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  1. my guess was a catapult
  2. anyone seen this https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11495242/swan-shot-face-fifth-bird-attack-victim-10-days/ is there an "air weapon" that can fire an 8mm ball?
  3. as above in working order,some scratches to glass which could be polished out,i think its from the 70s/80s,£40 posted
  4. 250 gamebore mammoth steel cartridges,36gram 3 inch,x190 #3,x50 #4,x10 #1,sold
  5. didn't the CPSA try to change the name to Clay Target Shooting Association because they did not want to be associated with shooting game??
  6. this is what BASC was saying up until recently,now lead has got to go full stop??
  7. here's a blackbird,pic taken with phone
  8. Turner Richards dummy launcher with two dummies,not used for 10yrs so o ring will possibly need changing ,sometimes the fired blank does not eject(common with these launchers) so you may need to lift it out with knife of buy the purpose made tool to remove fired blank as seen in link below,sold http://www.turnerrichards.co.uk/cartridge-extractor-lever-for-single-shot-dummy-launcher/
  9. Viking ED Pro 50mm Spotting Scope with 12-36x zoom eyepiece,only used a couple of times and never been outside the house so as new condition,£220 posted i have taken the pics from the internet,if anyone wants pics of actual scope then please pm me https://www.sherwoods-photo.com/viking_spotting_scopes/viking_birdwatching_scopes.htm
  10. just found some here https://www.thecornmill.com/5kg-soldier-worms-add-on
  11. they are dried,soak them before feeding during breeding season,5kg will last 6 months or more
  12. calci worms(Black Soldier Fly Larvae) are better for the birds, i get them from ebay for £24 for 5kg and that's alot of bugs
  13. Hoggs Birch Micro Fleece Lined Tattersall Shirt,never worn,size XL,£25 posted
  14. better off ignoring the thread if it bothers you
  15. 3-12x42 side focus scope,mildot,30mm tube,illuminated ret,looks like Leapers,in very good condition£55 posted or swap for hawke vantage 2-7x32 ao scope
  16. where did i make a reference to johnson???,he hadn't entered my head! SNP health minister and the housing minister below https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-housing-secretary-robert-jenrick-defends-visiting-elderly-parents-during-lockdown-11971420
  17. the polititians who are spouting the "stay home to protect the NHS" are the the ones travelling the country to their holiday/second homes
  18. i went to tescos last week and the distancing guidance rules were excellent when queuing outside but once you were in it was a free for all,no difference at M&S,i think it's much safer in the middle of a field miles from any one
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