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  1. Hi Keith What make is the brass? Also i might be interested in the 200grns.. Cheers Mike
  2. Arrived today. Perfect for my gun. Thanks again Mike
  3. Still available? Pm sent.
  4. If youll split ill take one off you. Cheers. M
  5. I'll swap you for a .22 Finnfire.....
  6. Depends how much you want store - Screwfix have a small electronic safe for less than 30 quid. I have one and it fits all my .243, .17, .22 and .22 wmr ammo in nicely. http://www.screwfix.com/p/security-safe-8-6ltr/93463
  7. I think we should re-commission the ducking stool and see how that works out... It makes me laugh looking at some of the replies. Oh the CPS are just trying their luck (not basing their decision on a realistic prospect of a prosecution), oh its all right - oh its all wrong.... Its so very representative of society - their is no justice system - it all boils down to who you face on the day and the major irony here is that you may face a juror with the pseudonym kdubya who really doesn't know which way to go. .
  8. The .17HMR is faultless as are all the calibres on the quad but as above once you have the .17 you will only bother to change over to a .22lr when you want to see how quiet it is. (basically don't bother with a .22lr barrel unless you absolutely have to shoot subsonic, which it doesn't sound like you have to, or you have cash to burn and think why not (been there done it). I sold my .22lr barrel as it didn't get any use but ironically I bought a .22 WMR barrel to compliment the .17 HMR. I've struggled to get out since buying it and shot it maybe twice but to be honest if your gonna buy a quad the .17 HMR and .22 WMR are the barrels to accompany it IMHO. As for the rifle itself, its a cracker as you would expect from SAKO the bolts movement is precise and as smooth as a gigolo in the playboy mansion. You cant fault SAKO even with there swap barrel models as I've found. Get the .17HMR. then think about the .22 WMR unless you absolutely need quiet then the .22lr is the kiddy. A word of note though don't think you can just trot out with all the barrels and mags in your pocket and change them willy nilly - as said above it takes seconds to switch them over but there is an obvious need for time/targets etc when it comes to zeroring the replacement barrel....
  9. So buy your fuel when the food is dear and your food when the fuel goes up - Simples On another note Sainsbury's fuel was 2p cheaper than ASDA the other day - never seen that before. Anyway, I'm off to take them all to small claims for a new car engine based on the evidence above
  10. What you after TB for - Are you after making up some subs? How much you after? I have some and live mid Bucks if your passing. Not a legal requirement I know but I would want to see your ticket. M
  11. Tell him your ending his contract at the end of the agreed term and re-rent when he's gone. When he does leave take the cost of the toilet seat 'he' broke out of the bond.....
  12. Ta I have had a look and there are loads of 'genuine' 4s digitizer/screens for around the £20-25 mark - are these ok or could you recommend one (with link if possible please..) cheers
  13. Ta fellas I'll let her know. I take it the evil bay is the place to look for digitisers?
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