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  1. Nial

    Craft beer

    Our local Costcutter won the best wine and beer award for Costcutters UK a couple of years ago. There is a mad range, but some of the beers are crazily strong, I'm not keen on anything over 5.5%, and expensive. The problem is there's too much choice. Although bigger than most 'craft' breweries I like most of the Willams beers, and they're priced at the lower end of the range.
  2. Nial

    No need...

    He's invited me shooting a few times, sold me a gun at the right price and I think he's a "bloody nice chap".
  3. Nial

    Climate Change

    This NASA? https://realclimatescience.com/2020/01/nasa-confirms-their-own-conspiracy-theory/ Also when you say 'on record', you know the records started at the end of the Dickensian Little Ice age in the 1850's? It's good that we're still recovering from that, civilisation has always thrived in warm periods.
  4. Nial

    1917 film

    "A scene where our hero falls into a raging river has to be seen to be laughed at." The guy who sits beside me here used to do a lot of kayaking down white water rivers. He said it's the most realistic representation of being in a river like that he's ever seen.
  5. Good job! I'm at the age now where at the end of a night I want to go home _NOW_ and don't mind paying for it (though still haven't used UBER yet).
  6. "Odd that people have such bad accounts for Uber, we used them twice in Edinburgh (our friends account) and it was spot on" One problem in Edinburgh is there aren't enough black cabs to cater for a busy Saturday night. We had friends up from London a couple of years ago and went for a drink after a meal. After they ordered an Uber while we ordered a Taxi. We waited about 40 mins sheltering in a doorway, they reckon they were in bed asleep before our taxi arrived. ☹️
  7. The thing is when the UK handed Hong Kong back it was agreed that over 50 years it would revert to Chinese 'rule'. If they wanted to riot, then was the time. ?
  8. Nial

    Scotland Ref#2

    Vince, that's not true, most of the UK oil would come under an independent Scotland's waters. But, the oil price has crashed since 2014, it's expensive to get out and there's _very_ little revenue from it, and negative a couple of years ago due to decommissioning costs..... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/oct/21/north-sea-tax-revenues-plummet-negative-first-time-history Tell your Aunt that if Scotland goes independent we'd have a worse deficit than the Greeks did when they were forced to cut their pensions by 40%.
  9. Nial

    Scotland Ref#2

    This demonstrates the SNP hypocrisy on the EU, they spent more on a by election than opposing Brexit..... https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17972264.snp-spent-shetland-byelection-eu-referendum/?ref=twtrec
  10. Nial

    Scotland Ref#2

    She's probably not. She knows they'd lose so has been continually stringing the sheeples along for as long as she can. She's on more than the PM, her husband is the CEO of "the party" so between them they're raking it in.
  11. Nial

    Scotland Ref#2

    Please remember that the unionist vote is split 3 ways but all the zoomers only vote for 1 party, so the SNP are elected. Their performance in Scotland has been terrible since they've been 'in power' (Scottish budget cut by 1.8%, they cut local councils budgets by >7% then blamed theTories), but still people vote for them. Because of the Lib Dems poor performance the SNP are now the 3rd largest party in Westminster which is why they get so much exposure. We (the vast majority in Scotland) are as sick of hearing from the Nasty party as you are, worse we get it on local news too. They are enjoying a bit of a 'brexit bounce' depite the fact that they'd have had us out of the EU in 2014 without a second thought. They are also punting "An independent Scotland in the EU" as an alternative to Brexit, even though it would take us _many_ years of austerity to meet the economic requirements for entry. Unfortunately the press _never_ challenges them on this, which is maddening. As the saying almost goes, if you can see their lips moving they're lying or being hypocritical.
  12. From that link "Please note: We no longer repair or service Rolex/Tudor watches, automatic chronographs..." I've used this guy.. https://watchguy.co.uk/ ..to resurrect an Omega Dynamic and was very happy with the result.
  13. Nial

    UHD TV

    How do you get your TV, because there's no 4K freeview transmission in the UK. Or is it just a better TV with 'real' HD? It might be that the RF front end of the newer TV is a better design and it can cope with a weaker signal better ?
  14. What he said ^ You can check what's being produced by what sources here.... http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/ It's looks like wind produced ~ 0 GWh from Friday night to Sunday night and this morning. Everyone's bought the lies that 'wind power is cheaper than fossil fuels', what's the price of the wind output when it's 0 ? The market is forced to take whatever wind and solar do produce, so gas has to ramp up and down to cover what it doesn't. This makes the gas plants less efficient and they make less money, so guess what, nobody is investing in them any more. It's going to take blackouts here or elsewhere in Europe for people to wake up and smell the (cold) coffee.
  15. Teal, the job of the grid has always been to connect the sources of power to power loads, as reliably as as efficiently as possible.
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