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  1. What's the law on selling in the skin, is it allowed or does it need to be health checked?
  2. I have 3 and two walking coldrooms. I don't like venison
  3. My two dealers have now stopped taking and my other buyers can't move any either. Looks like I'm going to be leaving them for a little while and only taking out the sick ones
  4. I have been using the Sealey one for years. I bought a cheap bit set from also about 10 years back, and in all fairness, these have done very very well. I don't bother setting up the beep and vibration anymore. Easier to just turn on the LCD. Turn the driver in the screw till you get just below the setting you want and move on to next screw, do this to all and then go back to the start and toque up to where you want. Setting the beep is a pain in the bum.
  5. You can put 4800 birds down but can't give people fuel money. Put 500 less birds in and pay the poor ******* their due. I would not dream of have someone on the shoot and not pay them. Each gun pays or brings a beater. Shoots around me are always short or beaters just don't turn up. Why, because their not paid their fuel fund. To me, that's just greedy guns. PAY THE BEATERS AND PICKERS. give them some respect. Tight wad.
  6. Still available or sold? Was just about to buy from blackwood as they have £100 off at the momnet.
  7. This is brand new. Put on the pard for rats and rabbits o my to find it was way to good for my needs. Didn't even get out the garden. Put back in its box and been on the table. It's a month or so old.S.R.X IR, Dimmable, plus rats tail switch, metal lovable box with keys.£130 please
  8. only one set of tikka bases left thanks gents
  9. 2 sets of blue tikka T3 bases with screws £26 a set posted only top two sets in photo
  10. Optilock Rings all blued. All with insert rings1" low. 32.5mm30mm low. 32.5mm30mm Medium. 36.5mm SOLD£35 a set posted
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