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    Best vacuum

    Got a Dyson DC04 in 1999 still going strong. Some Dysons come with a 5 years warranty , have you checked.
  2. Hi

    I clicked on the wrong link.. If you have two CZ 455 10 shot mags I would take one



    1. Lucky Shot 1958

      Lucky Shot 1958

      Sorry Hayburn only the one.

    2. HAYBURN


      ok thanks

  3. I would never run them to 100,000 I don't know the exact time intervals. I have done my 2010 focus at 65,000 they are also meant to be checked at timed intervals I've always changed the timing belt early with all my cars in the past, wouldn't risk it. I've seen plenty of damaged engines that haven't made the service time.
  4. What sold and no price he he
  5. You haven't said what year the vehicle is,? give the lock another go spray WD40 in there.. as said if you can get underneath an release the bonnet catch if not get a battery or battery pack an using a length of cable and small crocodile clip see if you can connect to the positive to the main starter cable or main cable on the alternator once connected then connect the negative to an earth point on the vehicle then use the key fob.. if in doubt get someone out..
  6. Is Anyone else getting this, most of the pages on PW are in chines 😱
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