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  1. I recently bit the bullet and bought a rotary pigeon magnet, I have 2 types of batteries and was wondering which would be the best to use. I have both a normal lead acid battery and a lithium ion battery that I use when lamping, which one would be the best for a days decoying?
  2. Can anyone tell me where I can get a 12mm holographic sight that I can put on my lanber shotgun. everwhere I hav looked they only go to 10mm ribs.
  3. The farm I shoot on has had problems with barley and triticale over the last few years and had to use it as whole crop. They have been advised to try some oats next season and in the 36 years I have been going there oats have never been grown. Has anyone any idea if oats are good for shooting pigeons over? Sam
  4. I am interested to know if anyone has put a red dot sight on thier over and under shotgun and what they bought and their views were. The reason I am asking is my son has just got his sgc and he is visually impaired he gets on fine with rifles with a high magnification scope and I thought a red dot would help him. Sam
  5. That sort of price are powders suitable for 223, 303, 308,7.92 Sam
  6. My brother in law has a howa in 223 and it regularly has cases sticking in the barrel where I have a howa in 308 which eats everything fed to it .
  7. I have a lee hand loader which I bought to see if I liked reloading. Yes it creates good ammo fine if you are not loading a lot of rounds ideal if you are just hunting. I hunt and target shoot as do my uncle and brother in law so between us we use a fair bit of ammo so it made sence to get a press as it Is quicker.
  8. I have spoken to SACS and the new form (Application grants/Renewals) are for the whole of the UK as the previous one had a lot of faults/errors in the Statutory Instrument and due to the nature of this legislation a new Statutory Instrument is required to make the necessary amendments legal. See link for relevant Statutory Instrument. Sam http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014/1239/made
  9. All we need now is someone to make an editable version of this new form Sam
  10. Does anyone know where I could get a rear sight and spring for a brno model 2
  11. As stated how do you rate a 22 hornet and what do you shoot with them Sam
  12. Used once and never again they. Sent the wrong item and then tried to say it was my fault. I had the conformation for what I paid for but they sent something of a different makers replacement part
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