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  1. andrewluke

    Does anyone speak wigeon?

    i've heard wigeon calling when on the water and quite often, here's a youtube vid i found
  2. but expensive cartridges will mean super duper range
  3. YouTube vids only show the hits not the misses😲
  4. it's just my opinion,and in my opinion i think that only the last couple of inches of the barrel that makes the difference,everything else is for the gullible
  5. i cant see the gun helping much,they are just steel tubes same as any other shotgun,chokes and cartridge may help a bit!
  6. andrewluke

    John Wilson

    i found him arrogant and irritating
  7. andrewluke

    Strange Seed

  8. andrewluke

    Hoggs of Fife Ranger X3 Field Waterproof Shooting Jacket

    would swap for slab of 12b Eley Impax/Hull Imperial Game
  9. andrewluke

    gun cabinet,3 gun

    three gun cabinet,52 1/2" x 9" x 6 1/2",comes with 2 keys,my mate is giving up shooting,£60 collected
  10. andrewluke

    Sherwood Forest tweed waterproof waistcoat,new

    sold pending payment
  11. Sherwood Forest tweed waistcoat,size XL,waterproof/breatheable,new/unused,£40 posted
  12. andrewluke

    Hoggs of Fife Ranger X3 Field Waterproof Shooting Jacket

    jacket does have a hood which rolls up into collar
  13. andrewluke

    Whats App