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    Stirling, Central Scotland
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    Driven Pheasant and Partridge, Deer Stalking, Vermin control on the estate that I help out on. Outwith shooting sports I am an avid reader (I work in the offshore engineering industry, and a month on / month off rota pattern allows me plenty time to read!) At home I enjoy the cameraderie that comes with being a "hanger-on" in a roving syndicate, I like red wine, working for my friend (who runs an outdoor events / shooting company) and cooking.

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  1. Jonno243


    This might actually be the most abhorrent, vile, racist and bigoted thing I have ever had the displeasure to read on this forum. If that statement truly reflects your world view then you are beneath contempt.
  2. But worthy enough of two pages of "vegans are snowflakes" / "young people are snowflakes" / "the country is in ruins because of snowflakes" / "everyone is a snowflake" type comments on here. Although, the comment by 243deer did make me laugh!
  3. With basenotes like that? Floris "Elite" or "Santal", or if you want to go daft then their "Leather Oud".
  4. The Blue Marlin is running in and out of Invergordon / Nigg currently. Last weekend she was lying at anchor in the Firth, but the previous time I saw her she was ballast down loading concrete structures on the approach to Nigg. I remember seeing a documentary on her and thinking "that must be an interesting experience", and then changing my mind on sailing past her and thinking "nope"...
  5. In the field, yes. In a roadside service station, whilst making coffee, on the homeward leg of the journey? Not so much. You wouldn't take your loaded rifle, binoculars, dragging strap, saw etc in to the services, why would you take your knife.....?
  6. That is what happens when expert "Deer Managers" get involved! Slightly disappointed that it got shut down to be honest, I was only just getting warmed up...
  7. The perceived stabilization issue with the .243WIN / 100gr combination is a misconception in that the mass of the bullet is somewhat secondary to the dimensions of the bullet. Heavy for caliber bullets tend to boat-tailed and much longer, giving a much greater bearing surface. To ensure good stability with such a construction one has to increase the velocity in a "standard" 1-10" barrel, however in .243 it is often not possible to drive them fast enough due to pressure constraints. The way around this is to use a shorter, flat-based bullet like the Sierra Prohunter (to my mind the benchmark .243 100gr bullet). My pet load uses a Prohunter over N160 in Sako brass and, assuming that I do my part properly, will print <0.5MOA with boring regularity (factory standard Steyr Luxus with a 1-10" twist). 100gr factory options from Sako, Federal and RWS will hover between 0.5-1MOA, slightly looser for Winchester and Norma. 105gr Geco will sit ever so slightly above the 1MOA mark. Against my better judgment I tried to develop a load using 103gr ELD-X / N160 last year and when initial testing returned a best grouping of 6MOA (no, not a typo unfortunately!) I came over all petulant and launched the remainder of the box into a drawer to gather dust. If you feel that you NEED a longer, boat-tail for the improved BC they deliver (and trust me on this, at the ranges you quoted, you do not!) then your only option is to drop the weight below 90gr and drive them faster, otherwise try out the 100gr options from Sako, RWS and Federal (based on my experiences) and see how you get on. As an aside, I have recently read that factory barrels on US production rifles, particularly Remington and Savage, have a slight faster twist-rate; hence why Sierra offer two 100gr standard-hunting options, Prohunter (short and flat) for "standard" twist and Gameking (longer, boat-tailed) for faster twist. As a secondary aside, I note with interest that you say the grouping improved significantly once the moderator was removed? This would imply to me that the ammunition / barrel is not to blame, but rather the moderator or (more likely) the threading is to blame...
  8. And, until recently, neither did any other shooting organisation, the Government, Natural England, or most importantly the thousands of shooters who regularly used these licenses. (you know, the ones that are supposed to ensure that the fully understand and comply with the terms of the license) Some of the responses on social media to this event have been quite frankly pathetic at best and downright divisive at worst. There is a lot of talk about the likes of Packham / Avery / Tingay et al. being the biggest danger that shooting faces, to be honest I think that the biggest danger is the MASSIVE negative attitude and divisiveness displayed by a lot of shooters. Now is not the time to be bitching and whining about shooting organisations, now is the time to get behind them. If you don't like the way they are run then do something about it. Stand for election, change the way that they work. Or you could continue to whine on the internet, that will obviously solve the problems...
  9. There will now be a lot of very, very worried professional pigeon guides I should think...
  10. Is this a recent thing? They sent me ELD-X last year with no problems (other than waiting a hell of a long time to get them in stock...)
  11. Morning zipdog, The mod came as part of a rifle package when I was chopping in my existing .243 It cost me a Mannlicher Model L plus T8 plus a few quid to get a Mannlicher Luxus plus Lawrence. The single trigger of the Luxus and the Lawrence were the drivers. Owning one now I would happily pay for another. I'm looking at adding a 7mm sometime soon and will likely put a Lawrence on that.
  12. I was previously using a T8 which was fantastic except for the monstrous weight. Finally bit the bullet (so to speak) and went for a Lawrence Precision titanium job and I cannot sing its praises highly enough. Great sound suppression, doesn't add undue length and oh so light. I barely even know that it is there.
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