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  1. By the way, thanks Impala59, I now have a BPS to add to my collection
  2. I bought one today cheers
  3. Anyone got a BPS for sale?
  4. One is section 1, and the other is camo 😞
  5. That's not what I want to hear
  6. Anyone got a half decent BPS they want to sell? Wood stock, 26" or 28" barrel?
  7. Brownells are rubbish for Benellis. My local gunshop F A Anderson ordered a bit for my Supernova the other day, and it arrived the next day.
  8. Sorry yes, I meant 1 extractor and one ejector. The barrel seems to locate fine, however I'll have another look tonight. Thanks for your time mate. //edit Looking it it again, the gun "unlocks" several times after the first time without any problems. I suspect that is a false lead
  9. Hi I've tried several sorts of ammo, it doesn't seem it make any odds. I rather thought I saw the gun unlock too. When pushed the feller in the video said he had an ejector issue that had been fixed. I'm not 100% on the terminology but as far as I know there are two ejectors, the claw on the end of the bolt, and one in the receiver. I wonder if the claw could be defective? There is a wear mark on it ...
  10. Looks nice that does (calling it an 870 is a bit lippy though )
  11. Yeah I saw that, I've tried to replicate it with snap caps but it won't do it !
  12. Yep I clean mine everytime. I'm a bit like that. Shot 100 rounds today, it did it once, which is once too much. If it's not user error then maybe an extractor or cartridge interrupter, not sure.
  13. Hope someone can help with this. I've recently bought my second Supernova. The first was flawless, never went wrong, and for a while I've cursed myself for selling it. My second Supernova jams occasionally, and I cant make out if it's user error of if it's got a problem. This video shows someone with as far as I can see the same problem that I have experienced. It's at about 1 minute 15 to 1 minute 25. Not sure the bloke is all there, hitting it against a fence post, but I hope you get the point! I had decided that, as stated in many of the comments , I just wasn't cycling it hard enough, but as a pump action shooter of over 15 years experience I keep doubting that. I even posted on this fellers comments, thanking him in a backhanded way, whereupon he said that it was a defective extractor that caused the problem. I'm really not sure. If anyone, particularly fellow pump shooters, would care to watch at least the first bit of this video and give their opinions I would be very grateful.
  14. My 2 year old 12 bore B525 has Invector Plus chokes.
  15. It's like, in the North or something isn't it?
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