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  1. If this is still available I'll take it, pm me please
  2. lovely stock on that gun,what model is it? Ive been looking for a new/used Beretta but would like fixed choke (get sick messing about with chokes) my old 686 Onyx hasnt had chokes out in about 15 years!!.Good luck with new gun,pattern plate would help.
  3. Hi, Plus 1 for the Titan 43cc. I bought mine from screwfix last year did heavyish work twice month through cutting season never missed a beat.I got it as stop gap originally but will run it until it gives up.
  4. Thanks for reply's ,Ive had a 686 \onyx for about 18yrs about 15 yrs ago I left the chokes in that I normally used and they have stayed in,never removed so will be well locked in place.Which Im fine with. The reality is that Beretta have an astronomical amount of models, very very similar to each other,its abit bewildering. Also when looking on GT the Beretta trap guns always seem to have better wood than the equivalent field/game models! Thanks again toads
  5. Hi All, Im after some advice concerning which Beretta models are fixed choke. I would be looking at 686,687,mostly,but newer used ones in the same sort of price bracket. Im not really a fan of chopping and changing chokes. Any advice appreciated.
  6. toads


    I bought a Kofs 28 bore the day before my shoots keepers day last season. I was back gun most of the day mopping up pricked birds, and some missed ones.Didnt hit everything but was very pleased with how it performed.It feels like a "proper" gun. As has been mentioned £500 happy customer. atb toads
  7. Very handsome beast,hope he gets a good home.
  8. Hi spandit,My L200 glass exploded few weeks ago.Id had it up for an hour in the sun while working .It def blew up!!.Anyway Ive ended up going down the acrylic route.Toughened glass was in the £150 area acrylic £40. I think it will take a long time before any noticeable discolouring.I had to get clear and will need to drill holes for handles.
  9. toads

    Otter hounds

    Great read. Myself and bunch of friends used to look forward to mink hounds coming up here to Northumberland,river Coquet ,Wansbeck etc.Thoroughly enjoyable. Same with the greyhounds for organised coursing.One day they had 21 courses and two puppie runs and not one hare killed! the club members were over the moon and could not believe the quality of "our hares".
  10. toads

    Snowbee fly line

    Hi Reddog line received just the job thanks toads
  11. toads

    Snowbee fly line

    Hi Reddog Transfer sent this morning. pm you my name and address earlier
  12. toads

    Snowbee fly line

    Hi Reddog,Just seen your post if still available and you would take £10 posted I'll take it.regards toads
  13. I thought exactly as previously stated as I watched - looked like lots of birds dropped either dead or pricked into standing rape so very difficult to retrieve. That said they could of had good go later. That Irish fella seems to be the in thing at the moment. Getting lots of invites and offers to try different kit (guns,coats etc etc) which all seems to be a must have. Gets a little boring to be honest. Yes I'm little jealous.
  14. Hi all, Well had a round blow up on firing is the only way I can describe it. Very shocked what felt like hot metal hitting my face and trigger hand. Ringing in my ears (tinitus which I already had after having radiotherapy). And what turned out to be part of bullet stuck in barrel. I've gave rifle to RFD who has contacted supplier,see what happens but has put me off calibrate for sure.
  15. Hi Red-dot, I'm after pair boots for everyday knocking about so comfort is important. What the sizing of these I would like wider fitting as problem with one foot. As you say that price is very good.
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