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  1. Hi all I am looking for training buddy to train with i am in Suffolk Haverhill Linton area pm me if interested
  2. dann boy

    Dog kennal

    I have dog kennal for sale it is double skinned and insulated it is 6ft wide 4ft Deep 5ft 3 high made of wood message me for more details and pictures am based in Suffolk £200 thanks dan
  3. Hi all am looking at getting some new Kennals was think about Mitton Hall has anyone got one from them thanks dan
  4. Hi there could I please have the beretta choke please thanks dan
  5. I have 204 really like it flat fast nice round for fox and rabbit
  6. Hi all I have just brought a mactec mod after having to replace my t8 on my 243 gunshop really rated them as good mod saying they were quite Took it out Used it and not happy with it at all no where near as quite as my t8 was what have other people found with them
  7. Hi all dose anyone use place board training and what results have you had Thanks Dan
  8. Hi all I have a free day tomorrow one my only saterdays I am not out just wondering I anybody needs picker up or beater tomorrow Thanks Dan Suffolk cambs area
  9. There is going to be charity clay shoot in aid of the air amblance it's going to be held on the 4 of May 10 till 4 at waterhall farm wixoe near Sudbury 50 bird sporting £ 12 first card £10 second there is pool shoot to pays out every 10 people fiber wad only
  10. dann boy


    Hi all looking for some tyres for my hilux but don't seem to be many in the size on my truck 255/70r15 any ideas Thanks dan
  11. Hi Richie My 5 Yro lab has cateract in her left eye Ben to the vet they said op will be £2500 plus vat
  12. I wasn't going to breed from her any way getting her spayed had nothing to do with what I was asking
  13. Have an appointment to see the eye specialist with her next week Why is there a need to have her spayed
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