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  1. Where exactly did BASC fail in the General Licence issue? Since Zipdog is a tactical and strategic expert perhaps he`d like to share his vision as to how this latest challenge should be fought so that BASC, and the rest of us, can learn from it.
  2. I`ve regularly shot 28gms of no.5 standard steel through a full and half choke AYA Yeoman sbs with no ill effect whatsoever. I`ve since had the chokes relieved to 1/2 and 1/4 but that was only because steel does not seem to like overly tight chokes and it did not pattern well through the tight barrels. Opening them up has significantly improved the patterens. Using standard steel shot through an appropriate gun is perfectly safe and in accordance with CIP advice. The notion that your gun will "blow up" when using steel is nonsensical since the pressures generated are broadly similar. Thats not to say that your gun won`t ever blow up. I know of a brand new "B" made gun that recently failed catastrophically - fortunately without injuring the firer - and that had never been near a steel cartridge, so it does happen. Mostly not involving steel though, but thats another story. As London Best has already observed, most people behind the counter in a gun shop have a very limited knowledge on the subject. As an exercise, print off the CIP advice sheet and then question your favourite retailer about the technical issues thereon. I`ll warrant that most will get almost all of it wrong. And just to complicate the issue, take a look at the film below. This involved using High Performance 3" ammo through a non steel proofed gun with half and quarter choke. The gun did not blow up and suffered no ill effect save for a slight ring bulge at the end of the half choke barrel. The gunsmith who worked on the chokes said the gun, a Ugartechea, was made of significantly softer metal than the two AYA`s he did along with it so perhaps that`s an aspect of the guns construction worth further investigation. The purpose of the experiment was to push the boundaries of our knowledge of the practical use of steel shot. I continue to use my AYA Yeoman SBS with steel with no ill effect and I have at least some experience of pushing the boundaries rather than simply saying "We`re all going to die!"
  3. Standard steel cartridges in shot size less than no.3 are designed to be used in guns, subject to certain conditions, with fixed choke, up to and including full. This advice comes from the CIP, the international proof council, who carried out extensive testing before making the statements embodied in the attached document. You are not risking injury or worse by doing this. You are complying with CIP advice. British cartridge makers take a very risk adverse stance on this whilst American cartridge manufacturers don`t even mention it. The mention of half choke and standard steel amunition is a persistent misunderstanding of what the CIP advice actually says. Please read the first paragraph carefully, and then read it again. https://basc.org.uk/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=723
  4. Likewise. A sure fire preventative for a bent hide pole.
  5. Is it a punt gun? Sorry to disagree gents but, yes, it is. Or at least, it was! It`s an old English made damascus barrel exported to the states, as many were, before they were made illegal in 1918. Looking at it, little or none of the woodwork is original and it has been restocked in a "full" style that would be useless in a punt. If you look closely as the gun is being carried you can see a type of underbarrel loop to secure the rope breaching. The original underbarrel loop would probably have looked a bit different but the gun was probably never fitted with trunnions which are quite a late, and inferior, addition to the differing types of recoil control. If you take a quick look at the metal work, and not the stock, of the gun in this video and compare it to the Yankee gun, they`re very similar.
  6. This evening I spoke to the Chairman of CWA. It would seem that Prospero may not have read the application form in sufficient detail. The notion that the club would take a £300 odd membership fee, and then not return it if you failed to get membership is truly preposterous. The screening consists of a simple interview . The club shoots in one of the most densely populated areas of the entire British Isles and they need to satisfy themselves that potential new members grasp that fact and are able to consistently work within certain parameters of behaviour. Since Prospero did not avail himself of the offer of membership his objections to the screening process and the requirement to attend social events are rather academic. Lots of other people have, and continue to enjoy time spent in the club. What his post boils down to is this - I thought about joining a wildfowling club but I misread the application form and I didn`t like some of the conditions so I didn`t join.
  7. Thats not how it works with the club in question at all. Incidentally,the Chichester and Langstone clubs are two completely separate and unrelated associations. I`m not an official spokesman for the Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers but I would respectfully suggest to Prospero that, if he`d like to message me his full name I`ll ask CWA exactly what happened with his membership application and, with his permission, post the answer on here to avoid any further misunderstandings.
  8. Depending on where you live, which is relative to the distance you might have to travel, you could consider joining a coastal wildfowling club once you`ve got your shotgun certificate sorted out. BASC provides a £10 million third party insurance and , once you`ve joined, could give you a lot of good advice on all you need to know. There`s a film about starting wildfowling in the thread below this one.
  9. Thanks for the support guys. FIggy - wrong harbour mate, we were in the next one to the west, Langstone, where the club boasts a really friendly and helpful bunch of blokes. We have a management policy that deliberately excludes w****** from the club committee.
  10. My sincere thanks to Zapp for moving this back to General Shooting Matters.
  11. Thats because it`s brand new and has never been used. It`s predecessor is in the bin. Did nobody watch it to the end to see the pole dancers? It was intended to be an informative piece for potential newcomers and not a comedy sketch. I`ll do my best to liven up the next offering. It was originally posted in the General Shooting Matters thread. One of the unexpected side effects of the GL debacle has been that some wildfowling clubs, mine included, have experienced a serious drop in membership enquiries. By placing it in GSM I`d hoped that it might have caught the eye of complete newcomers to shotgun shooting who might otherwise not have visited the Wildfowling thread to which it has been moved by the mods, because they would never have visited it. It not being a sport in which they partook. I`ve asked the mods if it could be moved back. The film was never intended to entertain pre existing hardcore wildfowlers.
  12. Thank you for pointing out that this took place in the U.S. I read through it very quickly and completely missed that detail.
  13. I suspect that the case would not have got to court. But perhaps I`m being too cynical.
  14. Don`t forget that you might well have have to completely reset the stock shims. I originally used the maximum C drop setting but had to replace it with the A setting so much was the difference in drop that the extra length of pull made. Now the gun shoots where I`m looking and has made a significant difference to my kills to cartridge ratio.
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