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  1. yes you get a bigger picture and It would save a lot of walking .I've had my permission for 7 years an there are parts I have never been to for different reasons.
  2. Sorry didn't see it at the top. above the picture it's 3x12x50. 👍
  3. Marka11 no need to apologise you did't know. I've had it since I was in my thirty's. I'm now 59 an it can really drag you down. But I enjoy my shooting and getting out. I will certainly take a look at the drones an check out those videos on you tube. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply's ..This is the one I was watching the videos on, it gets great reviews. an because of it's size you can almost fly it anywhere, also the software they use puts restriction on flight zones etc I do walk around the area but I cant get my car near some of the fields and I tend to keep to the edge of the fields. I have AF ( Atrial fibrillation) an the area is hilly in parts I run out of steam . also takes its toll. I just wonder If members used it to there advantage. What is the drone model you use do you have a link?
  5. I apologise if this has been covered before. I was on Y/T the other day and came across videos on drones. I was very impressed at the size of the drone and the quality of the video. It got me thinking .Does anyone on here use a drone on there shooting permission ? My permission (fields) are split in different areas on the same farm. would it be any good for checking fields, crop damage, vermin location etc. What are the advantages if any ?
  6. oh fur four-tie minutes, I went to a photo booth. the first one out of order ,second one card only. not having my card on me, went the next night. only option for five PASSPORT pictures. £8 POUNDS 🤬
  7. How did you get on Docleo. I received a renewal letter from police Scotland on the 8 November , It said in the letter complete a 201 form and do not send it in. An FEO officer will be in contact, thinking as my licence isn't up till Feb 2022 didn't think I would here from them till DEC/Jan. As I had to contact Doctors, referees, passport photo. I get a call on 10th from FEO asking about doctors ,referees, and to arrange an appointment to come out and see me on the 24th . He spoke to both of my referees on the 11th November. No harm on giving them a call or an email . Atb
  8. I got mine YT7B-BS 6.5 AH. Collected yesterday. showing 12.9 volts Activated 02/21 for £10 👍
  9. Hi Halfords have a sale on Yuasa batteries for sale... https://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-batteries/yuasa-yb10l-a2-12v-yumicron-battery-243755.html https://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-batteries/yuasa-yb16al-a2-powersport-motorcycle-battery-759872.html https://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-batteries/yuasa-yb12al-a2-yumicron-motorcycle-battery-685637.html https://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-batteries/yuasa-53030-12v-yumicron-din-battery-243730.html https://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-batteries/yuasa-yt7b-bs-powersport-motorcycle-battery-759880.html
  10. Hi The black coiled wire is the aerial. there are so many different versions of the remote switch. I use one to switch on and of my flapper. some info here, plenty of videos. this clip shows the instructions see if it's any use to you.
  11. I have used the split CV boot the one you glue and it was a disaster and ones that worked didn't last. I have used the cone method with the stretch CV boot a fitted dozens over time and been very successful , something like this just to give you an idea . I haven't use this kit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Universal-STRETCH-Drive-Dismantling-Grease/dp/B00P7VZIVI
  12. OH , If Looks could kill. I got the question right and am thick as mince..🤣
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