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  1. I was recently looking to get the fixed choke bored out in three sbs. As you`ve probably found, gone are the days when each gunshop had it`s own gunsmith. Most now have to "send them away" to get them done, which adds significantly to the price. A gun shop fairly local to me, and one of the last with a resident gunsmith wanted an eye watering £130 per barrel to do the job. I was fortunate and got them done via a third party in the trade for £30 a barrel but I couldn`t find a price like that anywhere through the retail side of the trade. It seems to have become a rather expensive job.
  2. Release date of the full length film has been put back to this coming Thursday for technical reasons. It turned out to be longer than expected and editing has been slower with so much film to select from.
  3. The choke in both these 4 bores is super full but do`nt ask me what the actual measurement is. They were built to out perform older 4`s in terms of shot load and range.We do some impromptu pattern and range testing in the forthcoming film. Both are quite impressive!
  4. Alan Myers 4 1/4" brass cartridge case super magnum 4 bore. It`s actually nitro proofed but we were using black powder to avoid the nosebleeds. We actually used two of these in the main film that should be out next week. 2 of 16 made by Alan about 20 odd years ago. The guns are of significantly more substance than yer average Tolley 4 bore and it has to be said that Jonny is 6`7" tall and makes the gun look smaller than it is for more normal sized people.
  5. Absolutely exquisite ain`t it, unfortunately I do not subscribe to the "turn the other cheek" philosophy. One of the few benefits of the internet is that we can now take the editor to task in a more public forum. It might serve as an example to him and other magazine editors to think before they print.
  6. I mean exactly that. The attack on wildfowling is now in the public domain and cannot be withdrawn. I have addressed this with the editor and I await his response with interest. An attack on one branch of shooting is an attack on us all. So why did he do it? - except to get a cheap reaction. This is really desperately poor Editing. I`d much prefer that he did not use the sport that many of us love dearly to sell a few more magazines.
  7. The editor of Sporting Shooter magazine has printed an article in this months edition written by one Adam Smith which is a completely unresearched, heavily biased and grossly inaccurate attack on wildfowling. With morons like this writing for and in charge of our shooting magazines what hope do we have for the future? Worryingly, and since Adam Smith writes about gamekeeping, a branch of shooting sports under great pressure and increasingly close scrutiny, what with the dumping of gamebirds, raptor persecution, excessive bags, wounding - the list goes on - that the magazine should try to divert attention away from this towards a minority sport is morally wrong and utterly reprehensible.
  8. Just to complicate the issue. Some forces, especially the old City constabularies which existed in many parts of the country prior to the amalgamation with County forces - mostly in the late 1960s - were issued with a separate, extra long, night stick. Used as it`s name suggests. These forces also had two helmet badges, a silver coloured one for use during the day, and a black one for night duty.
  9. Some of the sale priced Deerhunter stuff should fit the bill nicely, lots available online.
  10. I sometimes think that threads like his are really a wind - up because he knows the amount of trouble they`ll cause.
  11. I had a Vinci on prolonged test but returned it almost immediately. It was cartridge fussy in the extreme and I never managed to fire a full box of cartridges without numerous cycling failures. I wouldn`t touch one with a barge pole.
  12. mudpatten

    Little egret

    Living on the south coast, we were in the vanguard of the little egret invasion. Fast catching up now is the western cattle egret.
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