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  1. yates

    Job advice

    Take Lloyds advice. Times are so uncertain, keep what you have in these uncertain times.
  2. Exiting or worrying? 20-30 years more loss of personal freedom.
  3. Another vote for Collins. I have the Collins app on my phone. Lots of illustrations and videos. It’s not free I think I paid about £14.00 a couple of years ago
  4. Big Shout up for Chris. My bottle opener has just landed. Quality item and fantastic service. I’m now a member of the’ old boggy’ bottle opener society 👌
  5. yates

    A real treat.

    Happy Birthday Great to be your loved ones😊
  6. Great to see a proper craftsman’s work. If you’re still making and selling im very interested in buying one
  7. Plus one. Loads happening here in God’s own Yorkshire 👍 Loads happening in our neck of the woods Steve. Just wish we could stop the European element from taking everything that they catch☹️
  8. Raw oysters are great with either lemon or tobasco. Also great on the barbecue with a herb and butter dressing. I get mine delivered from the lindisfarne oyster farm. Twenty two quid for twenty four oysters what a bargain 😁
  9. yates


    I’ve no idea if the quote includes VAT. I have no problems with anyone wanting to make as much money as they possibly can but in comparison to the first quote I have accepted another at £480.00 for the same job. He has even directed me to where i can purchase the materials at lower prices. Suppose it’s the same as most things in life that you have to research and shop around 👍
  10. yates


    Good observations Jim. After earning my wages, paying tax , NI and other stoppages I am not going to commit £700.00 to this project. I have received further quotes from highly recommended contractors for significantly less that of the first quote but will have to wait as they are already booked out for the next few months. Your second option is the most likely Avenue to follow but a career change is now being considered
  11. yates


    Mungler makes a very good point. But research Sheffield and Rotherham as these councils tend take a lot of refugees
  12. yates


    Hi NatureBoy The room is roughly 30ft by 14ft. I have previously done it myself in under three days. Two coats of emulsion on ceiling and walls. Gloss/undercoat(water based). The quote is based over three days. I will remove all furniture, rugs etc. The floor is wood. Unfortunately due to work commitments I am struggling for time. I was expecting to be unhappy but would have accepted a quote from around £400/500 but £700.00 is far too much
  13. yates


    You should consider painting and decorating. I’ve just been quoted £700.00 to paint my sitting room and I have to purchase the paint on top of that☹️
  14. Same here. However the council have had to cancel garden waste collection due to having 45% staff sickness.
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