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    1. activeviii

      Fallow deer

      Im told by all my land owners that i must shoot all the light and white before anything else. poachers deer. you can see them for miles and find one, you can bet there's a few commons that you wouldn't have seen. the land owners are starting to lighten up now that thermal is easy to get hold of as their all white in the thermal. i still shoot the bucks out but i like the does. Goats i call them
    2. activeviii

      Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

      lift off the tool post and put two cutters on the slide and then the post on top and bolt down. cutters just shim it up. use slips if you have them
    3. activeviii

      Screw cutting a rimfire barrel

      make sure the machine shot do not hammer a mandrel into the bore to use for centring. seen it done, had to recut. the one reason to put a relief or back cut in is to the mod shoulder has good meat to butt up to and square up. a good screw cut, dont to your mod and a good shoulder is paramount. you can cut the thread the other way, basically spin it all the other way, still cutting the thread right handed but having the cutter start as the shoulder end. then you can run the lathe faster and not worry about cutter crash. you only need enough relief cut to start the cut, cutter dependent. if its cnc then no need to worry, they can rattle it out, longest part is setting up. 20 minute job, just remember to clean the bore after. and make sure they crown it properly so no burr in the bore. all ready said, none pressure part. no need for proofing.
    4. activeviii

      Distance app

      Anyone have a good, easy app that will give me GPS distance traveled whilst beating please. The food step ones are no go as the step is not the same and when your sliding down a bank on your bum it don't register it GPS distance track for Android, and free lol
    5. I shoot like a new shooter, does this count?
    6. activeviii

      Fac update

      Who said vegans don't shoot or kill. So cruel, off with his head
    7. activeviii


      Maize really doesn't like competing, makes week stems and poor or nil growth. Its not just a case of get some seed an put it in. loads of other factors need to be taken into account have a read of tis or at lest speck to your local seed specialist. someone like Nickersons are all over the country. have a look at this https://www.lgseeds.co.uk/uploads/J9374_Maize-Selection-Guide_LR.pdf it will give you some idea. if none of the above then look at surrounding the maize with other cover
    8. activeviii

      Canadian Geese Problem

      Shoot them in the atlas joint and they do not flap. Shoot them in the head and the body still gets the signals from the dieing brain. Shot more than my fair share with all sorts of rifles. Sometimes location dictates a small calibre. Favours and best for the way I need to deal with them is a 22lr subsonic. But the airgun has had to be used on occasions. 222 and 223 also used but to much flapping about and spoke the rest, I need to thin them as quick as possible and not have to have multiple visits back.
    9. activeviii

      Canadian Geese Problem

      You know what, I stopped posting on here a long time back because people telling other people what they think is law or they wouldn't do this that and the other because of the antis. Your sport, know the laws and stop pussy footing around and putting ideas in others heads, shooters and antis alike. Go get your air rifle, load it with what every you like and atlas joint shoot them. If others don't want to and fanny around with thier interpretation of the law then that's their problem but I do so wish they would understand the law correctly as this forum is so full of shooters that are clueless and dangerous. If you don't know the law then shut up and let the ones that have taken the time to read and understand the law and GL to pass on the correct knowledge and not some missing interpretation of what a mate said down the pub. As a shooter and gun owners it is up to each and everyone of us to read and understand the GL and firearms law, else your opening up yourselves for a whole lot of hurt. Happy new year all, catch you in probably another year
    10. activeviii

      Brocock Bantam Sniper HR fac 22

      Has anyone a Bantam. Preferably an fac? Been look for a while as I want a new gun for ratting but also for the squirrels. Was hoping I could use the Bantam and turn it down I'm and around the farm buildings and turn it up in the fields for knocking squirrels out the trees and from under the feeders. Inhave a s200 with multi shot adaptor at the moment. Works very well on the rats but no legs for the squirrels. But I don't have room for more guns as I could have just bought a rapid and saved money. Problem I have now is I went to order one from a shop and was put off, being told that because their basically a daystate, same factory and all that, that the shop will have no dealing due to to many being sent back for repair straight out the box. Is there any feed back in the sniper hr. And idea on shot count for one in fac .22 Are they really that bad, is there something else out there. Needs to be compact and as light as I can get away with. .22 and a fair size air tank, or one with changeable tanks so I can carry a spare when ratting. Can take 100+ shots a night so don't really want to be going back to car every 20 shots for a recharge Thanks for looking Phil
    11. activeviii


      Shame your at Helens as I have a sig kilo here that Is as new. £350
    12. activeviii

      22wmr and .223 mods

      i have a tikka 223 lite stainless thats up for sale, its 1/2unf. the mode is a 18x1mm thread but had a 1/2unf bushing made for it. been a good rifle but not used much as have a 222 as well and thats my go to workhorse.
    13. activeviii

      .223 - 40g

      One question that's been over looked, the barrel twist? I use to run a 12:1 with 40 GN blitz kings. Out to 450yards they were unreal. Very very accurate and things just blow up. However, after 450 yds I was getting the odd bullet tumbling, 500 yards and it ran out of legs and key holes. I wanted 800+ so changed it and went 8:1 twist. 40 GN bk just blow up mid air unless I run them slower, no point in that, ended loading 50 GN but their not the same, not as splatty. I have since had a 222 rebarreled I to an 8 twist, light weight short small deer gun with 65gn gamekings. Now life has changed on me I will sell the tikka 223 and have stopped the long range stuff.
    14. activeviii

      .22 fac PCP airgun

      Cheers for that, I think I'm leaning towards the brocock Bantam Sniper