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  1. A heavy right foot when driving
  2. for sale Gunpower stealth .22, This is very accurate air rifle. I've had no issue's with this gun at all. Comes with a 4-12 x 52 scope. Am selling Due to being unable to get out to use it. Silencer, Black hard case and deben atom 6v lamp with 2 battery's with a new bulb in it and 3/4 of a tin of air arms diabolo field. £400 Ono I'm in Nottingham near jct 26 but willing to travel a reasonable distance for F2F. Had to borrow a camera still can't find our since our hols. Cheers Also i have a tin of sabo pellets with this Forgot to add filling adapto
  3. I've got a book with some recipes for beer and stouts. Send me a pm and i will send some scans of them.
  4. Just because I'm very messy and put things down lots and miss place them all the time! I'm going to leave a spinning rod in the car. So when i leave my knife in the car by mistake one day old bill can't do any thing!!
  5. I've being making my own wine for the last 6 months some great wine being made and drunk. I just find it hard to leave it a year or more!!!!! Great stuff!!!!
  6. Hi All, Here is some photo's of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film. A small part of the film was set in dove dale and lucky for me i was there watching a small part of it being filmed. My battery was running low! I will add some more pics soon. Hope you like them. Got 2 video's to add soon as well. Cheers Just follow the link for photo's. Link
  7. Ferrets for sale 2 silver hobs 1 pole cat 2 albino £5 each Being handled well Nottingham near jct 26 M1
  8. Need to restart poll. Your avater is not offensive to me. But how many people voted wrong?
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