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  1. The chief exec was still hard at it at 8.30 pm on Friday. And ,yes, thank you Debbie.
  2. Wasabi, my apologies if I`ve missed it, but are you actually a BASC member?
  3. Remember that the wording of the offence is quite specific. Injured, interrupted or endangered. A person simply "not liking it" does not constitute an offence.
  4. mudpatten


    As a very rough comparison, most of HMS Victory in Portsmouth dockyard is not original, it having been rebuilt/maintained over the centuries. The lower masts, for instance, are not wood but metal and go right through the hull to the dry dock beneath. Thus relieving much of the stress and strain on what remains of the original vessel. You`d think that the Frogs would be able to come up with some sort of similar compromise to save as much as possible of whats left but without simply rebuilding the same fire trap. The "original" has gone, something they`ll begin to realise when the costs of replacing it with original materials start to go through the roof. Mind you. if a delayed Brexit means we have to fork out umpteen gazillion to the EU, it could be us that pays for the rebuild!
  5. Payne Galwey gives some rough and ready info on punt gun loads. be they breach or muzzle loader. With the greatest of respect I think that you need to do a lot more research before you start machining metal. Have you actually had the opportunity to examine a punt gun up close?
  6. Indeed they were. One candidate from my neck of the woods is already attracting a lot of comment on a retired police facebook page, but I`ve sent Nige some money to help out anyway.
  7. Paras eh? Utter reprobates! I know, lets carry out a witch hunt now, but prosecute the squadies involved in fifty years time. That`ll make `em think twice about shooting paper pictures of our beloved elected leaders.
  8. What price Nigel Farage for PM after the next election?
  9. I was recently looking to get the fixed choke bored out in three sbs. As you`ve probably found, gone are the days when each gunshop had it`s own gunsmith. Most now have to "send them away" to get them done, which adds significantly to the price. A gun shop fairly local to me, and one of the last with a resident gunsmith wanted an eye watering £130 per barrel to do the job. I was fortunate and got them done via a third party in the trade for £30 a barrel but I couldn`t find a price like that anywhere through the retail side of the trade. It seems to have become a rather expensive job.
  10. Release date of the full length film has been put back to this coming Thursday for technical reasons. It turned out to be longer than expected and editing has been slower with so much film to select from.
  11. The choke in both these 4 bores is super full but do`nt ask me what the actual measurement is. They were built to out perform older 4`s in terms of shot load and range.We do some impromptu pattern and range testing in the forthcoming film. Both are quite impressive!
  12. Alan Myers 4 1/4" brass cartridge case super magnum 4 bore. It`s actually nitro proofed but we were using black powder to avoid the nosebleeds. We actually used two of these in the main film that should be out next week. 2 of 16 made by Alan about 20 odd years ago. The guns are of significantly more substance than yer average Tolley 4 bore and it has to be said that Jonny is 6`7" tall and makes the gun look smaller than it is for more normal sized people.
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