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  1. Nicky T

    Nicky T

    Thanks Rich Tony, will PM you today sir
  2. Nicky T

    Bramble Whiskey

    I usually end up walking out of there with a fair few bottles and a significantly lighter wallet!
  3. Nicky T

    Bramble Whiskey

    Looking for some bramble whiskey; either homemade or a good recommendation for a shop bought variety. Need it in the next week if at all possible..... Nick
  4. Fantastic day, great squad, superb course and sterling effort for Orchid by everyone; top job!
  5. I thought that it was a fair shoot and on a dryer day would have been thoroughly enjoyable. Forgetting my waterproof trousers on Sunday however made it a less pleasant experience! The 96 was stunning in any conditions, let alone those!
  6. Not as yet; there might be some alternatives though
  7. Hope that you get this sorted to your satisfaction. You certainly seem too have been very patient in discussing this matter with the stockist.
  8. The reason that I posted a picture of a factory choke was to illustrate that it is not just aftermarket chokes that are affected in a similar way to the OP's situation. The aim was to educate users on the correct protocols when using ANY choke in their guns. There was and is no intention to highlight any flaws or weaknesses in any other products; if you have assumed that was the case then you are wrong in this instance. A lot of what you have posted is, in my opinion, very noteworthy and educational and I don't want to detract from those facts as they will benefit many readers on here.
  9. Mark Winser would be a good choice too. PM me if you want his contact details.
  10. The picture was of a standard factory fitted choke that, according to its owner, split on the first day of use. I have no reason to doubt him but if you think that he neglected or abused it in that time frame then you are of course entitled to that opinion.
  11. Hi, By your forum name alone I have no idea of the history of your situation, but you are very welcome to contact me via mullerchokes@hotmail.co.uk and if I can assist further I gladly will. Kindest regards, Nick
  12. Hi James, Just seen and replied to your follow up email; apologies for the delay a family Sunday dinner got in the way of responding to emails. I'm confident that I will be able to trace your purchase so am more than happy to utilise that as your proof of purchase. Damaged chokes can, and do, unfortunately occur for a number of different reasons regardless of the brand of choke: To better educate shooters we have created the following FAQ highlighting several important points to remember regardless of brand of choke used: http://mullerchokes.eu/about/
  13. Good write up Phil; glad that it was a worthwhile trip
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