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  1. I live here but am from Belfast so have done a lot more of the touristy bits than the locals. This is the email I sent to a friend in California whose boss was visiting a couple of years ago. This was for a guy with a couple of mates here to see Scotland playing Pakistan cricket (they lost) so it's more bloke focused. I'll add more posts if anything comes to me. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Restaurants Michelin Stars There are a few restaurants with michelin stars but I doubt you'd get in at such short notice. Really Quite Nice The Withcery - On the Royal Mile, an old Edinburgh favourite. Worth it for the experience. The Honours - North Castle St, we've eaten here a few times, always excellent Chaophraya - 4th Floor 33 Castle St, Thai. Rooftop thai with brilliant views of the castle, very good The Tower - Top floor National Museum, Chamber St. V Good, good views of town & castle. Old Favourites Fishers - 58 Thistle St. Seafood. A real favourite of ours, where Karen told me she was pregnant with Niamh, after ordering lobster. Good chowder for lunch. Café St Honour - 34 North West Thistle St, French style, local produce, always good The Dome - George St. The best thing anyone's ever done with a bank, beautiful inside, good food. Definitely go in for a drink at some point. Fazenda - George St. MEAT! Different. Waiters wander about with long skewers of all sorts of different grilled meat. Hawksmoor - W Register St (St Andrew Sq). Again meat features heavily. Cafe Marlayne - French, more laid back than Cafe St Honour but v good the couple of times we've been in and not too expensive. Newish, we haven't been in but gets good reports. Ondine - George IV Bridge - Seafood and oyster bar - Good Angels With bagpipes - High St - V good. Timberyard - 10 Lady lawson St. Haven't been but heard good reports If you get a taxi down to Leith there are more good fish places down there. Lunch/Quick/Pub food There are loads of small café's about, they are all generally pretty good for lunch/ coffee Pubs Some old favourites, no apologies that these are 'old man pubs'. 🙂 There's been an explosion of 'craft' breweries in the last 10 years, most pubs will have some local/ Scottish craft beer on, most are pretty good. In no particular order... The Devil's Advocate - Advocate's Close The Bow Bar - W Bow. Cosy, pies & pints, good range of beer Guilford Arms - 1 W Register St. Good pub, the start of many nights out Café Royal - 19 W Register St, just round the corner fromGuilford Arms, Tiled Victorian bar. (Oyster restaurant here is good but £££ I think). The Dome - Trendier than the rest but worth a look (as above, used to be a bank). (One for the wife). Mather's Bar - Queensferry St - Very tradiotional pub. Probably don't do cocktails. 😊 Blue Blazer - Spittal St, old favourite The Royal Oak - 1 Infirmary St . Good pub with live traditional music Sandy Bell's - 25 Forrest Rd. Haven't been in but another pub with live music, more 'touristy' than the Royal Oak Touristy Things Real Mary King's Close - _Uniqe_ Edinburgh tour to see old streets that have been built over. DO THIS, book it before you come if you have to. Scott Monument - E Princes St Gardens. Climb to the top, great views, cheap, and few locals have done this. Gladstone's Land - 447 (Top of) Lawnmarket. National Trust. Recreation of how people would have lived in 17th century. Castle Tour. Not cheap from memory, some very interesting bits. Try to catch the One O'Clock Gun. Goes off every day (except Sunday). [Also synchronised with the 1 O'Clock gun, a large white ball is dropped down a mast at the top of Calton Hill. This allowed the sailors in Leith to synchronise their clocks accurately. I'm told this is what triggers the gun and supposedly happens every day. In 20 years I've never remembered to look for it] House in 14 S Charlotte St, Birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell. Carved into the stone beside the door. Not very spectacular but if you're walking past..... The Oxford Bar - 8 Young St. Small rough and ready bar that features heavily in Ian Rankin's Rebus novels (about an old rough and ready cop 'Rebus', based in Edinburgh). (Sam, if you're looking for books the Rebus novels are an easy read). Guided tours. There are quite a few guided tours, it might be worth taking one to get a properly guided history of the city. (Tripadvisor for recommendations here). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. I was just about to say the same thing. Three cops could easily get off 7 rounds simultaneously in the few seconds that it took him to stop moving.
  3. Nial

    5G, worth it?

    Thanks for the feedback all, we're in Edinburgh, she's in Glasgow so she's likely to have good coverage but after a discussion I think we're going to go for an XR again.
  4. Nial

    5G, worth it?

    I think it's the back of the phone that's glass that's quite badly shattered. She took it into Apple and was told that as this is what everything mounts into it's more or less not repairable. "5 G simply isnt worth it at the moment, when they start deliberately degrading the 4 G signal and speeds (as they did with the 3G to 4G transition) then it will be considerably cheaper and more wider coverage. Until then, its a faddy thing for tech heads who want the biggest and baddest , and arent shy of paying for it" That's my suspicion too.
  5. Nial

    5G, worth it?

    Thanks, though as I said she's damaged her existing phone so it does need replaced.
  6. Nial

    5G, worth it?

    My daughter's phone's up for renewal, she's got an iPhone XR, the screen's cracked so we want to get a new phone. Previously there have been technical reasons to upgrade, face recognition, significantly better cameras etc, but looking at the tech specs there's barely any difference between going for the XR again and the iPhone 11. The only difference between the XR and the 12 is that the 12 has 5G, but it's a fair bit more expensive. The question is, does anyone have 5G on their phone, and is it worth paying extra for it?? Thanks for any input.
  7. Nial

    Nesting Robins

    Interesting thread. About 10 years ago I unthinkingly put up a Robin nest box quite high on an exposed south facing wall. It's fairly well covered with clematis now but we've never had anything nesting in it. We are overrun with corvids and several neighbours have cats. The box needs moved, what's the best place for it (lower down on a north facing wall?), and how do I protect it from predators? Thanks for any input.
  8. Yes, there's a risk people might enjoy themselves, and she won't have that.
  9. I have bought a couple of "not quite the latest but very well spec'd laptops" from Scan here... https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/laptops-home-office/refurbished-laptops I've got a Thinkpad which is powerful enough to run cad software (at a basic level) and my daughter's very happy with the 14" Elitebook I got her at the start of this year.
  10. I'm an electronic engineer and spend all day sat at the coomputer, then come home and sit at the computer. I did start developing pains in my wrist/ hands but bought an Evoluent mouse, this has helped massively.
  11. The Algon seemed to do a more thorough job, and last longer than Wet and Forget. 👍
  12. I've been meaning to reply to this with feedback. A week or so after postign this I was dragged to a garden centre that had Algon, so I bought some, and was really impressed with it. When that was done I got some Wet and Forget but it hasn't performed nearly as well, I've ordered more Algon before I've finished it. Thanks for the input everyone. Figgy, if you read this, what resin were you talking about in the second post?
  13. That's brilliant, I think I know what I want for my birthday now. Next door have a 'proper' outdoors pizza oven, this produces the best pizza I've ever tasted but was ~£2K I think. >:-0 Guy next door says the secret is the right flour and to make the dough a couple of days before you need it.
  14. I've been using ESET's anti-virus software for years and can't fault it. It has a very low impact on machine performance and is usually one of the best at detecting previously unseen viruses.
  15. "is now the time to let the Scots have another vote" Despite what you hear from the SNP, the Scots don't want another vote. When you hear them whinging about Brexit being undemocratic the needles on your irony meters should be smashing out the end of the display.
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