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  1. Thrutton Long crag and Chatton fly fisheries are pretty small venues. I’ve not fished them yet but have some decent reports from the lads/lasses that have fished them
  2. As previous posters have intimidated Airflow have a bad reputation for memory coils on floating fly lines, and rightly so in my opinion. However their lines that sink and are pulled are much better. I’ve had a Snowbee for the last ten seasons and it’s in great nick. Does your local tackle shop do ‘mill end ‘ lines as these are cheap as chips and can function as well as top end gear if you drop on the right one.
  3. Blanked on the river tweed on a two hour hour session yesterday, first ever time on a river but really enjoyed the experience. Later went to Coldingham lock and had a great short session. Banked six and lost two in three hours. It’s great being on holiday
  4. I agree with comments made. If you’re drifting with or without a drouge cast shorter as you will still cover fish due to the fact that the boat is continually moving. Make sure that your retrieve matches the speed of the boat as this will help to reduce the line ‘ bellying’. all the best Tim
  5. Do you use a drogue to slow your drift?
  6. Just driven past a Vape shop in Dunbar called ‘Kick Ash’
  7. No problems. I hope you get the bug. It’s a great sport
  8. Hi Steve. I’m not sure if they do lessons but the staff at the lodge are always very helpful. If you contact them I’m sure that they will point you in the right direction. We have a club based at thrybergh reservoir in Rotherham where someone will gladly show you the ‘ropes’ free of charge. The club meet every Thursday evening between 7 and 9 Tim
  9. Not exactly sure yet but will either be Thrybergh or Ladybower reservoirs. Definitely on the Tweed mid March though
  10. Excellent, I like the way that the light is coming through the bottom of the wing feathers
  11. The accommodation that we are renting for the week has the fishing rights for a mile stretch of the tweed report that I can fish from the 15th March
  12. Sheers BP, I’ll take a look. All the best Tim
  13. Thank you for the advice BP. I’ll definitely use this information. The advice re the sinking and intermediate lines is interesting as my natural instinct would have been to use a floater with ultra heavy nymphs. The sausage roll sounds great too. many thanks Tim
  14. Do anyone have any experience of fishing the Tweed near Norham, Northumberland. SWMBO has treated me to a couple of days mid March. I’ll be looking for grayling and brownies rather than salmon. Any suggestions re flies would be greatly appreciated cheers Tim
  15. yates

    Stick wood

    I just checked my facts on the internet to ensure that I wasn’t talking out my ****. I saw the bit about the cabbages but also it reported that the sprout stems used used were 20 foot long. Even more strange eBay has just sent me an email offering me a vintage sprout walking stick to buy. Talk about ‘Big Brother ‘ watching you. Scary
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