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  1. was your neighbour driving your car when he had the accident?
  2. i'm not arguing,i'm stating facts which you don't want to hear! but your insurance company is claiming what they paid out from you
  3. you let an uninsured driver drive your van!,sympathy won't help with anything
  4. i thought your mates insurance did not cover him to drive commercial so why should they pay??
  5. it will need to be topped up with gas
  6. Hotbarrels1 has not got back to me so yes still available
  7. Ducks Unlimited duck call lighter,unused,£17.50 posted
  8. i'm sure quite alot of uninsured drivers try that one,
  9. like you said," To my mind he is at fault and as he was driving without insurance",that means that you let him drive your van without insurance and that is something which you can get prosecuted for, https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-2211934/How-face-5-000-fine-lending-car.html
  10. the owner of the van lent his van to his mate,owner of van should have checked all insurance details to make sure his mate was covered to drive,van owners responsibility
  11. Visionary Inara 7.5x36 binoculars,rubber armoured,with case/boxed,excellent condition,£55 posted https://www.birdwatching.co.uk/bird-watching-binoculars/visionary-inara-75x36
  12. if he hates his job so much then why doesn't he give up now,he's not going to struggle for money is he
  13. are you a stalker?,you seem to comment on most of my posts????
  14. i only shoot what my conscience allows not what the law allows
  15. Hoggs of Fife Ranger X3 waterproof shooting jacket,hood folds into collar,size XL,originally came with zip in gilet but now missing,jacket only worn a couple of times so in excellent condition,£45 posted https://hollandscountryclothing.co.uk/products/hoggs-ranger-3-in-1-waterproof-field-jacket Hoggs of Fife Aviemore Men’s Padded Jacket Green ,size XL,£40 posted https://dhccountrywear.com/products/hoggs-of-fife-aviemore-padded-jacket?variant=34611848647 Vauxhall VX Racing jacket,hood rolled into collar,comes with removable inner fleece jacket,size xl,never worn but been in wardrobe for a few years so gave it a wash,£40 posted
  16. payment received,still no pm received,send me email with name/address,thanks
  17. Wychwood Jacket sold
  18. Wychwood fishing/shooting hooded jacket,size xl,excellent condition,£25 posted sold Columbia camo hooded jacket,heavy cotton outer(like canvas),fleece lining,size xl,good condition,£25 sold
  19. MTM Case Gard SB-200,holds 200 .22lr, MTM Case Gard 30,holds 30 .22lr,both unused pull thru,used once,for .22, .22 hornet, .222-223 Rem,5.6mm etc £25 for all
  20. you must be the unluckiest man on the planet😉
  21. so you happened to get caught the first time you went over the speed limit
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