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  1. yates


    Beech and birch are favourites. Need to be less than 16% moisture to be most efficient
  2. We have loads of greenfinches on our feeders. I would love to see bullfinches as they were so common when I was a lad. I have only seen one in the last twenty years
  3. Good moan. They’re *****
  4. Fox hunting with is hounds is antiquated and outdated. Without doubt it is a cruel way to destroy an animal. Fox control should be left to the people who shoot them without fuss or the need to make a spectacle of the event. In relation to the other issues raised I feel that those of us who fish and shoot are in a declining minority. We no longer have the need to fish/shoot for the table as all our food is prepared and ready in the local supermarket. Therefore the only argument that we kill creatures is that we enjoy killing . That is why we are on a losing battle with a desensitised public
  5. My wife works for the police and the lack of man power is unbelievable. Her current team is made up of officers(various ranks), and PCSO’s. When she started 15 years ago the staffing ratio was 65% higher than it is now. That is just the front line staff. There are not enough people to do the job. The original post was correct that undertake more social calls than fight crime
  6. I was completely underwhelmed when I saw it. The type of film that is **** and so bad that you have to watch to the end to see if could get any better. In this case sadly not
  7. Couldn’t agree more with the last couple of post everyone has some degree of racism in them. Colour or ethnicity is irrelevant. Most people want to be with their own kind, it’s a normal thing. Just accept that this is how we all are and life/work alongside each other.
  8. The clenched fist is the black power and Malcolm X movement from the 60/70’s. I find this salute to be wholly racist but as I’m white I’m supposed to accept this
  9. I thought this been going on for years. Rightly or wrongly I was informed that McDonalds had previously served food that had been grown chemically
  10. yates

    Bird sightings

    It depends where I am as to my favourite sighting Mull/Isay-Whitetaled Eagle, Osprey ,Barnacle Geese Home-Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Dunnock Most hated- Sparrow Hawk
  11. The pear crumble combo sounds great. We had a massive glut of pears this year. SWMBO has been preserving them in port and freezing
  12. I agree with most comments. A genius, for me personally the best footballer ever as he plied his trade when defenders were allowed to kick the living daylights out of their opponents. His second goal against England is rated as the best goal of all time and rightly so. But he flawed and made many mistakes. The biggest crime for myself as a Sheffield United fan is that we refused to sign when was 16. What a mistake that was
  13. I’m totally with you on this point. YouTube is my most watched channel
  14. Are there any differences between renting out a second home and having a second home as a holiday rental?
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