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    1. Still available or sold? Was just about to buy from blackwood as they have £100 off at the momnet.
    2. This is brand new. Put on the pard for rats and rabbits o my to find it was way to good for my needs. Didn't even get out the garden. Put back in its box and been on the table. It's a month or so old.S.R.X IR, Dimmable, plus rats tail switch, metal lovable box with keys.£130 please
    3. only one set of tikka bases left thanks gents
    4. 2 sets of blue tikka T3 bases with screws £26 a set posted only top two sets in photo
    5. Optilock Rings all blued. All with insert rings1" low. 32.5mm30mm low. 32.5mm30mm Medium. 36.5mm SOLD£35 a set posted
    6. Medium 26mm high weaver 30mm tube with bubble level. £80 posted
    7. Personally I don't think there is such a thing as a low bird in the open. A low shot with beaters, guns and dogs about is poor form. But not all grounds have the trees, hills or areas to get the birds up high over guns. A short bird on the other hand is a different thing and not good.
    8. I turn the power down for the rats as I don't want the pellet bouncing around the sheds.
    9. I have been using a 177 s200 just for rats for the last few years. It works, a few thousand pellets I know how it works. I have just bought a s510 fac in 22 as I need something something for squirrels. Yes could bait and wait but no time. Quicker to thermal spot them in the trees hiding, then shoot them. Can't use the rim fire for that. The squirrel might be 50 yards away. So I bought the s510. Used on the rats couple nights back as it has adjustable power, 11.5 at lowest with a 14.5 grain pellet Turn it up with a 22gn to 29footpound So far, works for me
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