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  1. Eley hollow Xtra Plus .22lr ammo

    no sorry
  2. Eley hollow Xtra Plus .22lr ammo

    300 Eley hollow Xtra Plus .22lr ammo,£30 collected with fac
  3. One for the Fowler’s

    Goose shooters not wildfowlers
  4. Merrell walking shoes,size UK 11.5,Gore-Tex/Vibram soles,very good condition,£40 posted
  5. Drink driving ant&dec

    are you sure https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/18/wayne-rooney-due-court-face-drink-driving-charge-2am-arrest/
  6. Grand National

    how about badger baiting,there are some that enjoy watching such events
  7. Grand National

    i deal a lot with HILLSIDE animal sanctuary(Norfolk) so i do my bit,google them,just because i shoot does not mean i want everything dead!
  8. Grand National

  9. don't expect BASC to help an individual in court,an ex member of my wildfowling club had problems getting his shotgun cert after suffering depression,he had a cert previous to suffering depression,he took it to court with the help of BASC, on the day of his appearance in court he waited and waited outside to meet the BASC representative who was meant to help him,the BASC representative did not turn up,the ex member of my wildfowling club dealt with the situation by himself and got his cert no thanks to BASC .
  10. Chris Green DVDs

    cheque in post
  11. Chris Green DVDs

    yes please
  12. i cant see any benefits i've had by being a basc member,they were useless when i needed help with certificates and they tried to shaft my wildfowling club when sorting out consents, the £5 rise in this years membership fees should cover a legal challenge
  13. Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    this must be the only photo of the old guy???,in the Daily Star
  14. Welsh Countrymans Game Fair

    26th,27th and 28th May https://welshcountrymansgamefair.co.uk/find-us