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  1. Ironic that you should post this as I noticed one sat on my bird feeders yesterday evening. It’s the first time I have seen one in my garden. Pity about the remains of the goldfinch that I found on the ground beneath it. I suppose when you’re feeding the prey it’s inevitable that the hunter will move in
  2. yates

    Dog friendy pubs

    Don’t go for a pub meal in Northumberland if you don’t like being in the pub/restaurant with dogs. We stayed in High Newton in June and went in several pubs/ restaurants and they were full of dogs both inside and outside. I’m not complaining as we took our two labs and springer with no bother
  3. See what you mean about the oystercatchers picture, it’s doesn’t appear real.
  4. yates


    I’m sorry for your loss. I have lost both parents and totally understand what you must be feeling right now. Best wishes to you and your family
  5. My tripod- First Horizon 8115. Quality kit
  6. I’m currently at work but will let you know the one that I bought earlier in the month later. I have the celestron ultimata 100 spotting scope and was struggling to get a decent tripod to support the scope weight. The company I bought it from are Rother Valley Optics in Rotherham
  7. Had our thunder storm about 2 hours ago in Rotherham
  8. Absolutely fantastic report.
  9. yates


    Been today. First time in a long time. Good to see Jonah again though. Only stayed for 40 minutes or so as I was the only one shooting the sporting. I did well(for me) but if I had stayed longer I would have spent a fortune as I was moving through the stands so quickly. One other chap was on the compact stands but other that the place was empty.
  10. yates


    Cheers for the info. I’ll pop over Thursday as it’s shut today
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