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  1. All sorted tha ks gent. 60 somthing removed, some challenging shots, OK, a lot of challenging shots. Sat on lights, ontop of the rafters or wrong side. Could only shoot from one side of barn. Fac s510 did me proud, turned down the dial to 12ftlb for most shots. And then a very small adjustment in power for the 50+ yard shots, easier than hold over. All with the old, and I mean old, eley wasps. Last tin of all the ones I had stashed for 25 odd years. 87 rats cleared as well. Cheers All for your input
  2. I use to pick up on a shoot in the cotswolds. 1st and 2nd drive was amazing. Only a small shoot acreage size but it was 450bird days and a syndicate. All the guns would turn up in the high end sports cars, supercars and even the odd rangerover. It was all about the money, showing off their wares. Later I found out alot of the cars were rented just for the shoot day. 1st and 2nd drive, as I said, was amazing. On first drive, guns 5,6,7 and 8 would be next to the big house, the cars would be behind the big house in the car park. On second drive guns 1,2,3 and 4 would be stood where 5,6,7 and 8 had been. The valley was deep and the birds were high, very high. But birds being birds, would like to take cars out, like they do on our roads. In the years I picked up on this one shoot, I don't think I ever saw a house window smashed by a pheasant. Somehow, they managed to either hit the roof and roll down onto the cars parked under the back of house or they went in like kamikaze pilots, just miss the house, die in the air and then bomb the cars over the back. We use to pick up 2 drives back, so kept away from the guns, let them shoot 2 drives first, then we would sweap up behind them. Starting around peg 1 drive 1 and then just keep moving forward in a line, letting the dogs pick up, ga,e cart driving below the slopes and string the birds. But we never went into the car park for the birds, we left them for the guns to take home. Strange about the house windows really, the old diamond lead panel type, a light push and they fall apart. It's like the birds knew and wants most costly damage, the vehicles. If the wind was from the house and blowing towards the guns then it would be carnage in the carpark. Yep, from where we stood, watching the first 2 drives, we could clearly see the carpark. Lucky really as we was alway picking up drive 4 and 5 by time guns were back at their vehicles as it would have been nice to hear the moans and groans. I can still see the image of one gun wincing with a cringe as he watched the bird clear the house and then the bang as bird hit a car roof. I did enjoy working that shoot. Many fond memories. It's closed now. Just as well, not sure the insurance company's could coupe much longer
  3. Don't want the sport, just need them gone, but with cement board roof, I think it will take a couple goes as only shoot when there on the rsj. I'll see how it goes this evening
  4. So I can just crack on, I don't need any special measures first or prove we have tried to scare them or anything?
  5. What's the law on night time shooting the feral pigeons now gents, Having a problem in the milking sheds. Been trying scare them off and shoot them but they will not get the message, they are now roosting in the parlour. Can they be airgunned off at night?
  6. I had a few quotes to do windows and solid roof £21k was one quote. Told another company not to bother if more then £17k, they never bothered. I did it myself with help from my lads, £7k finished, no idea why they tried to charge so much. I much prefer the ultra roof, I have now. Plaster, vaulted ceiling. Tiled roof. No heating in the room but it's nice and warm now in winter and the house is so much cooler in the summer. South facing was unbearable in summer heat.
  7. Sorry, bit late, I don't get here very often now days but, I pulled it all down in end and put new windows and solid roof up. Ultra frame. Best move I ever made. Warm in winter, cool in summer. Celcius one blue glass windows that are self cleaning. Very very pleased with my efforts
  8. Glad you found one. Don't forget your batteries, normal aa do not last.
  9. Works perfect but it is used. Please check photos Comes with two battery holders and two battery packs with charger. Quick sale so £750 plus p&p Can post but buyer covers costs BACS or cash on collection (Gloucester)
  10. I have a Pulsar Quantum XQ30v lite. It's used so the rubbers has started to rub bit I only want £750. I'll chuck in two DNV batteries and charger with it
  11. .....SOLD.... Please close thread
  12. Selling one of my pard scopes off It has a few rub marks on the buttons, like most the used ones. But it does not affect it in anyway. If truth be known, it shows the backlit buttons better at night. It's boxed, with every thing is came with. I can't put many photos up but if you pm me your WhatsApp number I can do that way. But really, there is nothing more to see other than what's in the one photo. Collection preferred so you can see what your buying. But will post at buyers expense. £650
  13. Hay, his English is gooder than most on here
  14. What's the law on selling in the skin, is it allowed or does it need to be health checked?
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