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  1. Spot on advice. Make sure that weigh your dog first. Differing dogs sizes require differing doses
  2. Sadly my own personal experience only confirms what you are saying.
  3. As above. I also have the Collins App on my phone. You also videos and bird calls too
  4. The man is morally corrupt, a complete shambles and an embarrassment to the country. How anyone can defend him completely astounds me.
  5. Great to see as always. Are your works of art hand carved?
  6. I have the odd foray in TK Max. This year I have purchased a couple of pairs of £200.00 Loakes shoes for under £49.00 each
  7. Hi GG. Just realised why you have added the ‘Goldfish’ watermark.
  8. yates


    Like the atmospheric feel to this one GG
  9. No sign of any issues around here. Filled up yesterday at Morrison’s yesterday, 7p a litre off after spending over £40 in store
  10. Still have lots of goldfinches and green finches here
  11. yates

    Chinese spies

    Take a couple of paracetamol and lay down for a bit, you’ll feel much better 🙂
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