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  1. yates


    Excellent as always
  2. For me it was when I fancied and preferred the good looking girls mother
  3. Garages can remain open to undertake repairs and MOTs etc. Michael Grove has just announced that on BBC news this morning
  4. Thank you very much. A true gentleman 👍.What fly did you catch on?
  5. Just installed firefox. All annoying adverts completely removed. Cheers for the heads up
  6. yates

    Night shifts

    For me personally it would totally depend on if I enjoyed the job. Job satisfaction would dictate if I would take on the unsocial hours. Good luck
  7. yates

    hedgehog study

    Most hedgehog fatalities are caused by poisoning by slug pellets these days
  8. Totally agree with these points. On a personal level I’m against HS2 because the proposed route goes straight through the last remaining bit of countryside where I live. Packam might be a complete self serving **** but on this issue I’m with him all the way
  9. yates

    Wilder V Fury

    I for the first time ever I want Fury to win. It’s rumoured that he has been ‘ floored ‘ a couple of times by his sparing partners but fingers crossed that it all goes well on the night
  10. Very good point you make about what is wet wood. I buy imported kiln logs from Lithuania that clearly states 20% moisture. The performance is excellent
  11. I’ve committed to being afloat on Carsington, Elinor and Eyebrook this year. Carsington will probably be the first on 4th April. I may try to squeeze in ladybower before that if the water temp gets to a decent level
  12. yates

    Pressure washer

    Yes you right. I had Yorkshire water out when we first moved in seven years ago. They located the stop cock under the soil and rubble on my land. They put another stop cock under the pavement on the other side of the wall. This is the only feed to my house. All other properties have other feeds. They have informed me that if I dig a hole they will fix the problem. But if the problem is not the stop cock on my land there is another 30 foot of pipe work to excavate and I will have to remove the Apple and pears that have grown over a the area. It takes forever to fill a bath and the shower is slow but that is something we got used to. The problem I have is that I cannot clean the patio slabs as the washer keeps cutting out due to the pressure issue. My neighbours are great but I don’t like to keep asking for favours
  13. yates

    Pressure washer

    Comes from a different supply. Apparently many years ago the original stop cock was on my land. Previous owner did some building work and I believe damaged pipe work causing the loss of flow/pressure. The stop cock is now buried below 10 ft of soil and hardcore and will cost a fortune to dig up. Plus there is no guarantee if that is where the issue is No about 40 years Cheers Cheers. I’ll avoid that option
  14. yates

    Pressure washer

    That’s what I suspected . I don’t want to waste money if it doesn’t improve the problem. Cheers
  15. yates

    Pressure washer

    I have low water flow in my house that has a negative effect on the performance of my karcher pressure washer. When I use my neighbours tap with normal flow/pressure it works fine. I am thinking of getting the attachment where use can suck water directly from a bucket or water butt. Does anyone if this is an effective option. Cheers for any responses
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