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  1. mudpatten

    Need a new jacket!

    Take a look at Deerhunter. A wide range of styles and price points all of which come with field proven quality.
  2. mudpatten

    1930s Purdy cartridges

    Does it say "Purdey" or "Purdy" on the cartridges? The first would be the well known London gunmaker and the second would be a once common attempt to trade upon the good name of the first by misrepresenting the name. The "fakes" could well be worth more than the originals.
  3. Having two eyes is more about inbuilt redundancy - lose an eye and you can still see - than depth perception. Keeping both eyes open would be ideal, but you`ll be at no serious disadvantage if you have, or choose, to close one.
  4. mudpatten

    Grand solar minimum?

    Agreed! But I`m fascinated by the psychology behind the whole thing and the way in which otherwise intelligent people swallow the carp put forward by the global warming industry. We are constantly being told that , for instance, the the poor old elephant is in a precarious position ecologically and that it`s numbers have been decimated. We know, when we stop and think about it, that there were once hundreds of millions more large herbivores on the planet. Bison, saiga, and plains game of all types. Why was there no global warming when these herbivore numbers were at their greatest? The global warming industry has no answer to this question in the same way that it cannot ascribe a human component to all the other historical rises or falls in temperature, that have occurred in the past.
  5. mudpatten

    BREXIT - merged threads

    But we will be free. We`d only be worse off if we shackled ourselves to the "failing state" that is the EU. The EU will surely implode after we leave and we can finally kill the notion of an overarching European superstate and carry on doing what we`ve done with Europe for thousands of years - trading with them, but not being governed by them. As an aside, what do you Remainers imagine the population of Europe, especially the French, will be doing when goods are held up in customs in BOTH directions and the effect of the bloody mindedness of the Eurofuhrers starts to seriously damage the economy of France, Germany etc?
  6. mudpatten

    Grand solar minimum?

    So what about methane then. Cows are now supposed to be at the root of all climatological evil. Until comparatively recently the north America land mass shuddered under the thundering hooves of tens of millions of buffalo. Africa groaned under the weight of big game animals. Did none of them ****. Most of these large herbivores have now gone so surely there should be a reduction in animal produced gasses. Or could it be that the notion of animal flatulence affecting global warming is just so much hot air?
  7. mudpatten

    Audi A6 Allroad

    Try to get one of the Audi`s with the directional indicators fitted. A great many Audi`s are built, like BMW `s, without indicators.
  8. mudpatten

    Citroen Berlingo Recommendations.

    We have eight at work, all largely trouble free.
  9. mudpatten

    Harkila breeks adjustability

    If, like many of their products, they have a gore tex liner you might struggle to have them let out to any meaningful degree. Any tailoring involving darts let in to the side or crotch seams would be a non starter.
  10. mudpatten

    son of abu hamza

    I`ll bet Abu the elder is giving young Hamza the thumbs up. But then again.......
  11. mudpatten

    First Canada

    Caserole it! Canadas make superb eating when cooked properly.
  12. mudpatten

    Ear protection for fowling

    To qualify my comments. I`m old enough that many of my now deceased fowling tutors started shooting fowl when there was no such thing as clay shooting in the form we see now, and game shooting was still for the landed gentry. Their exposure to gunfire was only by way of the shots they themselves fired at wildfow, and that included the noise from punt guns. None of them suffered any deterioration in their hearing save for one whose hearing was irreparably damaged by industrial machinery. Equally, I now know high volume clay and game shooters who`s hearing has been ruined by the lack of some form of protection. But the original question was about the use of hearing protection for use when wildfowling and not for shooting in general.
  13. mudpatten

    Ear protection for fowling

    Like Panoma 1, this is the second time I`ve agreed with him, I don`t wear any hearing protection when fowling. Much of the alleged damage done to hearing by shotgun shooting is done by the "other persons" gun. Often, when shooting on my own , especially in a strong wind, I barely hear my own gun go off. I don`t doubt that clay, game or other high volume (quantity) shooters would benefit from hearing protection due to the volume and proximity of the shots but I personally see no place for hearing protection when fowling. Have you noticed that all the horror stories about hearing loss emanate from people who sell hearing protection?
  14. mudpatten

    Army short of soldiers

    Why don`t they just recruit direct from Isis?
  15. mudpatten

    Shooting shirts

    Deerhunter shirts are well made and generously sized.