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  1. Many thanks for your help - given me plenty of options to look at
  2. I'm changing the head gasket on my Hayter 449f - it's got a briggs stratton (i think 675 engine). The problem that i've got is that i can't find any engine serial plate and so can't find anyone that will give advice on which gasket will fit it. So far, all of the suppliers have just said that without the serial no. they can't help...and so I've attached an image in the hope that someone in pigeonwatch land might know where to go next.
  3. You could go geodesic - https://growingspaces.com/compare-greenhouses/ easy enough to build out of hazel, an blue water pipe, few bolts and then a polytunnel sheet
  4. My 14 year old lad makes about £5 a day just posting stuff about building houses on bloxburg - nice bit of pocket money for him, but he told me that you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and then a serious amount of watch time, plus you need to target what you do to meet what advertisers will pay. For example if you do youtubes on investing in gemstones then a pension company advertiser might pay more revenue per advert than say a camping supplier would on a hiking youtube.
  5. Would have been a bit awkward considering that his dad is now one of the supporters.
  6. but not if the peas are in your back garden 'You can use this general licence if you grow crops on a sufficient scale to have financial value, or you act on behalf of a grower.'
  7. i've just insured a property i own with homeprotect at a cost of £230 as a 'holiday home let out to guests' for up to ten guests staying (buildings only - not contents as i tend to self insure on those ) - so it needn't be too expensive. NFU had a similar policy for £890
  8. So far, non violence is their thing - i've never seen anything like it where so many people are keeping to one pattern of behaviour . Also it seems that getting arrested is part of the plan. They got about 400 people to agree to be arrested before this all started - the aim being that if 4000 get arrested then the system will start to wobble and with a warm bank holiday forecast it might just happen. It all depends on whether the police can keep arresting them quickly enough.
  9. if you can insure as a secound home rather than as an empty property it is usually cheaper.
  10. Havn't decided on the tank yet , but if i can put it 40 meters away then it'll save me having to put a fire rated one in to replace the current location (its about 1 metre from the neighbours window)
  11. Hi, does anyone have any idea about the upper distance for locating an oil tank from a boiler. I'm trying to push it 40 metres from the boiler (mrs wants it hidden at the bottom of the garden) with the oil tank 1 metre higher, with 6mm pipe. Is this likely to cause any problems?
  12. if you are ever in the Wiltshire area (chippenham just off m4) i'll take them!
  13. dustydave


    And old Gordan said that we had seen the end of a boom and bust economy!
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