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  1. may sound silly but just because i have seen this type of dog and they look very intimidating - wolfhound/husky type dogs? i have no experience of these breeds but they look the part lol
  2. very sad story, things like this happen way to often.. like last week my cousen was playing football in a park and on his way home, him and his mate got jumped by about 20,30 chavs and they kicked his head in... they only stopped because a man set his dog on them and shouted at them gathering attention of people near by to scare them off :no
  3. it is a very good gun, full power pcp i got mine £250 with the pump, scope, and silencer which was a good price. im not actually sure of the going rate but you should be able to pick up a secound hand one under £300 easily i think and thank you Ryan
  4. Its an air rifle, webley Raider single shot .22 cant fault it really very good rifle to be honest and i know but it was in my back garden so its a bit dodgy lol , Thanks for the reply
  5. thanks for the replies i also went up the farm last night and got these two in the same place luckily enough i know this will be disaproved by some members but in my area magpie's are a real pest they've had a devastating effect on the song bird population and when this one landed on the bird house and started eating all the seed he had to go (my back garden by the way) there was also a safe back stop incase i missed. was really pleased with the shot he dropped on the spot got him right in the back of the head Thanks for looking Ryan
  6. managed to get out for a couple hours after school last thursday, had a bit of a walk round and spotted a few rabbits so gave it a bit of a stalk and got around 30 yards away, waited for the rabbit to get out of the long grass and present a shot, out he hopped and he spotted something further down the field which turned out to be a fox, so he was sat up right, i lined up the shot and got him right between the ears where i took the shot from . my rifle + the rabbit Thanks for looking Ryan
  7. i thought it was just a common safety precaution for the person with the gun to be infront at all times but we dont know the full story, trust the media to portray it unfairly hope shes alright
  8. very true, i had a football match yesterday in the area that these shootings had been occuring. the police had to hang around that area incase they came and started to shoot us, whilst we were playing
  9. this was on saturday, the 17 year old is my mates brother so i know that its deffiantly true
  10. some lads have been driving around in a red car ( dont know what type ) shooting people with an air rifle. they have shot 2 people soo far, a 17 year old lad who was on his skateboard the pellet is stuck in his arm and a little kid in the leg , he had a small metal tin of vaseline in his pocket, the pellet went into that and thats all that stopped him having a pellet lodged in his leg. once again some idiots are going to mess it up for the rest of us, this is all in my town btw i live in saltash pretty much on the border of plymouth.
  11. hi mate i no how you feel with the short temper, if you do hit him you'll get kicked out of school its a new ''policy'' that someone has thought up. something made me loose my temper and i was almost out but then they told me this so i had to keep cool lol i no how it feels when it builds up and just wont calm its not nice. i hope you get it sorted buddy
  12. i no you asked for a swap but how much would you take for it , if you considered selling? thanks Ryan
  13. ok , just a thought mate im sure something will turn up
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