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  1. andrewluke

    9 Old Gin Traps - ALL SOLD THANK YOU!

    illegal to use
  2. andrewluke

    world cup

    it's not about winning it's the taking part😁
  3. andrewluke

    Weihrauch HW100 .22

    still for sale
  4. andrewluke

    British Army MTP Grab Bag

    British Army MTP Grab Bag,brand new,£25 posted Genuine MTP Grab bag with large internal pocket for linked ammunition and other large objects and external pockets for grenades and magazines,can also be used as a magazine dump bag using the top slit, and also has a slit on top for use as as a dump bag for expended magazines. These bags fill a dual purpose for holding massive amounts of ammunition as well as a general utility bag for holding whatever the user deems necessary to task; the most obvious being ammunition, these bags are capable of easily holding hundreds of rounds of linked 5.56mm or 7.62mm belts so for an assistant MG gunner this is ideal! The bags have 3 pouches for 3 SA80 magazines each, 2 grenade pouches and a smoke grenade pouch, also having a large main part with dump pouch slit style opening at the top for the quick disposal of magazines The bag has a strong and padded shoulder strap and is made of 1000 Denier Cordura like all the other issued kit. The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be removed so good flexibility there for its uses. Specifications Top velcro flap with smaller elasticated edged access flap in the middle 3 front velcro flapped magazine pouches End has quick release buckle pouch Other end has 2 smaller quick release pouches one on top of the other Adjustable Carry shoulder strap with shoulder comfort patch Size approx main pocket 30cm x 8.5 x 25cm Overall length 44cm x 17cm approx
  5. andrewluke

    Beaver of Bolton tweed waistcoat,size 44"

    sold to the man above pending payment
  6. andrewluke

    Eley Impax cartridges wanted

    Eley Impax cartridges wanted,if any one has some which they no longer need,i'm in Carmarthenshire,please pm me,thanks
  7. andrewluke

    hip flasks x10,stainless steel,6oz,new

    still available
  8. andrewluke

    Fjallmans leather waistcoat,size XL

  9. andrewluke

    Fjallmans leather waistcoat,size XL

    sold to the man above pending payment
  10. anyone know if the above boots are true to size or should i buy a size up?,i'm a size 8 .
  11. andrewluke

    world cup

    and England threw a game to get the easy route????
  12. andrewluke

    Beaver of Bolton tweed waistcoat,size 44"

    now £50 posted
  13. andrewluke

    Fjallmans leather waistcoat,size XL

    now £55 posted
  14. ten hip flasks ,stainless steel,6oz,new in boxes,£40 posted for all
  15. Beaver of Bolton tweed/leather waistcoat,size 44",in very good condition,£55 posted