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  1. Celestron Regal 80 F-ED Spotting Scope,x20-x60 zoom eyepiece,very good condition,sell £300 or possible deal for BSA Ultra SE Multishot/AA S410 carbine prefer .22 or Nikon P900 camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-Regal-F-ED-Spotting-Scope/dp/B001UQ6E3U https://www.birdwatching.co.uk/birdwatching-scopes/celestron-regal-80f-ed
  2. Hoggs of Fife Aviemore Men’s Padded Jacket Green,size large but i would say more like an XL,in excellent condition,£45 posted https://www.charleshedley.co.uk/products/hoggs-of-fife-aviemore-padded-jacket?variant=34611848647
  3. seen quite a few of these black and white Blackbirds around in the same area
  4. Hoggs of Fife Stalker waterproof fleece jacket,size large(big large),longer in length than normal,covers your butt,little used,£50 posted
  5. photos taken at 50x optical zoom and 3-4x digital zoom approx 80-100 yards
  6. dvla vans fitted with ANPR cameras doing the rounds??
  7. Hoggs of Fife Ranger X3 waterproof shooting jacket,hood folds into collar,size XL,originally came with zip in gilet but now missing,jacket only worn a couple of times so in excellent condition,£40 posted https://hollandscountryclothing.co.uk/products/hoggs-ranger-3-in-1-waterproof-field-jacket
  8. yes,purchased for spinning for bass but i've got plenty of others
  9. Shimano Technium 4000FB reel,brand new/unused,with spare spool,£67.50 posted
  10. if you have an old dog cage sitting around then hang the bird feeders inside
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