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  1. I’ve seen the first two bridge series and plan to watch the last two during the next lockdown. If you get chance watch ‘Twin‘ another quality scanthanavian seies
  2. Crazy, but I hope you find something soon to keep his interest going. It’s good to hear that a youngster has an active outside hobby rather than being in front of the computer
  3. Very good chaps👍
  4. Good news and congratulations. I took a new job May with a £10,000 a year drop in salary and although scary at the time I couldn’t be happier. Hope everything works out for you. Good luck
  5. Foreman’s butcher shop is Norham is also a fishing tackle shop. Quality but not cheap. The owner seems to have lots of information but I was only needing information about trout fishing in the area. I always book my cottage holidays in the Berwick-upon-Tweed/Scotland area through Crabtree and Crabtree. They may be able to put you in the right area
  6. Animal rescue centres are going to be pretty busy soon
  7. Thanks Blackpowder. I’m hoping to be back up next year. Hopefully we can meet up.
  8. Hi Blackpowder. I shall gladly take you up on the offer, thank you. I was walking the banks of the Tweed in late July near Horncliffe and could not believe the amount salmon that jumped clear of the water, I counted 15 in twenty minutes. Hope that this is a sign along with your report from the Whiteadder that things are improving
  9. Well done. It must have been a fantastic experience in such a short space of time. I agree with Walker, are you going to share the pattern 😊
  10. Me too. Just as good as the market leaders for a fraction of the price
  11. Does your wife know about her inclusion in pigeon watch off topic posts??😊
  12. For some reason they see Britain as the Holy Grail, the land of milk and honey. How misguided they must be
  13. Didn’t watch any to be honest. Ronnie is not on my Christmas card list but talent wise he is the best ever
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