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    Tesco's fruit .

    Decent green grocer is your best option. Normally more expensive but better quality
  2. yates

    Ebay - changes

    I’ve just paid through PayPal too. I think Amazon has stopped using PayPal?
  3. Most probably done by someone in the fishing business. But surly the birds would not take enough to dent profits? When fishing at Eyebrook I have seen ospreys swooping on several occasions, it’s a spectacular sight and adds to days fishing. Whoever did this vandalism is a complete moron
  4. 100% follow this advice. I learned the hard way. If I understand from your post she is the one who wants out, if so look after your self
  5. I’m a Yorkie through and through and love cheese but Wensleydale is awful by it’s self totally rescued by the cranberries
  6. Not for me, I don’t get tattoos. Why would someone so pretty ruin themselves 😕
  7. Percy Turner’s pork pies from Jump, Barnsley are right up there with the best
  8. I saw my first kingfisher for many years this morning and the martins have finally arrived
  9. Fly fished Scout Dyke today. Finished with 5 on black emerges. A very strange experience for me as it is the first time I have fished a mixed method fishery. I hope that this is not the future of fishing
  10. Very sad. I’ve only just completed watching all series of Friday night dinner. Very fine actor
  11. There is nothing further to add. Game, set and match. Point very well made
  12. Just sunflower hearts. If his pals arrive then I’ll take more drastic action.
  13. I have rat who sits under the bird feeder and the bits of sunflower seed that drop to the floor. It’s a balance between getting the pleasure of seeing and enjoying the bird life and unfortunate attraction of the vermin.
  14. yates


    Bizarre isn’t it. But was good to have a few beers in the garden, particularly with my daughter who I have not seen for the past year
  15. Quick word of warning. Just had to remove three ticks from my yellow lab. Luckily we saw them before them before they attached themselves. Seems very early in the year for ticks, I don’t usually treat my dogs until later in the year.
  16. Great photos GG. I agree with Chris point that the picture feels natural and not contrived like so many of the country file calendar shots
  17. Very good. I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen one.
  18. Not just scousers. This last supposed lockdown has brought loads of extra ‘families’ to one of the last countryside areas where I live and it’s been ruined with discarded rubbish, dog **** and motor bikes. Some people have just no perspective about respect and value for others and the place we live in. Why is there always a discarded used nappy?
  19. yates


    Nowt oooop North yet😊
  20. Was planning to be up there or to scout dyke in the next two weeks but the travel ban of not not being able to leave ‘ your village/town’ is seriously scuppering that. I think the most you travel is 5 miles?
  21. I’m not exactly certain but I think night fishing has been temporarily banned due the covid restrictions
  22. Cracking, well done, not jealous at all👍
  23. yates

    council tax

    Some good points made. In the care facility that I manage the LA only pay a little over £500 per week per person for elderly care. Elderly care is a very unfair system as if you have worked hard, saved and have a house you have to pay the full cost of care yourself. If you no assets or savings the state meets the cost of care. I have been in a similar that to you Lloyd but on the other side of the fence. I wanted to provide a care package for a challenging resident but could not do so as with the number of extra staff hours required the fees offered by the LA would have meant we would be maki
  24. That is an excellent point. Greengrass if you ever want to produce a calendar or such like of your photos for charity I would definitely buy one. What do think PW?
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