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  1. Makes me laugh seeing these threads, because ultimately everyone freaks out and disables their location services, which means theres another headache when people need to use things like google maps, or use a photo to remember where they were when they took it. Im pretty nifty with a PC too and contrary to OP, Ill say that if you use a reputable image hosting service, like Imgur.com, they will strip your EXIF data to protect your privacy. Panic over. Edit. So nifty that my iPhone decided not to put any apostrophes in the right places and now wont let me edit them...
  2. Billy.


    I fully understand that. I'd probably recommend a call to your insurer to have a chat about it. Whilst it is the responsibility of the drone operator to fly in a legal and safe manner, in the event of someone getting injured the chances of the drone operator having insurance will be close to zero. You may be liable for not taking steps to protect those on site if someone tried to pursue a claim and a simple sign might be enough to clear you of blame.
  3. I think OP wants to actually kill a fox at 120 yards, not injure it.
  4. Billy.


    Most of what's been said in here is correct. The person using the drone on the site is doing so illegally, as they require the landowner's permission to take off from. Their next issue is distance rules, which for a recreational operator is 50M away from any person or object which is out of their control. To be under their control, you'd need signage and a site walk around to let them know. The best advice I can offer is for you to put a sign at the entrance of the park, much like a 'No Dogs' which points out that drones aren't allowed to be flown there. Caravan/Camp sites tend to be fami
  5. I'd just get on with the job you've been tasked to do. It's going to be one *crack* noise which breaks the silence of the evening and that's it. Worst case, someone calls the police, but you've got a licence and you're doing what you're allowed to do. If you're worried, then ring ahead to the police and let them know. Just in case you're wondering, I used to fox through the night with a .270, which isn't exactly quiet.
  6. Sounds to me like you've set your emails up as POP rather IMAP. Delete the email account from your iPad, start again and make sure you select IMAP when you set up. POP doesn't communicate back with the server, so anything opened on another device will remain unread on any others the the email has been delivered to. Misread your message: Check you've not got a laptop or PC open, which is just opening the messages as they arrive. If you're ever concerned that you've been 'hacked' just change your email password via the settings panel on the website which hosts your email.
  7. Why resize and ruin a perfectly good photo, when you can just host it in full quality. Use imgur.com
  8. The point that everyone is saying but not appreciating is the '3rd party' bit. If you consider that a fair portion of their hosting is used to host an image on a site elsewhere, they will show loads of adverts to you whilst you're uploading the image, but once you've got that link, the website and subsequent views generate absolutely no revenue. A photo could receive millions of views in 24 hours on a site such as Reddit, so a 2 megabyte photo viewed one million times will total 1 Terabyte of data being transferred. Someone has to pay for that! For those not understanding how the no advert
  9. "Poor show from Photobucket" - The participants in this thread seem to be totally unaware of the costs that Photobucket are incurring thanks to people using their services for free. The bandwidth/server costs that site must go through is unthinkable and they've spent years offering 3rd party hosting to the whole internet for nothing, with no means of recouping any money from advertising or paid accounts. The figure Photobucket mentioned was in the hundreds of billions of photos they hold. We're looking at close to Exabytes (Megabyte>Gigabyte>Terabyte>Petabyte>Exabyte) worth of
  10. Hi Dave, you'd clearly caught my message before I'd edited/removed it! I was asking about the 70 seconds as it didn't make sense and then noticed the clouds had a blur. The ND filter and 70 seconds then made sense, so I removed that comment! Interesting means of photography and I'll have a go at something similar.
  11. 400 is a long lens for cobwebs! Nice to see how it worked out for that though!
  12. http://www.ebuyer.com/726219-toshiba-e300-2tb-3-5-sata-energy-efficiency-hard-drive-oem-hdwa120uzsva
  13. Worth pointing out that the Synology drives almost always don't contain a hard drive. You'll be getting a box with room for hard drives, as each customer will have different space and setup requirements which they just can't cater for. Buy wisely on the hard disk front. You really want slow and low energy ones, which are designed for servers. These drives aren't supposed to be fast seek and blisteringly fast read/write speeds.
  14. Yeah the thermal cameras which are designed for drones need a small lottery win to afford them. It's certainly something which S&R teams are using, but the big issue for those who bought the thermal cameras for their drones also needed to sign a non export agreement, which stops you using your equipment outside of the UK. Had a lengthy chat with a distributor and the issue is that thermal equipment is either heavily regulated or illegal to import without a licence into most countries. So people are finding that their drones are leashed to the UK only and can't go and help out in disas
  15. You certainly get the aerial advantage. I was guessing you'd be looking for foxes, which a lot of people have asked me about...!
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