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  1. I have circa 45 duffus type (duel catch) barrel mole traps (99% have are brand new) - either for sale or swap for ferreting gear / jills - Drop me a line if you want to barter 😆 tia
  2. Hi all, I'm dusting off the purse nets after about a 10 years off. What are people using for ferret finders nowadays? I've been informed that Deben don't make them anymore, and the market appears to be flooded with pricey used Mk3's. If only I could find me old Mk1 knocker-box now! Thanks in advance
  3. if it's taking rodenticide, keep putting it down until it stops being taken, then block up. Average rodenticide can take 7 to 14 days to become effective, and it only works if the lethal dose required to kill it has been consumed. Rats also have neophobia (a fear of new things in their environment and don't always trap that easily). I would avoid glue boards until all else has failed. They have a tendency to get off them - and if this happens - they become even harder to catch ;-)
  4. I would familiarise yourself the CRRU guidelines (campaign for responsible rodenticide use) Label instructions have change and restrictions placed on the use of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides. This is being driven Europe wide by the Biocidal Product Regulations.
  5. ...what a little cracker....no harm in incorporating general basic training with play now........they're like sponges at that age
  6. Thanks for the info gents - my suspicions have been confirmed.
  7. This may sound pretty strange - however......... I have a very close friend who has expressed an interest in coming along to do a bit of shooting with me.......however.........(and try not to be too judgemental) over 30 years ago he received a lifetime firearms ban for a moment stupidity. I've been swerving making any arrangements - as I am not fully aware of the possible ramifications. Subsequently, I wonder if anyone would have more of an idea? No doubt he would never be granted a SGC but would he be able to accompany me or indeed shoot with my gun under my supervision?? Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  8. .........it's good you hung on in there - many don't - sounds like she had a long 'adolescent' period! - Now to enjoy
  9. The club are clearly liable IMO. Especially as they charged you for the service! I would certainly give the option to replace the same, or as previously mentioned you could actively persue them through the small claims court if they are unwilling to play ball. P.s keep the ticket!!! And good look
  10. I've been enjoying the PW forums since 2004 but havent been on in such a long long.. been busy rearing my brood and working you see. Anyway, a life long passion for shooting and pest control has now becomne a full time job over the last 4 years, and now I've got a bit more spare time, I thought I'd pop in and say hello to some new...... and old faces. I trust you and your are enjoying the festivities, and that I haven't missed too much during my absence!!!
  11. Nice read......mine was exactly the same; never really got him to steady to ferrets unfortunately, so good look with that!
  12. Result!.....I was away working in Newcastle recent and came Back to 21 missing racing pigeons and 4 chickens.... Not happy. !
  13. handfull of straw with a couple of pale chicken eggs works a treat...........or a paunched rabbit....belly up with a maggie deek works wonders
  14. Im sure you could get a dalmation to sit a hide with you....but whatever takes your fancy lol ;-) if thats the breed of dog you have your mind set on then thats perfectly fine....im just one of those people that believes in having the right tool for the right job. True. They are loyal tough little dogs, with bags of grit and balls...and originally bred to get close and personal with anything furred, particularly things with teeth that bite back...hence the short stubby face.......best of luck with it ;-)
  15. 1. Another point of ingress which appears be have been overlooked in the main drains. As a proffessional pest controller, 9 times out of 10 this is where I find the probems internally stemming from. i would recommend lifting the drain / sewer covers and checking for droppings on the bench or foot prints in the silt. Tether rodenticide blocks to a wire and place them on the benches so they eat and not drag it away. There only has to be a slight mis allignemt of the stack / soil pipe where it hits the main sewer and they will up the cavity and into the viod areas. 2. i would also raise a few floor boards and put some talc or tracking dust dust down to monitor movements., Where you find tracks etc, these areas can be treated with a contact dust or gel ( laced with rodenticide) which will be stuck to the rats fur as they pass through it and digested when grooming takes place. ( I am unsure what if any though is available for amateur use ) 3. finally, with such an abundance of good food regularly available on the farm, I would avoid using conventional grain baits and blocks. better still.....knowing thats rats need a substantial amount a water a day, id try where possible to eliminate easy water sources where practicably possible and use a liquid rodenticide in secure boxes near active burrows and food sources......again..thats what I would do........ but unsure what products are available from agricultural stockist etc
  16. why not place the gear...or tin of tuna in a large empty crips packet......then when you hear the bag rustling....flick on the lamp and wallop.....Generally rats are neophobic and have a fear of new things...also the guard hairs on their body with which they navigate so placing baits / rodenticides and traps close to walls or solid surface is more preferable to open areas ;-)
  17. Good little bushing / earth dog........but those that use them for the activities you mention and in the minority. They are terriers, and they arent really noted for sitting still in a hide and retrieving. There plenty of better suited breeds for family life and odd shoots IMO
  18. I hear that certain garden centres sell lion dung.....it is understood that phemanones trigger subliminal fear in predators which keeps them away. How effective it is on foxes I do not know but it may be worth researching further. ;-0
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