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  1. hi guys, been a while since i have posted but have been uber busy with college, work, women etc. anyway my beretta 20g barrel selecor is loose and doesnt seem to engage well. sometimes when i fire it flips onto the other barrel. the gun was new in jan. is this a problem i can get a local gunsmith to fix or do i need to post it back to beretta. if the latter is the case how do i go about it? any help appreciated
  2. i have some old carts which are a bit rusted and i dod not think are safe to shoot. i want to throw them away but im not sure which is the best way to dispose of them as i dont think the bin man will take em. Any advice appreciated
  3. TX Sniper


    i need a beretta choke key as my mate has lost his. its for a 12g 687 o/u. if any one has one they dont need anymore or would like to sell please could you let me know. cheers jim
  4. cheers guys, i must commend you all for the help. its nice being part of a forum where you receive such helpful and friendly advice from knowledgable shooters. i will let you know how i get on
  5. the butplate is the one which it comes with, i fitted it because i need the extra length so it fits better. so i can have the gun replaced if needed. i'll see how it goes.
  6. my dad has been shooting for about 20 years but saying that he may not be releasing the trigger. he is a different build t me and maybe the way he mounts the gun as it is longer doesnt alow the recoil to hit the adjuster properly. i will ring him later and see if it has happened again. cheers jim
  7. fairll be usin it on sat game shooting so if it gives me any grief il give the shop a buz. you had a good season teal, i suppose you have been off grouse shooting with the gentry again p.s tenbears like the highlander, nice loking gun mate.
  8. the shop i got it from is f in miles away from me so i might put soem more rounds through and see if it settles down, if it doesnt ill send it back. im hoping its just because its new, as afore mentioned my mate had the same roblem but his is fine now.
  9. the old man has just rang me and said that the second barrel did not fire on my less than 3 weeks old beretta sp 20g. a friend of mine had a similer problem with his when it was new, is it st that the recoil berell selector thingy is new and needs wearing in or is it something more serious. i used it last sat and it was fine so iam a bit worried. i did fit a slightly longer but pad to it last sat, could that be the problem. any help appreciated. cheers jim
  10. the bloke txtr me to day saying to leave the 25quid at a mutual friend and never to i quote "fone phone me again". i think ill txt him 2moz and say no chance. and he said in was taking the ****, ****!
  11. recoil is no issue, just want to ensure clean kills. as far as i was aware most birds you can take with a 12 you can take with a 20g, some ofthe best pigeon and game shots i have seen use 20g.
  12. thanx mike that is much appreciated. miss birds,me, finest game shot in the country doncah know
  13. yes mike it was, i know this is why i was shocked when he mentioned these things, as i know any you would have mentioned them and you seemed like a honest gent and are a respected member on here. so it seems he was making things up. i coming to think he was after a cheap buy to sell on. the ejectors seemed fine to me aswell but i only shot it a few times at the gun club so never fired the barrels individually. the gun when i sold it was the same apart from an added but pad as when you left it with me, so you can confirm it was in sound nick. if he gives me more greif would it be possible for him to confirm with cotswold gun shop that it was sound p.s. how are you getting on with the lanber and hope you are having a good season. thanx jim
  14. thats what i thought to, but he is mates with the shoot captain so i didnt want to cause tension but at the same time i didnt want to be taken for a ride. i would by the gun back but cant afford it but at the mo (im a student). my dad offerd to as he thinks the guy is being a jerk aswell. my dad is a car dealer though but an honest one and he agread with you lot, if its sold as seen then its a done deal. i can just see him sending me the bill for a full service done by aya for like £200, i guess i'll drop £20 in the envelope with a note saying heres my contributation and send it back. thanx for the help guys you have put my mind a rest, i will enjoy my shooting on sat now without worrying. thanx again jim
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