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  1. He keeps a small amount of terriers His wife Jane does the breeding now
  2. What lines are these borders?? I keep a few workers myself Mostly with sh^te temperaments and the most expensive terrier about..IF you could find one bred out of stuff working to ground as most are oversize and used for Boar
  3. Bob W are u the same Bob that had that black pup off me??If so PM me your requirements and Ill give you the cheapest options
  4. Did you see the date on pics?? Could have been seventies eighties nineties.Fight hard ? lost me. Anyway I have deleted them for the squeamish .Back to the breeding of the two differing breeds from the same foundation stock ..
  5. Totally legal game bird protection like it or not .Not fireside pets
  6. Oh now I see Mr W ..pengelliwatson of foxnorton ...If you know so much why didnt you trace your own dogs blood ..Find going back in one of yours will be Klaus.. Jess.. Pinto..My old mate Davids stuff see any of them work ?? Probably a bit on the hard side for you ..So lets go elsewhere MMM ..Back in your blood Billbridge LOL Bridgette and the late Bill ..Whats in their blood??? I know do you ..?? Pengelli again Bob has been busy ..The truth is mate your stuff like it or not is full of lakie blood and bull blood ..I can proof it Know some of these breeders 35 years ..ta ta for now
  7. MH Has a tidy smooth dog he shows now but where did it originate??? A Nixon lines which goes back to J Price stuff what was in Prices stuff ?? probably too far back for you..Brian Male? hasent seen a spade for years ..Although he did buy a pup off me recently Ludlams ?? where did Brian get his best terrier? not hard to guess ask ..Bob where was his base stock from ? easy just ask Could go on and on and on ..Now either give up on the **** or PM me your real name Yes??.Oh and the hound as you call it is tad under 14 inch and well spannable .AND he grafts albeit on the hard side ..But then ev
  8. Ill come back tomorrow give you time to read about terriers .and have your answers ready.No one works parsons LOL only lakie blooded JRtCGB ones
  9. NOW THIS IS TOTAL **** TALKING BREED WHAT BREED scatterbred ****.NOW NAME THE TOP TERRIERMEN IN THE UK USING JRTCGB terriers digging them not showing them .Owning a terrier doth not a terrierman make..
  10. santlach you say you used BC dog on one of your bitches yes?? trace it back then you have parson blood in them ...LOL .Where did BC get his base stock?? read chapmans book gives you the clues LOL LOL..Same a K A BUT they all have short memories now LOL..
  11. White lakeland club of GB my a$rse Never heard so much **** in my life ..more lakie bred stuff shown at those shows than any other ..shall we go thru them then?? pengelli .. B Ludlam ... Mousely ..plenty more if you want ..been in the game too long know whats in most T.H .. D.D .. K.A
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