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  1. you wont see their poor shots and wildlife dragging themselves into the undergrowth??
  2. if Ultrastu can pull off these long range shots regulary then what/why was the need to post about this actual shot??
  3. i used it on ee,i will try my sons o2 sim in it when he comes home from work
  4. Samsung A3 2017 mobile phone,11 months old,always been in case with screen protector,screen and rear are perfect scratch free,some marks on frame due to grit getting inside case,£95 posted works with ee and o2 so unlocked
  5. Visionary Inara 7.5x36 binoculars,rubber armoured,with case/boxed,excellent condition,£52.50 posted https://www.birdwatching.co.uk/bird-watching-binoculars/visionary-inara-75x36
  6. "What if i HAD to get a rabbit to feed my kids today ." are you real?,did you have a shot at that 150yd rabbit because your kids were starving or was it for your enjoyment??
  7. wouldn't be good enough for me,you can carry on plinking with live quarry
  8. still not good enough
  9. 50/50 chance are not odds in your favour
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