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  1. Hi I'm trying to advertise on gun watch, wating for the confirmation email?

  2. throdgrain

    Gun Watch

    Hi all. Does the Gun Watch thing work, or is there a way I can contact someone about it. I signed up for it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had the confirmation email so can't proceed any further. Thanks for any replies!
  3. So, took it back to the Airgun Centre, a drive of 60 miles or so. They took it off for 20 minutes or so, came back - fixed. I drove home and fired a few shots, first reading was 9ft llb. ******, Rang them up, they said bring it back, which is all they can say really. Put another 20 pellets through it, the power is now way up, though varying quite a bit, lowest reading about 10.8, and (one) highest reading of 12.2, which is obviously illegal. I shall leave it a bit then see if it settles down, but I suspect a regulator fault. Not sure if I can be ***** with another drive though, may find someone more local and pay for it.
  4. Mine was making 11.4 no problems , now, not so good 😞
  5. Yes, I just didn't want to drive all the way to Essex, however if it's a problem I will of course
  6. Hi folks ok so I have a .177 HW100SK, about a year old. I checked the power when I first got it new, it was 11.4 ft llbs. I've shot it quite a lot, but today I noticed it was shooting a bit low. Adjusted the scope, back on, perfectly accurate as usual. But then I thought I'd check the power, as this is the second time I've adjusted up since I've had it. Surprise, about 8.5 ft llbs, which is Not Good Enough. The gun loses no air when standing. It's the same Combro using the same pellets. It's quite warm here today. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks :)
  7. Hi all Hawke scopes are not rated for air rifles, only the airmax and the 30mm tubes iirc I think 40mm might be the answer, thanks for the input!
  8. Evening folks! I have a HW97K, which Im sure most people will know is quite a heavy gun. At the moment it has a Hawke Vantage 3-9 AO IR scope on it, which is ok, but I was thinking of replacing it with a proper air rifle rated scope, and wondering if I got a slightly lighter one it may make a bit of difference. I was think of a Hawke Airmax maybe 3-9 or 4-12 x 40 or 50, no IR? Certainly I have an old Nikko scope on my HW90K, another heavy gun, and it feels a bit lighter with that on, but I , frankly, don't want to go as old as that. Any ideas or alternative suggestions anyone? Cheers
  9. I've got a great day planned tomorrow.as usual a round of skeet, 50 bird sporting and a round of dtl. But tomorrow I thought I'd take the Wingmaster, the SuperNova and the BPS. See how I get on
  10. By the way, thanks Impala59, I now have a BPS to add to my collection
  11. I bought one today cheers
  12. Anyone got a BPS for sale?
  13. One is section 1, and the other is camo 😞
  14. That's not what I want to hear
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