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  1. I`m campaigning for an Independent Portsmouth. It`s an island off the coast of England with it`s own strong identity and dialect. Once granted we`ll declare war on England - and probably the Scots, and of course the French. Before a shot is fired we`ll surrender to the English and benefit from the millions invested in a "failed state" being brought back into the democratic fold.
  2. That may well come to pass, but I suspect that the wishes of the English might be a lot less charitable towards the Scots than is currently the case.
  3. With the Left in disarray, is now a good time for us to push hard by any means possible to break the anti`s stranglehold on the BBC?
  4. Top of the list of wildfowling tips, and one often overlooked by newcomers to the sport - make sure you can hit `em. Time spent with a competent instructor will be repaid tenfold.
  5. mudpatten


    It`ll be interesting to see how much Wee Jimmy knew of the alleged criminal behaviour of the former King of Scotland when it comes to trial.
  6. mudpatten

    Punt guns

    Gents, the outriggers on a south coast punt enable the use of a much longer oar which gives a significant mechanical advantage and these punts can move really quickly. Much of our work is against or across the tide, rather than with it so a punt that can cover a lot of ground quickly and hold a straight tactical line by virtue of the "grip" on the water conferred by it`s relatively long and narrow shape, is a real advantage. The punts are set up to row with the gunner kneeling and facing forwards. Not only can you see where you`re going but one utilises the bodies largest muscle group, the thigh and buttock muscles, to provide the motive power behind the oar stroke.
  7. mudpatten

    Punt guns

    ClemFandango, they draw about 3 to 4 inches on average. The south coast harbours are feeding rather than roosting grounds so a shot would typically be taken well on the flood when the birds were bunching on the front of a making tide so there would be plenty of water underneath them. The average length of a south coast single like this one would be between 19 to 21 ft - larger than many others, and the extra length would provide the carrying capacity for the gun. This punt was originally used quite comfortably with a 130lb 1 3/4" muzzle loader.
  8. mudpatten

    Punt guns

    Thank you Pushandpull for your kind words. Manish, good question. I think it would all depend on how much substance the gun had in the first place and how badly it had been neglected. My punting friends have brought a few guns that were heavily built back from the brink. This has entailed some radical surgery on the end of the barrel with a hacksaw and a lot of time spent with a hone polishing the bore in addition to completely replacing the stock and lockwork. Incidentally, if you want to see how truly far gone a punt can be, and yet still be restored to useable condition, take a look at this...
  9. mudpatten

    Punt guns

    Once again I really must apologise for what seems like a brutally disparaging comment but the Gun Punt Adventure should only be read as an example of "How Not To" do something. Both the authors had access to a lot of local knowledge about punts and guns which they chose to ignore and ended up producing an abortion of a punt and gun outfit when they could as easily have produced something functional. Part of the problem is that, if you have no experience of punts and guns it`s easy to assume that, if it appears in a book, it must be right. Often it isn`t.
  10. I wish you the very best of luck with that Manish. Always good to encourage new blood to the sport.
  11. Chris Greens pump action kept jamming because of the ham fisted way he was operating it! If you want something pretty much indestructable try a camo Benelli SuperNova pump action - and learn how to operate it! You don`t say if you`re already familiar with inertia operated guns but this might be worth watching if you go for an SBE 1 or 2, both of which suffered from the "Benelli Click", which the SBE 3 was redesigned to alleviate. It`s the main cause of failing to fire with the SBE 1/2 and is avoidable if you`re aware of it from the outset.
  12. I`m sorry to say this but, I had a Vinci on loan from the importer a few years ago. It has the same plastic wrap as the SBE2 and it should perform well in a salt environment.The all black models rust like *******. I liked the design and the handling very much but It was the worst semi auto I`ve ever used and jammed constantly. When returned to the workshop the staff remarked that this was not unusual for all Vinci`s. This particular gun was well "run in" and if I was not using 3 or 3.5" cartridges I was using full strength 75mm ammo. The field trial of this gun was abandoned since it could not be made to work reliably. And if the Vinci was carp I shoot an SBE2 which is probably the Best semi auto I`ve ever used and has never jammed in 12 years of hard use. If you go with the Vinci I wish you the best of luck.
  13. Almost all of the Spanish imports came with full and half choke, but it was never intended that they be shot with that combination. One of the resons they were so popular with the trade was that the first thing a new purchaser did was to have the chokes opened out to those of your choice since the degree of choke they came with was generally regarded as way too tight. A quick job for the resident gunsmith that all shops had back in the day and a tidy additional profit for the retailer.
  14. I too think it was Elderkins.
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