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  1. cowboy25

    Feinwerkbau Model 65

    Hi all , looking for a Feinwerkbau dealer or someone who is familiar with them to service my Feinwerkbau Model 65 air pistol , needs new seals and general clean up as it’s all gunked up with old oil be greatfull for any information , Cheers David .
  2. cowboy25


    Hi all , are there any numbers of pinks up around Fraserburgh , be greatfull for any info cheers David
  3. cowboy25


    thanks mate, hope u have a good season [ESSEX MAFIA !!!!! US WELSH EAT THEM FOR BREAKFAST}
  4. cowboy25


    thanks mate , hope u have a good season. :
  5. cowboy25


    cheers mate take care and have a great season.
  6. cowboy25


    thanks geoff , hope u have a good season .
  7. cowboy25


    thanks bullet boy hope u have a good season.
  8. cowboy25


    thanks for welcome note TAFF , good hunting.
  9. cowboy25


    thanks ror gettin back to me ALBIFRONS i live just outside gower , i dont know the man in charge personaly , i have only read the articles that he hsa writen , and to me they seem to be" text book material " if u get my drift. Thanks again.
  10. cowboy25


    Hi to u all on pigeon watch uk, i am a newbie on this site and lookin forward to all those tips , and general discusions on various topics. I dont shoot pigeons as often as like ,as phesant and wkoodcock are my main quarry. This is my first post on this forum as u can tell !!!. but i have posted on the shooting uk forum where a thread i was on was pulled. It was about how the welsh woodcock club was being run.