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  1. All of the above, and sight unseen, have you considered a couple of short but very intensive training sessions during the day where the dog is put through it`s entire paces under rigid control. Make it think hard and have to concentrate. Sometimes exhausting the dog mentally is easier than tiring it physically. Good luck.
  2. As a company Benelli seem to be oblivious to the requests of their customers and they operate in a vacuum where constant customer representation means nothing to them. I`m interested to see if they bring out something similar, if they do it will be insanely over priced like their existing recoil pads. But they seem to tolerate a whole raft of after market chokes, cocking handles, bolt release buttons etc, etc. without making any attempt to bring these things in house. I`d be interested to know what their business model is with stuff like this. I don`t somehow think they`ll tell me though!
  3. For me, it representes good value for money since it`s barely half the price of a Benelli recoil pad. But that is`nt the point. It is intended to significantly increase the length of the stock, beyond the dimensions that can be achieved with any of the conventional Benelli recoil pads and, because of that, there`s nothing else like it on the market.
  4. I have no connection with this product other than I`m 6ft 4ins tall and my Benelli SBE2 now fits like a glove. Well worth the price. British made and of excellent quality. Thoroughly recommended. http://www.benellistockspacer.com/
  5. Tony, Bismuth is one of the most effective non toxic shot materials, it`s just that it`s horrendously expensive. My wildfowling club did some extended field trials on Eley Bismuth shot some years ago and, when you cut throught the "Dave on Facebook said it didn`t work" type of comments, it was especially effective. Working in a gun shop is no garauntee of knowing anything about shooting and everybody I`ve spoken to around the country - all wildfowlers who`d actually used the stuff - liked it very much. Bismuth has pretty much been replaced by steel for all but the most delicate of guns or ignorant of shooters. To go back to the OP`s original question about steel shot and fibre wads that he need to use on his shoot. You might want to consider going back to the shoot captain and clarify with him if he means that ONLY fibre wads are permitted or whether completely bio degradeable plastic wads such as those used in the Eley Bio wad range are acceptable. The Eley bio wad has brought a new dimension to the terminology of wads that you might want to clarify.
  6. Scarecrow 243, may I respectfully ask you where you get the idea from that steel shot might cause one to " get badly hurt or killed"?
  7. https://basc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2017/10/Steel-Shot-what-you-need-to-know-from-a-safety-point-of-view-2017.pdf
  8. Excellent idea! Here`s another idea.If we, collectively, were to engage with "the opposition" online we`d go a long way towards dismantling the currently superior strategic position that they occupy. Most of the antis powerbase is on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc, etc. Areas of conflict in which we barely engage because we `ve not understood how important it is to the younger people or tech savvy antis of today. Only very recently has BASC engaged a staff member to deal with online content, we have a lot of catching up to do.
  9. My apologies, I`d intended this to be a link to the "Gun Shop" You Tube site so that you could look at all the other films and judge them collectively, rather than critique this one individually. I`d hoped to illustrate the principle that an information film can be short, quick and easy to produce and specifically targetted. Four or five a week should be perfectly possible. I absolutely agree that "we need proper films that capture the imagination of the non shooting members of the public and promote the different types and aspects of the shooting sports." Staunch supporter of BASC that I am, it must be said that the way it`s video content has been managed leaves a lot to be desired. It`s nothing to do with the quality of production which has been great, but it`s quantity, or lack of it, and it`s poor circulation has been a serious problem. With a membership of 155,000 the BASC You Tube video channel has a paltry 10,000 subscribers. The Gun Shop channel, rough and ready as it is, has almost three times that number at 28,000 subscribers. Some BASC videos have been available for years but only have viewing figures that TGS achieves, often, within days of being broadcast. Superbly produced, scripted and presented films, such as BASC has been producing, are an expensive and wasteful white elephant IF NOBODY WATCHES THEM. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for BASC to regroup and provide an abundant supply of amunition that we can all use in the fight to defeat those who would see shooting stopped.
  10. If I knew how to link you to their main You Tube page I would, but this film will take you to "The Gun Shop". You can indeed put out four films a week and all longer than 30 seconds.
  11. Some good new from BASC who are advertising for the services of a video journalist. Hopefully we`ll begin to see a flood of video content useable in our defence via social media. I`m expecting to see three or four films a week promoting our cause that we can all circulate outside of the shooting community.
  12. It`s one of the best canada calls available. The down side is that it`s a short reed call which takes a bit of skill to master.
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hbv_kPHS0vp0eU43LxS1jiTQRCVWuim2/view?usp=sharing
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