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  1. I have a 3x9 by 50 rifleman on my .243. its the cheap end of the scale but im happy enough with the clarity and low light performance. ive also had a nikon monarch on the same rifle 5.5 - 16.5 x44. the nikon is better glass but i like a fixed parallax scope for lamping. on your budget i would look at the monarch 6x42 best glass for your sort of money unless you get something 2nd hand. pete
  2. the higher the magnification the more parallax sensitive your scope will be. when imlamping with my 5.5-16.5 x44 scope i set it up at 6 or 7 mag and set the parallax to about 80 meters (or the average range you arelikely to be shooting) nothing worse than having to fanny about with your scope in the dark
  3. i use one load in my .243 for fox and muntjac to hill reds. 100grain speer spbt seems to do the job. i zero 1.5 inch high at 100 meters this makes the bullet cross the sight line at approx 50 meters and 175 meters with highest at approx 140 meters. basically everything up to 200 meters i aim straight on for and at 250 i would move up to put the cross hair on the spine and let the bullet drop in. i dont need to shoot much beyond that but the trajectory drops off sharply so i would try to get closer. lighter bullets dont mean a flatter trajectory as they may not be as efficient as the heavier loads. check some of the ballistic tables on some of the reloading sites. some of the 70 grain .243 stuff has similar trajectories to the 100 grain stuff. the only down fall i see to having the same load for everything is that on fox i would prefer a more frangable load as the 100 grain soft point exits retaining a fair amount of energy. foxes still die just the same. pete
  4. when i got my .243 granted the flo came and looked at one farm i have permission on. he seemed happy enough with it he didnt want to see another farm and took my word for it being similar topography. i had no permission letters and he specifically said he didnt want me to contact the dept if i was going to shoot on other land that had been passed for same calliber or above. pretty sensible guy who seemed to be a help in getting sorted rather than an obstacle like other flos ive had to deal with. pete
  5. if you check the US varmint shooting sites it seems that burris nikon and leupold all have their fans who feel that there chosen scope is the best. I have a nikon monarch and a leupold rifleman. If you compare them you will find that the nikon is far superior, this is mainly because you are comparing a top of range scope with a bottom of range scope, I suspect a vx 111 would be much better than a cheaper nikon scope but this does not mean that leupold is better than nikon or burris for that matter. I have compared my monarch (5.5-15.5x44) to a nightforce nsx as we were in a double high seat in failing light, the nightforce had no more low light ability than the nikon. I have no experience of burris scopes but suspect the performance of the fullfield and the monarch to be similar as that is what is being said on the US varminting sites. I think that for the money the monarch scopes are really good value regardless of being made in japan the philapines or wherever. My only grumble is that the eye relief is quite sensitive and lateral head movement or anterior - posterior head movement on the stock can obscure the picture. I am a little suprised that the monarch 6x42 is not more popular in this country on stalking rifles, you can get a new one for £150 and it is exellenrt glass good build quality and a nice fine reticle (unlike a lot of european stuff that has really thick posts). Pete
  6. Is this not hypocritical? the current australia is relatively new. The real australians (aboriginal) way of life and values are totally ignored and disrespected by the australian "way of life". Australia has a shocking track record re its treatment of political refugees economic migrants and indiginous population. I for one would never use australia as a model to base any sort of multicultural policy on. Its a nice place and my wife is a aussie but its a bit of a facist state. Be proud to be British and to live in a country where we accept diffrences in culture and religion, obviously there is no place for two legal systems based on different ideologies but lets not turn into nazis about this type of thing. pete
  7. ive used elma fuds night force. he has the np2 dd and its a good reticule, very fine and does not obscure the target at all. i personally find a lot of the european scopes have too thick posts.
  8. yes these are freshwater fish. never eaten one myself but certainly would not kill a specimen fish like the ones in the photos. i suspect the smaller ones would taste better anyway. pete
  9. http://www.squidgy.com.au/
  10. I use soft plastics fished really slow sink and draw over the bottom. deadly these clonkers came in one session last winter on the thames at oxford all on blue fox squidgies allso got a couple of jacks and chub in the same session on the same method. perch were all approx 3 1/2 pounders. pete
  11. i have a feeling south yorkshire shooting supplies stocks these. i doubt you will get one cheap though
  12. badger set would have huge amount of earth at the entrance. if its a badger then leave it alone even if asked to do something about it. more trouble than its worth. pete
  13. ive got a nikon monarch on my .243. its 5.5-16.5 x 42. very nice scope and for the price £245 you'd be hard pushed to match it. Apparently the performance falls between a vx11 and a vx111 but i havnt got any practical expieriance of this. I trawled the american varminting and target shooting forums before choosing and it seems that for the cash this was the best option. pete
  14. i also use 100 grain soft point in my .243 for munty and do the job well.
  15. this chart is for scotland. is there a similar one for england?
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