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  1. andrewluke

    The "Find Maddy Fund"

    more than 11 million been spent so far.
  2. andrewluke

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    to me the pair who gave the RT interview dont look to be the same people as the pics of suspects???
  3. andrewluke

    Ross Kemp with armed police

    police should stay on the right side of the law but also need to uphold the laws!
  4. andrewluke

    Ross Kemp with armed police

    who else could you call?,quite often there are problems which i could sort myself but to stay on the right side of the law i phone police,there's no one else!,
  5. andrewluke

    Ross Kemp with armed police

    the only time i see our police force doing anything is when i'm watching Brit Cops on Pick TV,they are getting like the RSPCA,only taking action when there's cameras around!
  6. andrewluke

    Cartridge disposal.

  7. andrewluke

    Extended chokes for armsan a620

    i think they are beretta mobil chokes
  8. andrewluke

    shooting on marshland

    has the land been cleared for your calibre or do you have open cert?
  9. pair of leather RAF pilots gloves,theses are thin so good sensitivity,size 9.5, i usually wear xl and these are a perfect fit,excellent condition(creased from storage),£30 posted
  10. andrewluke

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    perhaps it's this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3543792/Why-RSPB-fixed-sights-mighty-eagle-owl-Cricketing-legend-country-sportsman-SIR-IAN-BOTHAM-gives-bird-charity-barrels-troubling-question.html
  11. andrewluke

    four HW100 .22 magazines

    no longer for sale here as i've advertised them on another site!
  12. andrewluke

    Obtaining an FAC with past convictions

    i always thought that armed trespass and using a firearm without a licence was quite a serious offence??
  13. andrewluke

    Non lead cartridges chrono results

    i think it's more to do with shot placement rather than speed that kills
  14. andrewluke

    Non lead cartridges chrono results

    from now on it's got to be 1450fps and nothing else will do
  15. andrewluke

    Non lead cartridges chrono results

    that's it for me!,1450fps and everything is dead, no more injured or crippled birds,i can shoot them up the **** and they be dead😀