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  1. No dramas. Check your inbox but obviously ignore now 😉 Apologies for the late reply. Scott
  2. What's the damage/marks at the bottom of the mod?
  3. What's your lowest price to an RFD? Cheers, Scott
  4. And the OP has replied. I think two years is long enough to establish whether DED got on with it or not 🤔
  5. Disregard that last PM. Just seen your add ?:D 



    1. Still available? Wiling to post to rfd? Regards, Scott
    2. No dramas dude, would of liked it to have a case. GLWTS.
    3. Does this come with a case? Will you RFD.
    4. Is it this model? http://www.watchshop.com/mens-casio-g-shock-sky-cockpit-alarm-chronograph-watch-ga-1000-1aer-p99957434.html
    5. Tbh, I'm not fussed on manufacturer. I just want a good solid starting point to get me into the swing of things. My original post has got a bit muddled along the way I think, as im not the most articulate. I'm just wondering what build/style more than anything would suit an inexperienced shooter such as myself. Thanks for the input Scully. I was thinking pump as I've used a friends mossberg 500, the feeling when racking rounds makes you feel like you're in a film Not sure if they're for me though as I want as little to do to distract me as possible when trying to hone my skills, which is why I was thinking a semi. Thanks again fellas. Hopefully the car will be gone sooner rather than later and the shopping can commence. Cheers, Scott
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