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  1. its a snow fox, dont you know anything!
  2. Stick a "rod" through the wider hole of the silencer, being carefullnot to touch the sides and hit with a wooden mallet until the cap pops off. It will come off, just needs some gentle tapping around all the edges
  3. Here it is chap http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...hl=illegal+rave
  4. indeed chap, by the end of the season one or two of us might be joining the woodcock club the chances of a left and right happen pretty much every shoot now. Today i wasted 3 chances of joining. Just like to add 5 of those woodcock were mine, 3 on the last drive
  5. well there were loads before the rave! they are probably partying somewhere now lol
  6. Hello chaps If you read one of my previous posts about our shoot being spoilt by an illegal rave occuring in the middle of it prior to the season! A bit of good news Although the pheasant shooting is pretty dire still the woodcock shooting is fantastic!!! Today we had 17 woodcock, 6 pheasant and 1 Jay The bag of woodcock could of been 50+ if we could shoot! We expect it to get better still with even colder weather!
  7. Best is too work in pairs.. so a take a friend with you, this way they arnt safe either side of the tree Trouble is if you have lots of trees packed together they will jump from tree to tree so this method doesnt work. In this situation try and chase them toward a tree which is too far from other trees so they cannot get any further. This way you got them cornered and you can then use the normal method described by me and the others!
  8. Tell you what will make you feel better, find this so called mate of yours and punch his lights out! Oh and sleep with one of her best mates! Will make you feel ten times better
  9. i would love to buy it but its a little bit more than what I want to pay at the moment
  10. I would keep it mate, i regret selling mine!
  11. Can i have them sent to you then Engineer and then you send them to me :blink:
  12. Play it at its own game bite it back!! Turn it into a game, see who lets go first!! :blink:
  13. Im gonna got he Digital route from Gbsights.co.uk for £750 its supposed to be as good as Gen2 Just want to know if anyone has any personal experiences of these
  14. When did these laws come into place? I had some mossberg parts shipped from the states to me recently not so long ago! just the stock and ill have a whole gun! Mhahahahahahah!! :blink:
  15. Hi guys Is it legal to buy gun mags from the USofA? They are dirt cheap (ish) compared to here I need Cz511, CZ452 ZKM and CZ American .17hmr As for the .17hm could could someone who has an a CZ american tell me what it says on the side of the gun as i need to know the exact model name/number so i get the right one? Anyone know of a good website on the net to get these mags? looked high and low and cant find one with all Cheers Jon
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