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  1. Hi all Hawke scopes are not rated for air rifles, only the airmax and the 30mm tubes iirc I think 40mm might be the answer, thanks for the input!
  2. Evening folks! I have a HW97K, which Im sure most people will know is quite a heavy gun. At the moment it has a Hawke Vantage 3-9 AO IR scope on it, which is ok, but I was thinking of replacing it with a proper air rifle rated scope, and wondering if I got a slightly lighter one it may make a bit of difference. I was think of a Hawke Airmax maybe 3-9 or 4-12 x 40 or 50, no IR? Certainly I have an old Nikko scope on my HW90K, another heavy gun, and it feels a bit lighter with that on, but I , frankly, don't want to go as old as that. Any ideas or alternative suggestions anyone? Cheers
  3. I've got a great day planned tomorrow.as usual a round of skeet, 50 bird sporting and a round of dtl. But tomorrow I thought I'd take the Wingmaster, the SuperNova and the BPS. See how I get on
  4. By the way, thanks Impala59, I now have a BPS to add to my collection
  5. I bought one today cheers
  6. Anyone got a BPS for sale?
  7. One is section 1, and the other is camo 😞
  8. That's not what I want to hear
  9. Anyone got a half decent BPS they want to sell? Wood stock, 26" or 28" barrel?
  10. Brownells are rubbish for Benellis. My local gunshop F A Anderson ordered a bit for my Supernova the other day, and it arrived the next day.
  11. Sorry yes, I meant 1 extractor and one ejector. The barrel seems to locate fine, however I'll have another look tonight. Thanks for your time mate. //edit Looking it it again, the gun "unlocks" several times after the first time without any problems. I suspect that is a false lead
  12. Hi I've tried several sorts of ammo, it doesn't seem it make any odds. I rather thought I saw the gun unlock too. When pushed the feller in the video said he had an ejector issue that had been fixed. I'm not 100% on the terminology but as far as I know there are two ejectors, the claw on the end of the bolt, and one in the receiver. I wonder if the claw could be defective? There is a wear mark on it ...
  13. Looks nice that does (calling it an 870 is a bit lippy though )
  14. Yeah I saw that, I've tried to replicate it with snap caps but it won't do it !
  15. Yep I clean mine everytime. I'm a bit like that. Shot 100 rounds today, it did it once, which is once too much. If it's not user error then maybe an extractor or cartridge interrupter, not sure.
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