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  1. In which case, read the BASC document. There are no restrictions on choke alone, only on choke combined with shot size.
  2. I`ve tried to fill in the survey but cannot get past the question about waterfowl hunting.
  3. Hutt, Either I`m confused or you don`t actually understand the difference between standard and high performance steel shot cartridges. Go to the BASC website and have a read of "Steel shot . what you need to know about safety" For some reason I cannot do a link.
  4. Your gun will happily digest Standard Steel. Do you understand the difference between High Performance and Standard steel cartridges? I`m not clear what you mean when you say "Having started life tighter choked it doesn’t have the correct proof marks"
  5. Regrettably, the police have become politicised. The first step was the appointment of Crime Commissioners. A hugely wasteful and unneccessary layer of political interference. Most senior officers are now the product of our left leaning universities and you can see this reflected in the way public order policing is managed. Any demo or gathering that smacks of left wing philosophy or identity politics is policed with kid gloves. Remember Extiction Rebellion, BLM and statue smashing? Officers in shirt sleeves and lots of kneeling or running away. Anything that smells of a centre or right v
  6. Trump Derangement Syndrome. Allways interesting to observe it in action.
  7. Gaiters with Gore Tex liner and balistic nylon outer at £12 from The Range. I`m sure there`s better out there but at that price they work extremely well.
  8. I have a number of Deerhunter jackets and rate them all as generally excellent. One word of advice with them though, before you part with any money fasten every zip and stud in the jacket to ensure it works. I`ve witnessed an increasing number of new Deerhunter jackets with "dead" press studs. My brand new Mouflon had four non functional press studs on the inside wind baffle. Desperately poor quality control.
  9. I have one. I would not recommend it. The quality of the optics, unsurprisingly at that price, is apalling.
  10. Why not Email your police firearms dept and get the definitive answer?
  11. The pigeon were housed latterly in collapsible cages called "traps", hence clay trap, rather than hats which harks back to the earliest days of live pigeon shooting. The whole reason for the contest was to provide a focus for betting at a time when literal fortunes changed hands at such meetings. Originally based around hats and other such temporary contrivances and with almost no rules, it quickly evolved into a strictly codified and disciplined sport. At its outset there were no restrictions on bore sizes or shot loads but as it progressed guns were standardised or at the very leas
  12. Why do we always over analyse and gold plate stuff like this? Why did some police forces,during the last lockdown, suggest that an SGC might be in jeopardy if one went shooting. No such threats were levelled against car drivers and their driving licences. Persionally, if stopped by the police the following pertains. In order to determine whether he considers that I`m breaking the law the officer must question me to ascertain the facts. However, once he suspects an offence he must tell me that I don`t have to say anything, which is what I elect to do. With no information ava
  13. Strange to think that, if he wins, Biden will take a country like the US lurching to the left. Anti Brexit, pro BLM,defunding the police, removing the right to bear arms, putting antifa back in it`s box. If Biden wins,interesting times lie ahead for us all.
  14. God help America if Biden wins. Wait until the Democraps try to take the guns off the Republicans.
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