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  1. Elon you had better spend all that dosh fast.
  2. Is anyone else getting this issue?
  3. Rectangular open boxes 40cm high in Dover 100% guaranteed to soak the cardboard you put into it.
  4. The football has now been replaced by a defib & some elderly nappies case. Maybe also a Porta Presi?
  5. Recycled batteries from laptops, if you solder a pip onto the positive pole it helps.
  6. Nah sorry if I overreacted. Been a long week. My main home is in Bavaria since 2002 Dover gets used 2-3 months per year,. I was just opining on what I am seeing on the travels makes no odds as where we live means we all have to go with the flow.
  7. Thanks for your support. I will wear it always. yobbiness is increasing on this site. I was passing on my observations, if as a dyed in the wool patriot/brexiteer you cant take that then hold yer mouth.
  8. In Dover harbour on leaving there were very few tractor units visible, seems to go half way to explaining the shortages to me, it might be being that the eastern European drivers don't want the hassle involved to enter the wondrous isle. I lived in Dover the last two months and the jams we were warned about backing up to Folkstone and beyond on the M20 have not appeared and the air quality here was better too, but then again you all know better than I.
  9. I caught the ferry to France on Sunday and all looked normal over there. I stopped off in Saarbrucken overnight and was gobsmacked by how many trucks were filling up the autobahns on Monday all going on as normal here cherio to empty UK for a while.
  10. I left all mine in a Hungarian hunting lodge after re re rereading them for years I got fed up with the one page articles.
  11. The price gouging taking place on shipping container rates from China seems to be causing much of the knock on effect to every product we need.
  12. Ouch, wrong end of the country sadly, super price though, I saw a ****-ged one local to me years ago for £450.
  13. But after Alice there is nothing left.
  14. People never come twice to Dover😁.
  15. I came down Jubilee Way at 4pm on Sunday coming into Dover and looking down into the Eastern docks it was devoid of vehicles - cars & trucks, no joke - nada. Something is wrong but I am not allowed to mention it might be = otherwise my n/year resolution will be blown. The Western docks are now clogged up with rubber leisure craft as they are not allowed to be disposed of for some stupid legal b/s reason.
  16. I contracted for years around the world and felt quite well paid on 70 Euros ph on the last one at RR Chichester in 2017 plus all my living costs there were paid by the overseas agent as I had come in from Germany to do the job. I overheard a postman on the Isle of Wight at the next breakfast table in the hotel proudly telling his mates he took home £399 pw for doing a full week, how he covered his bills god knows. Happy to be out of that rat race now though and I need less funds than I expected to get by.
  17. I did my apprenticeship in the 1960s, there was a training levy on companies that they had to pay, a sort of extra tax. If you trained young uns that was repaid. Then many managers all came up with a mantra of "we can save on training by just buying trained worker from elsewhere" now after 50 years of very weak countrywide training schemes there are shortages being highlighted by the foreign workers departure. Surprised? I am a remainer but this elephant has been in the room for a long time. Bosses hate and always have to pay decent wages in the UK, we are I believe the 7th economic power but we pay peanuts.
  18. Simple chatting brings out the t r o l l s.
  19. When the module took off for the homeward trip the camera left on the moon tracked it up for a bit. Was it attached on a bit of string or did they leave one man behind?
  20. I understood it was the absence of oxygen that started the adhesion process off. The heat & smoke would be the exothermic reaction kicking in.
  21. If it was called drag tracking as it actually is then the antis can go whistle.
  22. Would you have him babysitting?
  23. What hunt? Bliar banned hunting 25 years ago so it is just riding to horse, oder?
  24. I have a Logun pcp in Dover scoped and with a Weirauch silencer. £275.
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