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    1. activeviii

      Lathe wanted

      Don't forget the good old boxford. Have a look on lathes.co.uk for good information and some good deals on the older, better quality machines.
    2. Possibly a split case. It's stuck because the side of case has blown all the crud down the sides of the case and wedged it tight. Can be a few reason but without looking no one will really know, just best guess
    3. The 687 was about the age when they started to change. Each model after that was undercut by the accountants
    4. In the box it came in, open it up take what you need to load the mag and then put box back in pocket
    5. Fallow are hard work at times, to many eyes watching and their so very transient. One day I can see a group, next day their across the valley on the slopes 10 miles away. I'm just lucky I shoot a very large area. Roe, about as easy as it gets. Bump them off, find somewhere comfortable to sit and they will do a loop and come back. Shoot to many out and they, like all deer, will go find somewhere with less pressure. As there is a shoot on one of the grounds I know where they like to be, around the feed bins so makes it a little easier. I shoot evenings only until I stop seeing them and then switch to mornings only. This way I find they are less likely to go totally nocturnal. I never shoot them off the feed bins either.
    6. I know it's on your list but it's a common fault and even though you have tested it I would look at borrowing a pump and just swap it out temporary. It was a common fault on the 24le and they suck air giving you the exspantion vessel misread
    7. Hahaha, your so rude, say it like it is why not lmao
    8. Your wearing it inside out haha
    9. Cheap grey floor paint from Aldi or Lidl when they have it, or propped job. Thin down the first cost and then two top coats
    10. Im told by all my land owners that i must shoot all the light and white before anything else. poachers deer. you can see them for miles and find one, you can bet there's a few commons that you wouldn't have seen. the land owners are starting to lighten up now that thermal is easy to get hold of as their all white in the thermal. i still shoot the bucks out but i like the does. Goats i call them
    11. lift off the tool post and put two cutters on the slide and then the post on top and bolt down. cutters just shim it up. use slips if you have them
    12. make sure the machine shot do not hammer a mandrel into the bore to use for centring. seen it done, had to recut. the one reason to put a relief or back cut in is to the mod shoulder has good meat to butt up to and square up. a good screw cut, dont to your mod and a good shoulder is paramount. you can cut the thread the other way, basically spin it all the other way, still cutting the thread right handed but having the cutter start as the shoulder end. then you can run the lathe faster and not worry about cutter crash. you only need enough relief cut to start the cut, cutter dependent. if its cnc then no need to worry, they can rattle it out, longest part is setting up. 20 minute job, just remember to clean the bore after. and make sure they crown it properly so no burr in the bore. all ready said, none pressure part. no need for proofing.
    13. Anyone have a good, easy app that will give me GPS distance traveled whilst beating please. The food step ones are no go as the step is not the same and when your sliding down a bank on your bum it don't register it GPS distance track for Android, and free lol
    14. I shoot like a new shooter, does this count?
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