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  1. yates

    Corvus corone

    Excellent, I like the way that the light is coming through the bottom of the wing feathers
  2. yates

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    The accommodation that we are renting for the week has the fishing rights for a mile stretch of the tweed report that I can fish from the 15th March
  3. yates

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    Sheers BP, I’ll take a look. All the best Tim
  4. yates

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    Thank you for the advice BP. I’ll definitely use this information. The advice re the sinking and intermediate lines is interesting as my natural instinct would have been to use a floater with ultra heavy nymphs. The sausage roll sounds great too. many thanks Tim
  5. Do anyone have any experience of fishing the Tweed near Norham, Northumberland. SWMBO has treated me to a couple of days mid March. I’ll be looking for grayling and brownies rather than salmon. Any suggestions re flies would be greatly appreciated cheers Tim
  6. yates

    Stick wood

    I just checked my facts on the internet to ensure that I wasn’t talking out my ****. I saw the bit about the cabbages but also it reported that the sprout stems used used were 20 foot long. Even more strange eBay has just sent me an email offering me a vintage sprout walking stick to buy. Talk about ‘Big Brother ‘ watching you. Scary
  7. yates

    Stick wood

    Give it ago, some people make walking sticks from sprout stalks. Hard to believe but true
  8. yates

    Northern Lights

    I know a couple of people who went to Iceland primarily to see the lights and totally missed out. nothing is guaranteed but I echo your comments that Iceland is awesome place to visit
  9. yates

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    Why am I thinking about George Orwell. Scary
  10. yates

    Stove fan

    Cheers I’ll have a look thank you
  11. yates

    Stove fan

    Check before you buy one. I’ve had a contra for six now and was told by the fitter that a stove fan would not work with this type of stove. Unfortunately I can’t remember why
  12. Pheasant and rabbit for me
  13. yates

    Bayliss and Harding

    Not stirred. I’m sat at my desk and almost flipped it over if you catch my drift
  14. yates

    The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

    I agree with just about all comments made so far. I also enjoyed the first series of El Chapo. My viewing habits have totally change as I have to wait until the whole series has been aired as I have to watch them all together. It feels such a let down to have to wait until the week after for the next episode
  15. yates

    More Than Usual?

    Same with us in South Yorkshire. We have noticed a large increase in lapwings plus large numbers of woodies starting to flock together