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  1. I have used Brunox in my workshop for some time and think it is the bees knees for freeing rusted items .Recently a car parts dealer told me that, encouraged by a sales agent he had conducted tests and found to his surprise that brunox was superior to many other release oils .
  2. I think , if I am looking at the proper item , that this is called the bolster which holds dies for cutting holes the punch being held in the ram.
  3. Lovely tidy workshop with everything well spaced and organised. One thing I would alter, I have a morbid fear of grinding dust on machine slideways and would shift the grinder as far away as I could from the lathe.
  4. Seems there are two problems here 1 a dealer has lost a firearm he was entrusted to keep 2 Your friend has a gun on his certificate which he no longer has in his posession..I woud ask the dealer to check his record of sales to determine if the gun had been sold . Were he still to claim that the gun had disapeared I would contact the firearms department but your friend had better have a receipt.
  5. Thank you for your information which has shed a iot of light on tubelock guns for me . Clayton certainly had lots of large bore shotgun experience . Hawker had him repairing worn parts of his large gun in the kitchen at Longparish and instructed him about the construction of a punt gun for a member of the nobility. nobility.
  6. manton

    Forum change

    Why does the same gun have about 8 entries in the Trading Post lists immediately below each other?
  7. A beautiful example of this type of gun made by a maker who understood the needs of wildfowlers.Mudpatten,s comments raise an interesting point Do you shoot this gun and if so how do you get around the problem of the little primer tubes ,are these still available or can a substitute be made?
  8. Colonel Hawker had some dealings with Burnett of Southampton. In a letter to his part time servant and fellow gunner Buckle he writes Mr Buckle I write a few lines just to say I will be obliged to you if you would look in at Mr Burnetts sometime and stir him up about the gun as I shall no doubt be at Southampton in less than a fortnight and then I should like to see the gun in a forward state with a nice small lock on and the new breech in He then goes on to describe Burnett as a capital ingenious man. Hawker had recently observed a demo
  9. This information sheds considerable light on the diary and explains quite a lot about what happened .I ,for a long time have had questions about Hawkers second wife . I know that it may be reading too much between the lines but his friendship with Captain S and the speed with which Hawker married his widow seems a little strange. Compared to the amount of material about his first wife and his exertions on her behalf during their tour of Europe his second wife is rarely mentioned except during the period of his decline and death. I would like a heart specalist to examine his diary and
  10. Thank you all for your information . As I am sure you all are aware there is a huge amount of work involved in restocking a muzzle loading gun . My ideas was to do this on a budget and still have a reasonably authentic stock on possibly a useable gun. I do not feel this would warrant Turkish walnut and have found a source of american walnut quite close to home.
  11. Thank you for your very informative reply. I mainly want to determine the following , .Were Payne Gallweys ammendments applied to all topics in the diary consistently. I have a feeling he tried to boost the game shooting to make it look more in line with the huge bags of people like Lord Walshingham in his own time. I believe Gallwey also had his own idea of a ,,wildfowler ,, and distorted Hawker to fit .I think on the other hand that the sections about the production of his guns ,gunmakers foreign and visits to industry are fairly accurate. I really like his account of his effotrts to fin
  12. I want a piece of walnut to make a stock for a 10 bore muzzle loading shotgun. A plain good quality piece of wood would do.I have looked at suppliers such as Rule but the price is more than I am willing to pay .Anyone have any ideas about a timber merchant who may have something suitable.
  13. Can anyone tell me if the original manuscripts of Peter Hawkers diaries are available as photocopies or by any other method except visiting the U.S.A.
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