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  1. I have circa 45 duffus type (duel catch) barrel mole traps (99% have are brand new) - either for sale or swap for ferreting gear / jills - Drop me a line if you want to barter 😆 tia
  2. Hi all, I'm dusting off the purse nets after about a 10 years off. What are people using for ferret finders nowadays? I've been informed that Deben don't make them anymore, and the market appears to be flooded with pricey used Mk3's. If only I could find me old Mk1 knocker-box now! Thanks in advance
  3. if it's taking rodenticide, keep putting it down until it stops being taken, then block up. Average rodenticide can take 7 to 14 days to become effective, and it only works if the lethal dose required to kill it has been consumed. Rats also have neophobia (a fear of new things in their environment and don't always trap that easily). I would avoid glue boards until all else has failed. They have a tendency to get off them - and if this happens - they become even harder to catch ;-)
  4. I would familiarise yourself the CRRU guidelines (campaign for responsible rodenticide use) Label instructions have change and restrictions placed on the use of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides. This is being driven Europe wide by the Biocidal Product Regulations.
  5. ...what a little cracker....no harm in incorporating general basic training with play now........they're like sponges at that age
  6. Thanks for the info gents - my suspicions have been confirmed.
  7. This may sound pretty strange - however......... I have a very close friend who has expressed an interest in coming along to do a bit of shooting with me.......however.........(and try not to be too judgemental) over 30 years ago he received a lifetime firearms ban for a moment stupidity. I've been swerving making any arrangements - as I am not fully aware of the possible ramifications. Subsequently, I wonder if anyone would have more of an idea? No doubt he would never be granted a SGC but would he be able to accompany me or indeed shoot with my gun under my supervision?? Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  8. .........it's good you hung on in there - many don't - sounds like she had a long 'adolescent' period! - Now to enjoy
  9. The club are clearly liable IMO. Especially as they charged you for the service! I would certainly give the option to replace the same, or as previously mentioned you could actively persue them through the small claims court if they are unwilling to play ball. P.s keep the ticket!!! And good look
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