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  1. I could never settle into reading Tolkien. I always gave up, more to do with me rather than the author
  2. Not so much as an avid reader these days but Ian Rankin novels are still on my list. Still the scariest book that I ever read, even though I first read it over 45 years ago is George Orwell’s 1984
  3. yates

    A quick 21

    Great shooting in an hour and a half
  4. yates

    Tv programs

    I was thinking the very same thing myself, she is very nice. That aside I am also enjoying the series as it’s very well written and the cast is excellent. I love the way Profumo is squirming and lying, typical politician
  5. They’d make a good pairing
  6. My other half works for the police in Sheffield and has done so for the past 15 years and says the antisocial element is just getting worse and worse. I don’t want to live in a police state but it’s about time someone ‘laid down’ the law. A few Gene Hunts would start the ball rolling.
  7. How sad for the decent folk who have to live around these scumbags
  8. Great image. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure to see one
  9. I’ve gone the other way. I used to think he was a bit a knob but have enjoyed some of his later stuff, extras, derek and afterlife
  10. I have to agree now I seen the third part of the series. Very disappointing end to the story. I thought the first two episodes were tongue in cheek humour but the third was disjointed and all over the place plot wise
  11. Not seen it yet but will look for this, cheers.
  12. We’ll still be talking about sodding Brexit
  13. Hobbies are mainly on a back burner due to work commitments these days. I get out with the dogs but have only been fishing and shooting handful of times in the past year. Even then it’s just a short two/three hour session rather than the full days outings of previous year’s
  14. yates

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to one and all
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