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  1. Yes I stand corrected thank you. Man of great taste is your father
  2. I can remember being scared sh....less re the first terminator film in 1984. Still a good film but CGI is now laughable. The second Alien film Aliens film is still the best sequel of all time. Alien was a horror film and Aliens was just an action movie For some reason the shower scene sticks in my memory most in this classic film for some reason. Jenny Seagrove hmmmmmm
  3. On first glance I thought it was a close up shot of lizard/snake skin. However I would guess that the birds a knots camouflaged amount the stones. Great camera shot
  4. Going on holiday to Pennan in October. Can anyone recommend any fly or sea fishing around the area. Cheers Tim
  5. Wearing the wife’s pants or dunking biscuits?😀
  6. yates

    Pubs now open

    Cheers for info
  7. yates

    Pubs now open

    It’s not actually from Samuel Pepys apparently someone made this quote a couple of years ago. Anyway from what I have seen this weekend it’s sentiments are very close to the mark. The local work dodgers have nicely congregated and rioted in a couple of the ‘ up market’ pubs in the town centre
  8. No, no, no dunking is soooo wrong
  9. I have only fished Scaling Dam once a couple of years ago. I had a few hours in the morning on the fly and blanked. I fished the far side and the next time I go I will be taking waders as apparently on the far bank the water is very shallow until 40/50 yards out. The locals say that Dawson’s Olive is a killer fly on this reservoir. On the same day as I fished a couple of blokes were catching loads of trout on the spinning rod in front of the lodge
  10. yates


    Good God, the effects of lock down and social distancing shown it’s worst form 😄
  11. No mate. They will have started writing that months/years before her death in preparation for her demise
  12. Very thought provoking post island gun.
  13. Nice fish. Not seen a golden trout for years
  14. Bit of a bonus for me as I was supposed to be on holiday from today in your neck woods. Looks like it’s going to be a good week to miss weather wise
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