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  1. mered

    six nations

    Is that how you lost an empire.or was it just your attitude.? Which you obviously possess.
  2. mered

    Dental Charges

    Over 60s in wales get free checkups but pay the going rate for treatment,
  3. . Penny off the tax, not the pint.
  4. mered

    Login problems.

    Oops,sorry about the asteriks,should have written stopped,Regards.
  5. mered

    Login problems.

    If you are using the android operating system,there was an update a while back,******** my logins to many forums using google chrome, everything works OK when I changed my browser to Firefox,just a thought! Hope it helps.
  6. Ignore all their letters,including one from a supposed solicitor,don't correspond with them at all,done it three times,no problem,its all bully tactics,some letters are quite threatening,but they all fit into the shreader.
  7. I have the browning A bolt in 223 and the tikka in 223 the Browning wins on handling and accuracy,hope this helps.
  8. Webley MK111 from the exchange and mart about 1963, still got it.
  9. mered

    Talk Talk...

    While things are working their o.k get a fault and they are a nightmare,asbolute ****, left them in february.just my experience with them.check out talk talk forums and decide for your self, plenty of horror stories there.but then, no provider is pefect.
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