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  1. Plus one for comment. I have found the sunflower hearts the best to attract most of the finch and tit species. Fat balls the best for woodpeckers and unfortunately startlings. Try to avoid the wild bird seed as like you when I filled the feeders with it nothing ate it
  2. I was travelling back from Birmingham to Sheffield yesterday evening. There were four ladies in the seats behind my son and myself who were discussing in very unfavourable terms people who they work with. Breaking confidentiality on several works related issues. They had no idea that I am a manager for the same company and know personally many of the people they were making comments about.
  3. Big evening for Joshua as defeat will effectively end his career in the big league of TV revenue money
  4. I have no affinity with any party but have to agree that the interview was very embarrassing for Corbyn
  5. Take a look at the studies re the rapid shrinking of the Alaskan and Himalayan glaciers. Not good reading. The scariest thing is that this is being measured in ‘living memory’. Most climatic changes are measured over milenea but for these changes to be noted into our short life span is something else. As well as scientific study we now have witness testimony to back this up. Just my opinion but hey ho.
  6. No doubt that the climate is changing. I believe that this may be the ‘ natural cycle’ of things but we cannot doubt that human kind has seriously added the rapid increase it global warming. To doubt we have contributed to this is madness
  7. The worst thing about this for me personally is that all the parties are as inept as each other. There are no credible or decent people who inspire me to vote for them. Sad but unfortunately true. Worrying times ahead for all of us
  8. Fabulous photo. Isn’t mallaig where they filmed some scenes for the film Local Hero?
  9. Ironic that you should post this as I noticed one sat on my bird feeders yesterday evening. It’s the first time I have seen one in my garden. Pity about the remains of the goldfinch that I found on the ground beneath it. I suppose when you’re feeding the prey it’s inevitable that the hunter will move in
  10. yates

    Dog friendy pubs

    Don’t go for a pub meal in Northumberland if you don’t like being in the pub/restaurant with dogs. We stayed in High Newton in June and went in several pubs/ restaurants and they were full of dogs both inside and outside. I’m not complaining as we took our two labs and springer with no bother
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