nipping ? I have an 11 week old ess and she is a little handfull at the moment (well i say little she is the biggest pup i have seen at her age 6.8kg). She nipps and bites playfully at first but sometimes she seems like she is being really nasty, though her tail is still wagging she gets a glint in her eye. I have been putting it down to the fact that she was the only one that survived in the litter and she has had no siblings to play with so is using her time with me as she would her litter mates. I am hoping she will gro
  5. Hi Mike I dont no if you are sorted with this but if not i may be able to help.I do most of my shooting in and around Leyburn/Reeth ( i have a caravan there ) and ime up there on Sat for the rest of the week.Hopefully you can make it to Marne on Sun and we can have a chat. PADDY (Ian)
  6. im not camping but will be there saturday and am quite happy to help drink your beer. alison391
  7. I have had 2 beretta semi autos and if i was in the market for another semi it would be beretta, i tried all sorts before i got mine and most of the others you could either hear or feel the mechanism on, but the beretta felt smooth and was a lovely fit, i changed to an u/o recently and that is also a beretta. If you can get to humberside shooting ground or a shop that has a ground so you can try before you buy it would be time well spent. alison391
  8. Taken a pic of the dam today before she gets any bigger alison
  9. and this is the dam tonight getting ready for the pups
  10. Just thought i would add some pics of the dire and dam. Sire FTCh Chraighaar Boris Dam Elinor of Derwen Fawr
  11. We have an 03 and love it, it does all that we ask of it and more, went to devon last summer towing our 23ft caravan all our gear and our dogs and it had no problems at all comfy all the way, we have had a few 4x4s and this is the best one we have had so far, if we change it will be for another one, we get 35-40 to the gal in it so its not bad. alison
  12. Only 10 days to go till the pups are born
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